Cleaning tips for your washing machine

Cleaning tips for your washing machine

Every washing machine requires routine cleaning. The washing machine can get stinky and can be a breeding ground for mould growth after regular washing of clothes. Most of the dirt and mould growth is found in the rubber gasket of the door and the detergent dispenser. Now I bet you that your washing machine is stinky and dirty after daily washing of the clothes.

Everyone believes that the washing machine will clean by itself when the clothes are washed. But probably you’re mistaken. The washing machine cannot wash by itself. It also requires regular cleaning, like your clothes. 

Cleaning helps to remove the dirt and detergent residues from the washing machine and its internal components. Even the best top load washing machine requires regular cleaning for enhanced life. After all, cleaning the washing machine is an easy task and can be done within no time.

Follow these steps to ensure that you have the cleanest washing machine on this planet.

Tub Clean feature

Some of the latest washing machine models come with a Tub Clean feature. This is the handiest feature that you’ll find in some of the modern washing machines. 

You’ll need to buy a cleaning agent or use natural ingredients like baking soda or white vinegar to accomplish the cleaning task with the help of the Tub Clean feature. This feature takes care of all the cleaning that your washing machine requires.

Use this feature with the cleaning agent as instructed by the manufacturer by referring to the owner’s manual. It will also be instructed at what time interval it is to be used.

Run a hot wash cycle

If you do not have a tub clean feature in your washing machine, then running an empty hot wash cycle would remove the build-up of dirt and detergent residue from the washing machine. Most people use detergent more than required for washing clothes. This can eventually damage the internal components of the washer and shorten its life.

Running a hot water cycle would effectively eliminate the build-up of dirt, grime, and detergent residue. Just run the hot water cycle once a month so that your washing machine is safe from any kinds of build-up resulting from washing clothes.

Clean the detergent tray

The detergent tray could possibly be the dirtiest part of the washing machine. Turn off the washing machine and gently pull out the detergent tray. If you are not aware of how to remove the detergent tray, then refer to the owner’s manual.

After removing the detergent tray, place it under running water. Use a brush to remove the detergent residue from every nooks and corner to make it absolutely clean. Use can also use soap for effective cleaning. 

Clean the rubber seal of the door

The rubber seal in the front load washing machine’s door is the next dirtiest part after the detergent tray. Open the door and lightly pull the rubber seal to see the debris, mould and mildew. You will be surprised to see the amount of debris and dirt in the rubber seal.

Clean the rubber seal of the door with a damp cloth. If any stubborn stains on it do not go off, you can use white vinegar to make it absolutely clean. Also, check whether there are any damages to the rubber seal as it is better to replace it at the earliest than to wait for a leak to occur.

Clean the filter

Washing machines come with a lint filter that needs to be cleaned regularly after every wash. Most of the front load washing machines would have their filter placed on the machine’s front side under a flap. The flap can be unscrewed and pulled out easily to remove the lint and debris from the filter.

You can refer to the owner’s manual if you are not able to find the filter by yourself. If you get it wrong, then your room will be flooded with water.

The lint filter collects all the lint, debris, coins and other material while washing. It is highly recommended to clean the filter after every cycle to enhance the machine’s wash quality and life.

Leave the door ajar

Leave the door and detergent tray ajar after every wash cycle to let the air inside the machine to prevent the formation of mould and mildew. This also reduces the build-up of any odour.

Bonus Tip-Use less detergent

There are different types of washing powders and detergents available in the market. Most detergent can be used only on a specific type of washing machines as labelled in the packet or container. These detergents are very effective even if you use a very less amount to clean the dirt and grime from your clothes. Most of them follow the instructions on the label. That would be more than the required amount.

It is always good to use the correct amount of detergent for washing clothes. Don’t overuse it as it may damage your washing machine and shortens the life of your appliance.

It is recommended to clean your washing machine every month to get squeaky clean clothes after every wash. You can find some of the best washing machines that use less detergent, water and energy here at to save your money. Regular cleaning and maintenance keep your washer in good shape and provides a better life from any damages.

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