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Choosing The Right Topic To Start Blog About

When you start your blog you may be at a loss as to what to write it all about. You may start off with a few ideas, but they may quickly become redundant as you realize you cannot make a full and ongoing blog about them. So what do you do? Well, first you need to come up with a theme for your blog. You need to figure out what your blog is all about and try to come up with your big selling point. The big selling point is anything you wish it to be. It is the thing you reply when people ask why they should visit your blog.

A big selling point is that your blog is simply hilarious, or that your blog offers the newest HTML5 code, or that your blog has the inside scoop on celebrity surgery. It is a good idea to have lots of these selling points, but humans are simple creatures who think too highly of themselves. It is better to concentrate on just one selling point and call it your brand message. The big companies do the same thing, such as how a Volvo selling point is that it is safe. Pick a really good selling point and then angle your blog posts so that they fit your selling point.

Do not deviate from your selling point :

If you have a blog and you decide that its theme is going to be an honest and unbiased look at American foreign policy. Then do not do a one-off blog post called something such as “America, the last barrier against Chinese domination,” even though if Britain falls then America will be the last barrier against it (like what would have happened if the Brits gave up during WWII like the rest of the world did).

The same goes for any blog selling point you do. If your blog selling point is that it is funny, then do not do a serious unfunny post. If your blog selling point is on DIY tool advice, then do not do a post on the quality of Internet porn.

Write about what you know already :

This is going to make blogging so much easier for you. Not only will you be able to come up with even more and even better blog posts, but you will also not have to research them as thoroughly. Even if you do have to research, you will not have to look as hard because you are going to know where to look.

Write about a topic you actually want to know more about :

This will make every blog post you research and write a fun an enjoyable session. You will start to feel an actual benefit from blogging, which is important because you are actually working for free. So, getting some sort of benefit from it is a good thing.

Write about a topic you are currently studying :

Just like the tip above, doing this is going to help you to learn about what you are writing about. Even if you already know the material, you will find that writing about it is going to sure-up the knowledge in your brain.

Consider topics that are in line with your blog starting motivations :

If this line was said by a Canadian politician, then it would be described as fancy lip wiggling. What it actually means is that you should base your blog posts on the reasons why you started the blog in the first place.

If you started your blog to inform people how many billions of lives are saved every year thanks to childhood vaccinations, then that is what you should pick at your topic. You will need to come up with new posts every week, so all you need to do is make sure it related to that goal.

If on the other hand you built your blog for a less noble goal, such as to get a high Alexa Rank, then writing posts that appeal to webmasters should be what you base your topics upon. Webmasters are the most likely to have the Alexa toolbar installed, and so lots of visits from webmasters is going to push your Alexa rank up, ergo you should write about things that attract webmasters.

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