Cleaning Baby’s Nose: Your How-To Guide

The nose is one of the delicate parts of our body. It should be cleaned from time to time so that you can breathe comfortably. However, it may be hard to clean the baby’s nose. Many times, the stuffy and runny nose of the babies can make them irritated. It would help if you cleaned with proper care and attention. In the following lines, you will know about the steps to clean the baby’s nose. This piece of information will help to a great extent. You can use various tools to clean the baby’s nose.

  • You can rely upon a bulb syringe to clean the baby’s nose. A bulb syringe comes with a removable tip of various sizes. You can choose the suitable one for the baby. If your child has a runny nose with soft mucous, you must not apply saline drops. But if the mucous becomes hard, you need two to three drops of saline solution to soften the mucous. A bulb syringe is one of the easiest ways to clean the noses. It is easier to use, and anyone can handle it. However, it would help if you never used a bulb syringe twice or thrice a day.
  • Nasal aspirators are another comfortable ways to clean your baby’s nose. It is easy to use a nasal aspirator than a traditional bulb syringe. A nasal aspirator comes with a tube.  It has disposable filters. It also consists of a tube that collects the mucous to create no mess while cleaning the nose. You may get confused for the first time while using a nasal aspirator
  • If you find that your little one is getting irritated with a stuffy nose, you can immediately use a nasal spray. You can easily use the nasal sprays, and the baby can get quick relief. The spray is made of saline water. However, if you wish, you can make a nasal spray at home. To do this, you need one cup of lukewarm water and ¼ teaspoon of salt. Stir it well that keeps it in a jar. Now you can use a drop to put the saline water on the nose. You must give three to four drops of saline water to each nostril of your baby. The drops are helpful to clean the nose, mainly when the mucous is hard. It becomes soft and drains out from the nose.
  • Sometimes a stream treatment is much preferred in many cases. It is good when your child is suffering from a cold and cough. Humidifiers or steam treatment can help in the immediate breakup of the mucous inside the nose. 
  • On the other hand, a bath with warm water is always good for your baby. It can help them to stay fresh and suitable for a long time. It can also reduce nasal congestion. 

It is easy to clean the baby’s nose if you follow these methods. Nasal congestion is always bad for your baby. If he is an infant, he will be unable to state and express his feelings. So, you must take immediate steps. 

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