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Clear Acrylic Pet Products: Examining Their Make-up and Why They Are Perfect for Your Four-legged Companion



Clear Acrylic Pet Products

Our furry friends are our best companions. Before we leave home, these creatures come around to bid us farewell. When we’re back from whatever took us outdoors, they still come around, looking happy and, of course — expectant. Since they’re part and parcel of our lives, it’s up to us to ensure they have exciting memories. How can you achieve this? With various pet accessories and products.

Since you’d want the best for your furry companion, you head online or the physical store near you to do some detailed research. However, this activity might soon become overwhelming and somewhat confusing as there are just so many products to consider. Sooner rather than later, it’s likely that you’d mark a stop to this activity, leaving your pet to settle for what’s available.

Nonetheless, we’re sure you’ll go the extra mile for your pet. Do you want to go beyond the traditional toys and accessories curated for pets from time immemorial and try something new? We have an answer — clear acrylic pet products.

Afraid to take that bold step? That’s understandable. If you’ve never heard of acrylic pet products, think of them as regular accessories that are transparent. If you have a home decoration you’d love to leave untampered, and there’s a pet in the mix, these options are the perfect FIT.

Regardless of the great positives attached to these pet products, some people might doubt these possibilities. Below, we’ll give a detailed insight into the make-up of clear acrylic pet products and how an online pet store — — is seeking to reinvent this budding market.

Acrylic Defined

Since its inception in the early 1900s, acrylic plastic has become one of the most versatile and dependable products employed globally by many industries. Also referred to as “Plexiglass,” this material is integrated into several applications, including DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, aquariums, furniture, and picture frames. 

Considered as one of the most transparent plastics available in production, it’s no surprise that some entities are curating acrylic luxury pet accessories these days. While people are still new to acrylic’s usage in the pet accessories and products market, let’s look at the advantages attached to this synthetic polymer.

Acrylic-based Products: What Noteworthy Benefits Are in the Mix?

Acrylic plastic has numerous advantages. However, we’ve sought out our top four pros to make things interesting. Notable mentions include:

  • Ease of Fabrication

As we’ve established, acrylic is a synthetic polymer. When this material comes in contact with direct heat, it dissolves almost immediately. Since manufacturers intend to shape the acrylic material into a specific form, they can place the dissolved material around wooden or plastic-shaped molds, regardless of their shape and size.

Besides the cost-effectiveness of this process, the form factor of acrylic material creates a varied market for pet products and accessories using this polymer form.

  • Lighter Than Glass? CHECK!

When you browse pet products and come across an acrylic variation, the excitement levels inside you should increase. Why? Because creations made from acrylic material are 50% lighter than glass. 

What’s more?

Despite its lightweight, acrylic is less expensive compared to glass. Additionally, it’s 10x more durable than glass as it doesn’t shatter upon impact. Instead, it breaks into large pieces that aren’t harmful.

Thus, when you purchase a pet accessory with acrylic make-up, you rest assured that your pet will not be on the receiving end of any injury as this synthetic reiterates safety on all FRONTS.

  • Easy to Maintain

With acrylic material, you don’t have to worry about the hassles of maintenance as it requires minimal effort. For blemishes, a cloth dipped in soapy water always works the TRICK. However, there are several principles.

For starters, you have to ensure that the microfiber cloth used is free from particles as they can cause scratches on acrylic material. Here, if you’re unsure about the cloth fielding some rough dirt, it’ll be better if you can rub the surface gently.

Despite the caveats on display, they’re easy to attain. Thus, you don’t have to worry about washing out stains from regular pet accessories made from wool and other materials. With acrylic, dip, and CLEAN.

  • The Transparent Nature of Acrylic Adds to That Aesthetic Allure

Like glass, acrylic-themed products aren’t opaque but transparent. Due to the see-through nature of these products, buying a pet accessory based around this material adds that “extra” to your home decorations. 

Since its appearance gives a false illusion that nothing is attached to a surface, pet owners with small homes are in the clear as their living spaces don’t look overly cluttered. Coincidentally, this reason necessitated the creation of Shophiddin by Tracey Butler.

Shopping for Clear Acrylic Pet Products? Here’s Why We Recommend Going ONLINE

Now that you’ve caught the “acrylic” fever for pet products and accessories, it’s time to make that purchase. With pet accessories brands adopting acrylic for their latest collections, these items are available at pet stores (online and offline). 

However, we strongly recommend going online to get the products that tickle your fancy. Why? Here are three reasons:

  • Convenience

Rather than heading to the bus station or driving your car to see the collections available at land-based pet stores, going the online route grants you the luxury of making orders from your home’s comfort. 

All that’s needed? Your device and a steady Internet connection.

  • Wide Variety

Variety is the spice of life. If we’re to give a count of pet products and pet supplies for grooming online, we won’t go halfway before ending this activity as they’re almost endless. 

Despite the enormous buildings attached to pet stores, they can’t field all these alternatives. Therefore, you’ll be better off going online to widen your horizons. 

Even if your preferred store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can get your needs sorted at other platforms. All you need to do? Look hard ENOUGH.

  • Bonuses

On the World Wide Web, you’re likely to come across numerous coupons applicable at various pet stores. Depending on how committed you are to this activity, you could find a coupon that offers you a 50% rebate on a particular product or accessory.

Major Takeaway

While we have human companions, the relationships shared between us and our pets are “next to none.” Therefore, if you’d like to get pet accessories and you’re on the lookout for something different, it might be time to try out clear acrylic pet products.

Besides their durability and maintainable attributes, these add-ons provide the aesthetic needed to boost your home décor. What’s more? You don’t have to bore a hole in your finances to afford them.

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Reasons For Buying a Dog Cage



If you need to secure your dogs for more than a few hours. If you are getting a puppy safety has to come first. Puppies are extremely creative little geniuses when getting themselves into trouble and into serious danger even if you do your utmost to puppy proof your house and yard your baby dog is almost guaranteed to find a loophole for example they might decide to lick a hidden power outlet or nibble on that one single toxic plant in your garden alternatively they might decide to eat little rocks or any other objects.

They can find many an unfortunate owner has had to pay dearly for their puppy’s self destructive appetite in the form of expensive surgery therefore when it comes to preventing your youngster from endangering themselves nothing beats the simplicity of the safety of keeping them inside the hundburar when you can’t absolutely watch them to make sure they are safe.

Prevention of destructive dogs

If your dog is fully grown by the time you bring them home their strong teeth can wreak havoc on the interior of your home, if motivated by separation anxiety boredom or sheer lack of education of what not to chew dogs can do an amazing amount of damage and in a very short time an innocent 30 minute trip to a store might cause the demise of your multiple thousand dollar sofa or the end of your favorite pair of shoes.

This particularly applies to large and powerful dogs such as bully breeds or the seemingly innocent retrievers as the proud owner of a Labrador retriever myself I can personally attest to the starting damage the jaws of an adolescent Labrador can do inside the house in a short space of time so believe me when I say cages are heaven sent when it comes to keeping your home safe from your new dog.

Perfect for their peaceful sleep

The reason why cages are so perfect for house breaking is that dogs do not usually eliminate near their sleeping spots and as cages are relatively small compared to the size of say outdoor cages for example dog will only soil a cage if they absolutely cannot help it in the number two spot seeking out denzer’s sleeping spots in nature is deeply ingrained in the genetics of our modern dogs which is why most dogs take to cages quite easily surprisingly often dogs positively love their cages so much so that they prefer them to any other sleeping spot in the house and happily will sleep into them whenever they need a rest.

Easy for travelling

Cages are far safer way for taking your dog along with you in the car than most other methods not to mention they are about the easiest way to bring your dog on outings, visit or vacations. Dogs of all sizes be secured in the cage or carrier for travel both for your dog safety and to prevent distraction for the driver.

Wrapping up

Reason for getting your dog used to a cage from the start is the immense help that cages provides with house training and not only for puppies quite often adult dogs need to be house trained as well when coming into a new home especially if they have been kept outside by their previous owner or if they have spent quite a bit of time inside a shelter and got used to doing their business in various spots inside their cage.

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American Bulldog Training Secrets – How to Train a Stubborn Bulldog?



American Bulldog Training

The first thing you need to do if you have a stubborn bulldog is to discipline it. Oftentimes, a bulldog will sulk for no apparent reason and just stare at the floor or wall. Trying to interrupt this behavior will likely backfire, because bulldogs like to be in the center of attention. Instead, try to distract them with amusement. You can use treats and praise to get your dog’s attention back. However, you can check dogs latest guide to get updated.

Steps 1:

You can try giving the bulldog a treat whenever it does something good. Until it learns the behavior, you can reward your pet with a treat or a tasty snack. However, if your bulldog is persistent, you should eliminate the treat altogether. A bulldog is not an easy animal to control, but with consistency, he will be able to learn new tricks and avoid frustrating situations.

Steps 2:

Another way to train a stubborn bulldog is through luring. You can make him sit or down by placing one hand on his chest and the other behind his back legs. Then, say “sit” to him, and he will naturally touch his chest. You can also give him a treat every time he sits or downs. These techniques are great for luring stubborn bulldogs. Please visit for more info.

Steps 3:

Another important technique to help train a stubborn bulldog is to use positive reinforcement. If your Bulldog gets frustrated or misbehaves, try to express your disappointment in a calm way. Never punish your dog physically, but instead, reward him with a nice, tasty treat. As a bulldog, you should also reward your dog every time he obeys your command. You can do this by making sure your dog sees the crate as a safe, comfortable place to rest. The more time you spend training, the more likely he is to follow your commands.

Step 4:

A stubborn bulldog should be trained using positive methods. This means not using force, but rather being patient and following through with commands. Always remember to use positive reinforcement and to reinforce the behavior with treats. You should use a combination of rewards, games, and patience to train a stubborn bulldog. In this way, your dog will learn that you’re trying to get him to do something, even if your bulldog is a stubborn diva.

How to grab your bulldog puppy attention?

Treats are an excellent way to get your bulldog’s attention. Treats help to focus your bulldog and provide a reward for the correct behavior. When you’re training a stubborn puppy, make sure to use a treat that’s only meant for a special occasion. If you want your dog to listen to you at all times, you must provide a treat that your bulldog will love.

Final words

To train a stubborn bulldog, you must use a marker word. A marker word is a phrase you use to mark a particular behavior with a treat. A treat should be offered to the dog after the correct behavior. This is an important step in the process of training a stubborn bulldog. While it may take a while to reach the desired result, it is crucial to be patient and consistent.

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How Animal Shelter Software Can Grow Your Pet Care Business?



Technology has a bare hand behind everything we do today! It finally let us shop online, teach online, and even to conduct professional meeting online, so how pet care industry can be overlooked?

From buying pets online to finding lost pets, booking online appointments for pet’s medical help, or to get your pet legally licensed, the one-tap solution of pet care, and animal shelter software has made our lives much easier than before. 

What is Pet Animal Shelter Software? 

It is designed to help rescue groups, animal shelters, and animal control facilities manage and optimize their key operations like; pet care, adoption management, animal intake, and licensing.

In other words, it’s concerned with finding a pet, tracking pet’s growth, information of pet breed, their health reports, scheduling appointments, online pet food and accessories, training, online consultation with a registered pet, and pet transportation. 

Interestingly, there is upgraded software for every issue concerned with pet care. 

What is Pet Licensing, and what purpose it serves?

Just like an automobile license is proof that you legally own a vehicle; similarly, pet licensing proves your ownership of a pet. Licensing lets people know that you recently adopted a pet and are Rabies vaccinated. 

Some basic details are required to let the shelter team identify your pet and get it back to you if your pet is missed. Make your pet licensing procedure an instant one with advanced pet licensing software, by Shelter Boss.

How to Remodel Appointment Scheduling With Animal Shelter Software?

Now, most pet care businesses have adopted new technology to streamline the appointment scheduling process. Why? Because new animal shelter software enables staff and customers to book or manage appointments quickly, so they can see and meet the pets at local rescues. 

The walk-ins can interrupt and disturb the entire work, which pet shelter staff members have to accomplish every day. Here, online scheduled appointments can keep the flow moving, and so every pet can get the attention it deserves.

Following are the best ways the Shelter Boss can transform your pet care businesses to a new technology using animal shelter software.

  • Software will Update Your Website, and App

Our team will work with you to include animal shelter software into your website, or app for an improved approach to schedule appointments. 

All in one place, your customers will be able to log in to the website or app to schedule their appointment. The software will sends mobile confirmations and appointment reminders to reduce dropout rates. This upgraded software will be completely branded with your business name and logos.

  • Our Team Will Train Your Employees

Our team will train your employees to guide the use of animal shelter software. Your employees will be provided access to a real-time dashboard to manage appointments, leave notes for the reason of appointment, and send direct communications to the clients. 

Let’s suppose one of your shelter animals needs prompt medical attention, so they access the website dashboard or app for prompt service. A staff member will be quickly notified of an upcoming appointment or already delayed appointments that have been lined up for a long time.

Thus, consuming less time to deal with walk-ins and scheduling phone calls, your staff can save time and attention to focus on other shelter operations for attending pets.

  • Advertise Your Software

The best way to attract clients with one strike is, to offer them something that could bring convenience. Advertising your new software solution can create havoc in the social world. 

Share your update on common and highly used social networking channels with engaging content, send notifications to your recipients in the email list, or update your website.

• Analyze the Data

To increase the success of your animal shelter, you’ll need to analyze the data and make adjustments to your business operations. Our software collects all important data and metrics from appointments, such as; information on customer habits, customer satisfaction surveys, appointment types & lengths, etc.

Besides, customer feedback is an equally essential tool for valuable suggestions for further improvements.

Shelter Boss can make your business a convenient platform for all your customers, from pet licensing to pet control and other animal shelter software. Approach us today, and we’ll guide you on how it works. We’ll provide details about features and benefits that will bring your business to online appointment scheduling.  The Shelter Boss pet care software can help you get more customers, so your pet can get a permanent home.

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Benefits from a pet wheelchair



pet wheelchair


Many people love their pets. It is a great companion to have and can provide endless hours of fun. People will sometimes even purchase special items for their beloved pets, this includes clothing apparel and accessories. These pet owners want their pets to feel comfortable while they are out in the public or at home lounging around the house on lazy days. Your pet is more than just a puppy or kitten. He or she is your best friend, you go for walks together, play by the water and snuggle on the couch. You have a connection that cannot be broken. This can be a wonderful post to write because you get to share how much you love your pet and what they mean to you with friends, family, and even strangers!

Benefits from a pet wheelchair

A wheelchair is a piece of equipment that can be used to help pets with disabilities move around, and it may also help them live longer. Pets who use wheelchairs are typically older dogs or cats who have joint problems or issues with their bones. These devices come in different sizes and shapes, so they should be customized to fit the animal. There are different types of wheelchairs and crutches available for animals, depending on the type of disability they have.

  • A pet wheelchair is commonly used to help pets that suffer from hip dysplasia or joint problems due to age or injury. 
  • A pet in need of a wheelchair can improve his mobility and relieve pain at the same time.
  • Wheelchairs are designed to alleviate pressure on a pet’s spinal cord, as well as help support their back legs. 
  • Wheelchairs are prescribed for pets that have lost the use of their hind legs due to injury, disease, or congenital defects.

Why use a dog wheelchair?

If you are looking for a wheelchair for your dog, then think about the safety of your pet. A dog wheelchair is an assistive device that can provide support to dogs that are injured or recovering from surgery. It helps them in walking and moving around easily. The best dog wheelchairs do not just protect the dog’s limbs but also keep their joints flexible and blood circulation intact. Dog wheelchairs are great for your canine if they have a disability. They help them get around easier and more comfortably. Dogs that need dog wheelchairs may have hurt their hind limbs, or they might be partially paralyzed, such as having hip dysplasia or another condition like that. Dog wheelchairs can also help dogs with arthritis move around easier, too.

Why would you want to get a cat wheelchair?

There are many reasons why you would want to get a cat wheelchair for your kitty. A wheelchair is an invaluable aid for cats with mobility issues and can mean the difference between a happy life in the home and being confined to a cage at the vet’s office. Even if your cat does not need it now, getting one for her can save you some heartache down the road when she goes lame from arthritis or other joint problems. There are many different kinds of wheelchairs, and they can be used to help someone with just about any physical disability. A cat wheelchair is not a piece of equipment you would normally see in a medical supply store, but it may still be useful for some people.


Pets are an unfortunate necessity. For some, they’re family members and for others, they’re just another mouth to feed. Regardless of what side you fall on in that argument, the fact remains: having a pet is expensive. Pet ownership involves routine vet visits, food costs, grooming expenses, and other various fees associated with keeping our pets healthy and happy.

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8 Things You Need Before Bringing Home Your New Puppy!




You have a new family member, and it doesn’t walk on two feet…

Before you get too excited about bringing your new puppy home to meet the entire family, there are some things you need first to keep everyone happy. Keep in mind that the transition involves humans and the canine, so it’s important that you make it smooth for both parties.

Here are eight things you need to make the welcome party a truly paw-sitive experience!

First Aid Kit

Safety first, right? Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, and it’s best to be prepared. In any case, a first aid kit comes in handy. You want to include essentials like cotton balls, antibiotic spray or ointment, scissors, and bandages.

When choosing a bandage, look into the elastic adhesive type. Askina Plast E, for example, offers great comfort as it’s made from 100% cotton. 

There are different types of collars made from different materials. Pet enthusiasts may advise you to choose one that complements the breed of your puppy, but those nylon, flat collars should be good for everyday use. Most of them are adjustable, which is great since puppies grow fast.

As a rule of thumb, adjust their collar so that you’re able to insert two fingers between the collar and their neck. A little tighter and it might hurt them. A little loose, and there’s a danger that your puppy will get caught on things.


Get a leash that’s comfortable not only for your dog but also for you. Pick a material that’s easy for you to hold and light (but strong) enough so your dog won’t feel uncomfortable. Common sizes are 4 and 6 feet. 

Cars and people can overwhelm a puppy that’s walking outside of the house for the first time, so you don’t want to go to a highly crowded area on their first walk. A stroll within the community or around the block should be fine.


Like collars and leashes, dog bedding comes in different styles and materials. Some are easily washable or have removable covers, made of thin pads or foam.

If you have the money to spare, it would be good to get different beddings and see which ones your puppy would like. Because who better to judge comfort than your precious fur baby, right? Just be sure it’s large enough so they can stretch their legs out and relax.

Note, however, that there are soft beddings your puppy can easily chew on, so it might be best to wait until they outgrow this stage before you purchase a bed. Until then, they should be fine sleeping on the floor or by the crate.


Dogs, no matter what stage in their life, love a place where they can curl up, and crates can offer that warmth. They also come in different types, including plastic, wood and wire.

No matter the type you choose, be sure you get the right size. Your puppy should be able to stand and turn around comfortably and, as with beds, lie down with their legs fully stretched out.


Puppies will be puppies. Make sure you provide them with something to play with or chew on. It’s not only fun for us to watch and engage with; but toys actually keep your dogs active and mentally stimulated. 

There’s always an entire rack of toys you can choose from in pet stores. You can also introduce your new puppy to Kong, a “food” toy with an empty space you can stuff with your puppy’s favorite food.

Dog Identification

Once your dog is registered, you’ll get a numbered dog tag, which makes it easier to identify them if they ever get lost.

You can also get personalised tags where you can put your name, address and phone number. Ask your local vet about a canine microchip, which is inserted under your dog’s loose skin between their shoulder blades. Once scanned by a vet or shelter staff, it gives them an ID number to confirm the pooch’s identity.


Yes, you’re probably going to need some. Your puppy will be chewing on your slippers, scratching on your furniture, and barking at everything. Beyond all the mess, you might need to remind yourself why you brought this pure-hearted fellow into your home.

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