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Cleaning tips for your washing machine



Cleaning tips for your washing machine

Every washing machine requires routine cleaning. The washing machine can get stinky and can be a breeding ground for mould growth after regular washing of clothes. Most of the dirt and mould growth is found in the rubber gasket of the door and the detergent dispenser. Now I bet you that your washing machine is stinky and dirty after daily washing of the clothes.

Everyone believes that the washing machine will clean by itself when the clothes are washed. But probably you’re mistaken. The washing machine cannot wash by itself. It also requires regular cleaning, like your clothes. 

Cleaning helps to remove the dirt and detergent residues from the washing machine and its internal components. Even the best top load washing machine requires regular cleaning for enhanced life. After all, cleaning the washing machine is an easy task and can be done within no time.

Follow these steps to ensure that you have the cleanest washing machine on this planet.

Tub Clean feature

Some of the latest washing machine models come with a Tub Clean feature. This is the handiest feature that you’ll find in some of the modern washing machines. 

You’ll need to buy a cleaning agent or use natural ingredients like baking soda or white vinegar to accomplish the cleaning task with the help of the Tub Clean feature. This feature takes care of all the cleaning that your washing machine requires.

Use this feature with the cleaning agent as instructed by the manufacturer by referring to the owner’s manual. It will also be instructed at what time interval it is to be used.

Run a hot wash cycle

If you do not have a tub clean feature in your washing machine, then running an empty hot wash cycle would remove the build-up of dirt and detergent residue from the washing machine. Most people use detergent more than required for washing clothes. This can eventually damage the internal components of the washer and shorten its life.

Running a hot water cycle would effectively eliminate the build-up of dirt, grime, and detergent residue. Just run the hot water cycle once a month so that your washing machine is safe from any kinds of build-up resulting from washing clothes.

Clean the detergent tray

The detergent tray could possibly be the dirtiest part of the washing machine. Turn off the washing machine and gently pull out the detergent tray. If you are not aware of how to remove the detergent tray, then refer to the owner’s manual.

After removing the detergent tray, place it under running water. Use a brush to remove the detergent residue from every nooks and corner to make it absolutely clean. Use can also use soap for effective cleaning. 

Clean the rubber seal of the door

The rubber seal in the front load washing machine’s door is the next dirtiest part after the detergent tray. Open the door and lightly pull the rubber seal to see the debris, mould and mildew. You will be surprised to see the amount of debris and dirt in the rubber seal.

Clean the rubber seal of the door with a damp cloth. If any stubborn stains on it do not go off, you can use white vinegar to make it absolutely clean. Also, check whether there are any damages to the rubber seal as it is better to replace it at the earliest than to wait for a leak to occur.

Clean the filter

Washing machines come with a lint filter that needs to be cleaned regularly after every wash. Most of the front load washing machines would have their filter placed on the machine’s front side under a flap. The flap can be unscrewed and pulled out easily to remove the lint and debris from the filter.

You can refer to the owner’s manual if you are not able to find the filter by yourself. If you get it wrong, then your room will be flooded with water.

The lint filter collects all the lint, debris, coins and other material while washing. It is highly recommended to clean the filter after every cycle to enhance the machine’s wash quality and life.

Leave the door ajar

Leave the door and detergent tray ajar after every wash cycle to let the air inside the machine to prevent the formation of mould and mildew. This also reduces the build-up of any odour.

Bonus Tip-Use less detergent

There are different types of washing powders and detergents available in the market. Most detergent can be used only on a specific type of washing machines as labelled in the packet or container. These detergents are very effective even if you use a very less amount to clean the dirt and grime from your clothes. Most of them follow the instructions on the label. That would be more than the required amount.

It is always good to use the correct amount of detergent for washing clothes. Don’t overuse it as it may damage your washing machine and shortens the life of your appliance.

It is recommended to clean your washing machine every month to get squeaky clean clothes after every wash. You can find some of the best washing machines that use less detergent, water and energy here at to save your money. Regular cleaning and maintenance keep your washer in good shape and provides a better life from any damages.

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VERIVERY Tops NO.1 on the Billboard Charts with their new title, ‘Get Away’ for Two Weeks in a Row!




VERIVERY has released a new album, SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL] on March 2nd, with the title track, ‘Get Away.’ The song hit No.1 on the Billboard, World Digital Song Sale chart, and No.44 on the Digital Song Sale chart. This is the second time for them to be on the top of the chart since their last title, ‘G.B.T.B.’ at the end of 2020. This is a remarkable result because VERIVERY is still a rookie in the K-pop scene but they are growing fast to be the next most popular K-pop artist. 

After making a debut at No.1 on the Billboard Chart in the 10th week of March, they also topped the chart in the 11th week. Remaining to be No.1 on the charts for two weeks in a row does not happen often to an artist. They have proven their global popularity. They are following the steps of BTS, Blackpink, EXO, BigBang, and PSY making a great impact globally. 

Also, ‘Forbes’ has eyes on VERIVERY. They mentioned, ‘South Korean boy band VERIVERY, who is still relatively new (but who aren’t wasting any time in proving how popular they are in the U.S.), are back on a handful of Billboard charts this week with a new hit, and simply by reaching one of them at all they’ve joined a very small group of some of the biggest K-pop acts who have made an impact in the U.S.’

VERIVERY is drawing keen attention not only in Korea but all over the world breaking their own record on every album.  

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Home Improvement Tips That Are Worth the Extra Spending



Most homeowners invest in home improvement projects after they move into their new house, but it can be hard to figure out which upgrades are worth spending money on. When deciding how to improve your property, it’s important that you prioritize your quality of life, while still understanding the way your choices will impact the value of your home and its likely sale price, if you ever put it on the market. For anyone looking for more information before making any big decisions, read on for home improvement tips that are worth the extra spending.

What home improvement projects should you invest in?

It’s important to prioritize projects that can prevent significant damage and make your home safer for yourself and your family. Your doors and windows are a good place to start. For example, Texas windows need to be well-maintained and high-quality so you can avoid cracks and crevices that let in hot draft in the summer.

In Florida, it’s common to invest in storm windows for hurricane season. Cracks and crevices can also let in moisture, in addition to allergens like pollen and mold spores. If you notice significant wear and tear, it might be time to consider a new window or a replacement window. Make sure you read the reviews before hiring a contractor, real experience is the best way to judge.

Your gutters can also create the potential for significant property damage if neglected. A clogged gutter can damage everything from your roof to the foundation of your home, so it’s best to have them cleaned at least twice yearly. Your HVAC system should also be inspected annually and have its filters changed every 1-3 months. The problem with neglecting your HVAC is that it can allow the toxins and pollutants into your home, which is an especially big problem if you suffer from conditions like asthma or allergies. Many companies offer packages that cover the installation and maintenance of multiple fixtures in your home, which can be a good idea for newer homeowners without technical expertise.

Another way to choose additional projects is to look at the expected return on investment. While some projects can be worth it purely for the other benefits they provide, there are a lot of home upgrades that can also improve the value of your property. Landscaping, small-scale kitchen remodels, and bathroom renovations are often at the top of the list for prospective buyers. A quality contractor can also make the difference between a good job and a great job when it comes to maximizing the value of a project.

Is going green worth it?


You can make smaller changes on an individual level, like using green laundry detergent, in addition to making larger, more structural changes to your home. Switching the eco-friendly products you use on anything that comes into contact with your skin is a great idea for multiple reasons, including reducing the number of harsh chemicals you come into contact with. Lifestyle changes from eco-friendly laundry detergents to smart thermostat usage to reduce energy consumption help the planet, while also saving you money that you can reinvest into other home improvements.

The reality is that prospective buyers are starting to prioritize homes that minimize their environmental impact. Smart technology can make a huge difference in the energy efficiency of your appliances, and you can find everything from smart washers and dryers to smart thermostats and home security systems now. Since smart devices and eco-friendly technology seem likely to continue to saturate the market, going green is a great idea for savvy homeowners looking to invest in their property.

Home improvement is tricky, as finding the right balance between improving your day-to-day life and making smart investments can be complicated, especially if you want to stick to a strict budget. Still, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort and stick to your budget, you’ll find that you can create the home of your dreams, while still ensuring that your home will maintain its value should you choose to sell one day. Don’t rush the renovation process and make sure you comparison shop before deciding which contractor to use for a given project. As long as you’re patient and conscientious about your decision-making, you’ll find yourself living in your dream home sooner rather than later.

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Excellent Herringbone Pattern Tiles Dynamic Interior Construction



Herringbone Pattern

Some of the tile patterns are timeless and mysterious like herringbone mosaics. Name, strangely enough, originated from the skeleton of the herring fish! Directed, triangle-shaped bones provided basic patterns that had artistic diversity. Infinite colors and shades, tile material, and size present a feast for the senses. The interesting environment is what everyone prays for, to bring peace to the residence, and to increase productivity at work.

A sieve interior with herringbones on walls and floors, the porsalinor or marble, will bring high spirits and a sense of filling and stuff. The depth of philosophy is what propagates among all the festive colours and rich natural elements. In fact, all the tile elements like rocks and porselins, even glass and metal, originate in nature. Processing and design are promoted by technology and industry.

Primitive whites carry a dreamlike clarity

Too bright colours decorate the contemporary environment these days. Why not bring fresh, sleepy white for an interesting change. Contrast white with a single deep color like a boundary. Carara White, Arabescato White and Whisper White effortlessly create subtle vibrations that reach the heart. Task and speak a language similar to the light shadow soul like The Ivy. Alternative walls, perhaps white and pink, will create spiritual cresando worthy of being with. The choice from stainless steel, Grecian white, mystic cloud and Bergamo includes more monochrome and light shades. The arrowhead steel and marble present interesting contrasts in bold patterns.

Awesome herringbone effect!

An intense lying effect is achieved by the different colors and the size of the tile together. Placed in contrast colours next to each other creates a perfectly attractive atmosphere on the walls and floors. People are tired of abstract design and bright colors these days. Peaceful monochrome with a hint of colour can be in great demand. Residence especially requires a peaceful environment and avoids dirty colours. The herringbone mosaic pattern artistically sits together color and pattern to create meaningful scenes, light or dark, according to priorities.

Whether it’s glass shine or metal like stainless steel, the herringbone mosaic pattern offers an exciting selection. Porsalinand natural stones such as marble and slate are available. Adjustments, such as stones and metals present foreign surfaces. Many people team up with the Herringbone pattern others, perhaps as basket-suing, borders and contrasts. White tiles will also work for the purpose of contrast though arranged boundaries are often preferred. Imagine the wonderful atmosphere under the influence of the herringbone mosaic.

Herringbone Blazer leaving university

The herringbone jacket has a long and rich history, with pictures of well-equipped men roaming the English countryside brought to mind. The other picture of this versatile wool jacket that comes to mind is that the absent-minded professor is roaming around the college campus. Thankfully, today’s modern wool blazer jacket consists of smoother, more impressive lines that are making statements off college campuses.

New look for a blazer

Wool blazers new slimline is still easy for men to look smart at college professors, while fashionable comfortable and show cause. When wearing a sour Oxford shirt and paired with the slack of the sour edifice, the look is a blend of greasy and natural professionalism which will fit ulna into any academic environment.

While the ash blazer will always have a favorite place in academic life, modern herringbone jackets are looking for a home elsewhere. Cutting more of the more dorsal of these new-style blazers makes them perfect for a warm casual look. Paired with jeans and a T-shirt, it’s a look that is still comfortable while fashion men are maintained wearing so well.

While wool jackets maybe a thinner and smoother than the herringbone jackets popularised by English gentry, they are still dorsal, but a layered look is a great accessory to achieve. Warm blazers not only keep cool autumn sanctions away from the air, but the herringbone design structure also helps to add an element of depth and separation which is necessary to prevent any layered appearance from loosely and weakly united. Only a nit sweater is always a great option for layering and the contrast pattern will give the depth and definition needed to create a unique and stylish look.

Part of the ongoing appeal for the Herringbone Blazer is a long and rich history and even traditions that are often associated with jackets and many men are now coming to office with this history. The jacket’s following pattern and the texchar bring an elegant class to any outfit, and the jacket is paired with a stylish tie and white Oxford shirt, it’s a look that talked quiet luxury and style.


The herringbone design is pretty patterned when it pairs with unforgettable elbow patches often detailed enough to successfully complete any outfit, but there is no wrong time to add a personal detail, it’s just a matter of taste. Small pocket squares and lapel pins are always a welcome extra detail that can help tie any dress together.

Long associated with the British elite and academic profession, today’s modern posh blazer is fast becoming a closet for any fashionable human being.

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The Best House Improvements That Pay Off



Upgrading your house can pay off. An upgrade can make your home both functional and increase the value of your home at the same time. These easy changes will add to your equity and make any home more efficient.

Solar Panels

Energy costs are always on the rise. Many home buyers are looking for ways to decrease their utility bills. One of the easiest ways to reduce your home energy consumption is with the use of solar panels. Solar panel kits make it possible to put up panels that will satisfy your home’s energy needs. Buyers adore having it all in place before they move in.

A New Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most scrutinized areas in your house. A whole new bath is a chance to stretch out and relax. Adding a full bath is also a good option that will pay off. This is an especially good choice for a house with only one bathroom. A home with at least two baths is likely to sell much faster. Bathrooms with features buyers like such as ample storage, lots of natural light via a skylight and a soaking tub also increase the functionality and enjoyment of any bath.

Upgraded Kitchens

Kitchens are the heart of the house. This is where people get together to make family meals and prepare comfort foods. Bringing your kitchen to the modern world will make your entire house a better space. Create an overall plan for the kitchen. Ideas such as French country or contemporary pizzazz should govern your choices. Even just a few upgrades such as brand new appliances and new kitchen doors can make a difference in the look of the space. This is a chance to add lots of delightful details. Put in a marble tiled backsplash and granite countertops. Home buyers love kitchens with lots of personality.

Added Insulation

Insulation is a must in all homes today. A good home is one that keeps the cold out during the winter and keeps the heat away when summer shows up. Adding top quality insulation is an easy and inexpensive fix. All areas of the home can benefit from the use of insulation. Put it in the walls of the attic to keep air leaks to a minimum. Use it in the basement to keep the cold and damp away from the foundation.

The Home Entryway

An entryway is the first thing people see when they see a home. All homes should have an attractive area that pleases the eye. Revamping the front of the home can be a simple task. A new door can add oomph and personality. Items like flagstones also help create a path to your door and bring the color and texture you want. A series of plantings designed for the turn of the seasons also take your home in a new and much welcome direction.

Spending money on your house can really pay off. These easy home improvements are an ideal way to add something special.

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5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Roofing Installation Contractor



professional roofing contractors

Roofing is indeed the most significant part of a home. An effective installation of the roof protects you and your family against many odds. Roofing shall be durable so that you get peace of mind. There are many contractors out there for roof installation but you have to select the one who renders the most durable service. A proper roofer will use the best materials so that your installed roof will ensure durability too.

Hiring the right roofing contractor is the key to a successful roofing repair. At the same time needs a proper survey and attention otherwise the wrong decision can lead you towards failure in the future.  Thus, it is very important to know the methods and the strategies of professional roofing contractors. Roofers shall be chosen wisely because they are the ones that can make a project successful or can leave you in the doldrums.  You should get the services of professionals who are well-versed to keep promises. They will serve you with multifaceted benefits. The Top-tier roofer has the attributes which make the process free from the hassles.

1: Check customers reviews:

Customer’s review is a lead for the newcomers. When a customer gets his task done by a company it means he gained his personal experience with the company and its workers. So, it means a lot when he says something good or bad about his experience. When a contractor becomes a word of mouth then the certain reason for this is necessarily their good experience with them. A recommendation is given only when they liked their workmanship. If the customer reviews are great then this necessarily means that the service is trustworthy and the one which can be considered.

2: Employ an insured roofer: 

 When choosing a contractor you shall keep in mind that a contractor that claims to be a professional must be verified. The verified one will always have to make sure that they got the right insurance plans. The one who is being hired by you is insured with sufficient liability protection. If the roofer fails to build your roof without considering the factors of safety. Moreover, if he gets hurt when operating on your roof without adequate protection, you may be financially liable for his all kind of lose. That’s why when you visit a roofing company; get authentic evidence from the contractor. For both the insurance provider and The Workers’ Compensation Board. You shall also check their credibility on  BBB and Yelp this will allow you to cognize more about a roofing contractor.

3: Make an official deal with the company about payment methods: 

Any contractor that requests any money beforehand should have a license. It is because you have a deal with the company not with the worker. So, if he asks for the money then he must show the license of the company at the very moment. This unique authorization must be in the hands at the time of the filing. If he does not show you this license then it is obvious that it is a direct indication of fraud. Never offer any amount in advance until or unless the company shows you any such policy at the time of the deal got done. Contract with a roofer that provides you with a grace period before reimbursement is due. The one who gives you the time to investigate after your job has been finished, you should not be asked officially for the clearance of payment. 

4: Get the entire deal in ink:

Get a written estimate that indicates the material prices, labor costs, warranties detail, if included. A trustworthy roofing company would never have any hidden charges or policies in its contract. Cash below the table implies no paper record eventually compromises transparency. which leads to no solution in such a situation when something goes wrong. When you have the right deal done with the professionals you will have to make sure that everything gets written on the document. From the costs to the deadline for completion for the whole job. When you search for the top-rated roofing contractors near me you will get to know that the professionals will always encourage you to get a written agreement with their clients.

5: Keep an eye on non-legitimate roofers:

There are roofing contractors who come during a storm to make their earnings quick and incomplete. Those storm jacks and other roofs are red flags of the door-to-door. Check company information, such as GST number, and get complete physical office location. Also, their contact information so that, you can contact them in case of any uncertainty. Even in an emergency roofing scenario, obey all the above measures to avoid any inconvenience. You shall always opt to choose for the roofers that are licensed. As discussed above that the inexperienced or paratroopers will try to portray them as experts but actually, they aren’t. Be cautious and watchful against them. You will need to ask them few questions and with that, it will be clarified.

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