Classic Folk Songs Over the Decades

The world has witnessed the best of music over the decades, and some songs are still making waves even after decades. These are classic folk songs that have remained evergreen in the world of music. One of the popular musicians that walked this planet is Tom Petty, and he is renowned for producing some of the best classic songs in the world. This post shares a list of some of the best classic folk songs over the decades. Better put, we’ll look at Tom Petty songs because he’s undoubtedly a music legend that ever lived and produced powerful classic folk songs.

  • American Girl

This is one of the greatest classic songs ever played in the history of class songs. The song’s theme speaks of a small-town girl who believes that there is a life beyond her little town and decides to go out to find greener pasture. In the process, she gets disappointed and messed up in the process. The song merges decades of rock and roll to create a unique blend of sounds. Although the song did not come top or close to it on the U.S. charts, it got to the Top 40 in the United Kingdom. It has remained a popular tune on the radio over the decades.

  • Refugee

A popular track on the album, Damn the Torpedoes, Refugee was produced by Jimmy Iovine, and the song was regarded as the most brass-knuckled rocker of the band up to date. The song was written by Mike Campbel and recorded on a four-track tape before he passed it on to his partner. According to Campbell and Petty, it took a lot to produce the song as they had to do up to 200 takes (according to Petty) before they could pull it over. Interestingly, the song because a staple on MTV and changed the face of American rock.

  • Free Fallin’

Free Fallin’ is the biggest hit (apart from his duet with Stevie Nicks, ‘Stop Dragging’ My Heart Around’) of Tom Petty in the course of his music career. He wrote the song and performed it, which Jeff Lyne producing it. At the early stage, the album containing the song was rejected and wasn’t released, but luckily, a change happened at the label, and new hands were hired. When the album was released, Free Falling became a hit and made it to the Top 10. For seven months, the song maintained its position on Billboard’s singles chart.

  • Runnin’ Down a Dream

This is another hit song from the stable of the legend, Tom Petty. It is a part of the Full Moon Fever album, and it happens to be the most propelling rocker of the album. The song talks about the freedom associated with flying down the highway, alluding to his deepest feelings about rock and roll meaning. 

  • Don’t Come Around Here No More

This song is a whole shade of uniqueness. According to Petty, he wanted to perform a single that is nothing compared to what anyone has ever done before, and he achieved the goal. Don’t Come Around Here No More is psychedelic and modern. It was a radical invention of music that has remained evergreen. When Petty first introduced it to the Heartbreakers, they were a bit skeptical about revamping their sound, but they did and the song turned out to be one of the best hits of the band.

Conclusion There you have the best classic folk songs over the decades. Although Tom Petty is no more, his music and legacy remain, and his memory is more cherished now than ever before. 

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