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Choose Private Sydney tour to save time and hassle free Experience




Welcome to Sydney City, planning any kind of holiday can be a time-consuming and often confusing activity or a task. With a lot of travel deals and offers available at your fingertips from all types of sources, you can faster find yourself down deep rabbit holes of irrelevant information. And for that we Private Sydney tour is here for you, being Sydney is the first stop on many Australian or other travelers and for good reason. It’s an inviting mixture of happy, exhilarating, and easygoing experiences. You can find great excitement in the city, but drive just a few kilometers and you’ll hit the golden sand of well-known clean beaches like Bondi and Manly. Additionally, with endless nature at its doorstep, Sydney is the starting point for a day tour serving up fresh and cool air, unique flavors, and locals who know every single thing or two about living life fully. Therefore, we’re so glad you found Private Sydney tours. Hence; if you are planning a trip to our sparkling city, then you are in for a treat and at the right place. Our visitors are constantly amazed and allured by the natural beauty and laid-back style of Sydney and we know you will be too. We have the best team of experienced Private Sydney tour guides that bring it all to life, interacting with our guests to the heartbeat of the beautiful city. Our Sydney private tours are the highest rated in town, and with decades of guiding experience between us, we’re always here to show you the kind of engaging, authentic, local city touring that has made us very famous. Showcasing Private Sydney city tours, Blue Mountains tours, South Coast tours, Southern Highlands Wine Tours, and Hunter Valley tours, we are always here to deliver you an exceptional & amazing Sydney experience.

Private Sydney tour is Australia’s most trusted independent travel agency with the aim is to help adventurous travelers tick lifetime goals off their bucket lists, as we make the journey memorable to join us in exploring this beautiful part of the city in which we reside. Home to well over thousands of various tours, accommodation, and transport choices Australia can be a little overwhelming when trying to find the right and accurate trip house. Our private tour company has years of experience and only book tours that we have been on or would do ourselves. The first important thing for us, take the time to listen to what it is you’re looking for then point you in the accurate direction. We bridge the gap between yourself and our team offering a transparent tour booking service that’s so easy to use we assure you’ll be back to book your next adventure in no time. We are conveniently located at the most popular travel destinations too so we’re here for you whenever you desire or need it most. You’ll never be too far from the smiley orange face so feel free to pop in and say good day.  For us, your time is very precious. When you choose us, Our team dedicates time to organizing a top-class experience using our regional well-knowledge, so you can spend your own time however you please. And once you are traveling, every single day of your personalized itinerary is set up to be a special memory.  You can rely on us for such services-

TRUST- Always travel in confidence. We are fully licensed by the Tourist Board and are a member of various professional associations too. We’re also highly rated by our travelers.

DEDICATION- We know your time is too much valuable, so our team is committed to offering you the best travel experience possible, from before you book your holiday to after your journey has ended.

BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE- Plan your trip risk-free with Private Sydney tours. Purchase it with your package to enjoy flexible terms or secure it free of charge by booking a Special discount and offers a tour with a deposit or full payment.

HASSLE-FREE EXPERIENCE- Relax and let someone else handle all the details of planning your Sydney trip. We take care of organizing everything for you and your family, from route planning to creating bookings, so you save time as well as effort. You can look forward to your tour knowing that professionals have everything in hand.

YOU ARE IN GOOD & SAFE HANDS- We are used to dealing with unforeseen and sometimes disruptive circumstances such as volcano eruptions. So you do not worry about anything as we are there. We will always take care of reworking your itinerary while keeping you safe and informed as well. Our 24/7 helpline means we’re only a call away for you.

 FULL FINANCIAL PROTECTION- With our team, you have peace of mind knowing your holiday arrangements with us are hundred percent financially protected. In fact, your payments are safeguarded with insurance protection that guarantees your city tours. Moreover, we want you to have the utmost confidence in booking your city trip with a Private Sydney tour. You can have based on us to cater high standards of quality and trust, as these core values are the cornerstones of who we are. Here are some of our expert memberships and pledges that reflect our commitment to making unrivaled and safe travel experiences for you. we’re guided by a set of core values like- quality, dedication, trust, and personal service — and we make sure that these hallmarks are met at every stage of your Sydney tour. Start your day at a time to suit with your private pick up (a lot of if needed) from any location in Sydney City. And the same enjoy a sensational local lunch at one of the region’s iconic superb restaurants like the acclaimed Bistro Molines or opt for a casual pub feed. Relax and enjoy this alluring region and take in the uniquely Australian landscape visiting various wineries before we depart for Sydney returning in the evening.

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Make the Most of Your Trip to Dubai by Following these 9 Tips



Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one with plenty of things to do. It is a safe place to travel, see different beautiful things like the tallest skyscraper in the world, shop, and experience different cultures. The city has beautiful nightlife, spectacular scenes, the biggest shopping malls, and other exciting activities. However, you can only get the best out of your trip to Dubai if you know what people do there and learning more about this city in the UAE. This article will help you with 9 tips to keep in mind when you are planning for a trip to Dubai. They will help you to get the best experience while away in the Arabic city.

  1. Know When To Go

This is one of the most important tips you can get. You need to know about the weather in Dubai before you travel. During the summer season, Dubai is very hot and almost everyone stays indoors. So, this may not be the best time to travel. The only great time you can travel in Dubai is during the winter season from November to March. During this period, the weather is comfortable and cool and you can go sightseeing without much trouble with the temperature.

  • How to Dress

Dressing in Dubai is all about modesty and moderation. There are clothes you probably wear in your country that you cannot bring when you come to Dubai. Remember, the city has an Arabic culture and is a Muslim country. However, you need to shun off the myth that this is a conservative city. In fact, this is one of the modest cities you will come across during your travels. It is still important to respect their tradition and culture. So, pack modest clothes like long-sleeved pants and tops, especially if you are female. You will also need to pack lighter clothes, considering that Dubai is warm most of the time.

  • Accommodation

Dubai is a hot tourist spot, and that means it must have the best hotels around the world. The great thing is that the hotels are in different classes to ensure every tourist can get what they can afford. Visit various websites to see the accommodation options available. For unmarried couples, it is advisable to book separate accommodations.

  • Drugs and Medication

Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy towards drug abuse. So, if you are on prescribed drugs, make sure you carry the prescription with you. The other great thing about the city is that you can also get tourist medical health insurance Dubai, UAE to cater to your health needs while in Dubai. Just make sure you follow the law.

  • Currency and Documents

Make sure you have your visa a month before your travel date. This will prevent last-minute rush and panic when things go wrong. Carry your travel insurance and make sure you have your driver’s license if you plan on renting a car when you get there. Dubai uses AED or Dirhams as their currency. So, make sure you convert your money before you get there.

  • Etiquette

It is very important to observe etiquette around the city. Public intimacy is prohibited, and you can actually get arrested for that. You can hold hands with your partner or give them a slight peck. However, avoid going overboard while in public. This is the same for the LGBT community. Remember, the country holds its traditional values. So, make sure you know about what is right and wrong before you get to Dubai.

  • Health and Safety

This is the healthiest and safest city you can go to in the world. The crime rate is low and Dubai’s healthcare system is on another level. The city puts great emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. So, health is not in question here. However, it is important to ensure you carry all the necessary documents, including travel and health documents that you might need. With a low crime rate and high level of healthcare, Dubai is the safest place to be.

  • Getting Around Dubai

There are numerous transport options for you in Dubai. You can use a taxi to get around but make sure you have a map of where you are going. Some of these taxi drivers are not locals and might not know all the places. If you want to rent a car, make sure you know all the acceptable driving behaviors. You also need to know the speed limit allowed in the city.

  • Arabic Phrases

It may come as a surprise that Arabic is not the main language used here. The city is full of immigrants, and English is the common language. However, it can be good to learn different Arabic phrases for the sake of the locals. For instance, Shukran means thank you, and Inshallah means God has willed.


This is a sum-up of important things you should know and do on your next visit to Dubai. These tips will help you have a great experience while avoiding getting into trouble. The city is strict when it comes to some things. So, ensure you follow the rules.

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Craving For Some Solo Travel? Here Are The Safest Countries For You



Traveling solo is rewarding – you can venture off wherever your heart takes you, pick your own experiences, and make new friends along the way. Getting to travel on your own terms is utterly liberating. It can, however, also be nerve-wracking: all those details, from foreign currency to alien roads, that you must figure out all on your own. We wouldn’t want the hurdles to get in the way of you daring to fly solo — so, we bring you the list of some of the safest countries for solo travellers – especially ideal for first-timers.  

So, gather your courage, book your tickets, and prepare to embark on that solo travel adventure that has been appearing in your dreams. 

1. Iceland  

Don’t be fooled by the country’s love of crime fiction, Iceland is very safe! It is in fact the safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index.  

From the many active volcanoes to the unreal black sand beaches, from the geothermal waters of the blue lagoon to the beguiling caves and glaciers, Iceland has many wonders that could make you feel like you’re traveling off the beaten path, even if it is quite a popular destination.  

Start by visiting the state museum enriched with the country’s history in Reykjavik or go whale watching in Faxaflói. No matter what you do, happiness and excitement are constant in every season, in Iceland. The other thing you can find in both, summer and winter, are guided tours, depending on your interests. You could combine the independence of solo travel with the insights of local expert guides on daily visits to explore new places. It might even give you a chance to meet fellow travellers or befriend likeminded people, as English is widely spoken in Iceland.  

2. Portugal  

If budget travel is what you’re looking for, look no further than Portugal. Sharing an alluring coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is a quaint small country with cosmopolitan cities, rustic towns and villages decorated with rococo-style architecture. What’s better? It’s more affordable than many of its neighbors. 

Its southern reaches continue to be an enticing vacation destination, renowned for its gloriously sandy beaches and world-class golf courses. Meanwhile, the country’s interior is rich in contrast — from rolling plains and gushing rivers to remote mountain ranges.  

What makes it perfect for a solo trip, however, is that it’s generally safe, easy to get around, completely charming and filled with friendly people. Spend all your time traveling the country’s many attractions like the vineyards, UNESCO heritage sites, etc., and you will be captivated by its flavors, colors and warmth. 

3. Denmark  

Plenty of solo travellers have already discovered that Scandinavia is the place to be. The Scandinavian countries are known for their high standards of health and safety: You can drink the water from the tap. You can shop without aggressive haggling. Catcalling on the streets is not common. This equality-minded region is also well known as an LGBT-friendly destination. 

What’s more? Scandinavia is known as a natural wellness destination. This means you’ll also find a good range of vegetarian, vegan and organic foods as well as plentiful running paths, traditional saunas and other invigorating activities. 

Crowned as the second happiest country in the world, Denmark is one of the best Scandinavian destinations for a solo traveler to explore. It is easy to get around thanks to its famous bicycle culture. In fact, more people bike in Copenhagen than drive a car. Many hotels here rent bikes to guests, and there is also a network of inexpensive city bikes for short-term use. 

The vivid and colorful townhouses lining the canal and wooden ships rowing on the calm North Sea at Copenhagen – are a sight to behold. Get your adrenaline rush at Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park that also features some beautiful flower gardens, fountains, and an aquarium.  

Shakespeare enthusiasts should visit Kronborg Castle, the UNESCO World Heritage site that inspired Elsinore Castle in Hamlet. If you’re a history buff, take a train to Hillerød to explore the Frederiksborg Castle and learn about Danish history. 

And the best part? It’s not hard to stay digitally connected during your holiday… if you want to be. That’s because the Nordic countries lead the world in internet usage. Whether you want to post on social media, upload videos of your adventures, locate a destination or find out about different experiences you can have, the countless free hotspots in Denmark make this easy to do.  

4. New Zealand 

New Zealand is a popular destination for solo backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers, possibly because it is the world’s second most peaceful country, according to the Global Peace Index.  

Take a cruise through the waterfall of Milford Sound, fjords, rainforests; Heli-hike through Franz Josef Glacier; trek to the magnificent Tongariro Alpine Crossing; visit the Waitomo Glow-worm Caves, or go whale-watching in the Bay of Plenty. 

Take a day trip to Waiheke Island for wine tours or visit the Hobbiton Movie Set (a must-visit for the Lord of the Rings fan) to explore the real-life version of The Shire. With so much to see and do, you won’t miss having a travel companion. 

5. Netherlands 

The Netherlands is a great place for first-time solo travelers to get their feet wet. Due to the massive network of well-kept bike paths that cover the Dutch countryside, it is actually possible to cycle between most cities in the Netherlands. Even relatively inexperienced cyclists should be able to complete shorter intercity routes without much difficulty.  

Do as the locals do in Amsterdam, with its laid-back and friendly culture. Begin in Vondelpark, a popular urban park, and cycle to world-famous museums such as the Van Gogh Museum, passing through the city’s picturesque canals and bridges along the way.  

While staying put in Amsterdam might be tempting, there is considerably more to the Netherlands than its capital. Rotterdam, for example, is renowned for its nightlife, modern architecture and art scene. Utrecht has a massive student population and many bars, clubs and cafés associated with university life. Hanging out with the younger crowds and making new friends might lead you to some of the most unexpected adventures and experiences. 

Want to catch the famous tulip festival of the Netherlands? Visit Holland between mid-April and the first week of May.  

Well, we think you’re all ready now to embark on your solo trip and spent some quality time with yourself. A small tip for the first-timers, always book your flights and stays from a trusted site.   

Also, before leaving for your solo trip, learn about the challenges of solo traveling and how to beat them from experienced travelers. Tune in to Travelxp Watch and get access to travel documentaries and shows covering backpacking as well as luxurious travel adventures from around the globe.

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Dealing with sibling rivalry




Parenting is hard enough as it is, throw in sibling rivalry and you have got the ultimate test of your patience. Regardless of what your little age your angels are, they tend to become wee devils when there is a sibling in the mix.

They bicker about everything; from food to clothing to toys to even affection. The bouts of competition are sometimes imposed by people; well Sara started to stand second in her class whereas Nadia barely scraped by, screaming for Nadia to react. But at times, the constant competition is imposed by the kids themselves as well.

For parents, enforcing peace all the time can be hard. It’s an added job, alongside the stress of raising them. Sibling rivalry is also not just a thing of childhood; it can become even more intense with age.

Not just for the sake of their own sanity do parents need a resolution of the rivalry, but it can lead to serious psychological issues as well, if not addressed. Sibling rivalry is associated with anxiety, resentment, low esteem, all of which might then need to be addressed by a professional like the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore.

Parents, however, need to be more proactive in dealing with and resolving the problem of sibling rivalry.

Dealing with the rivalry

 Set boundaries and rules

It is important for parents to enforce rules to prevent bullying and maintain basic discipline. These ground rules also come in handy when trying to resolve conflicts, as usually, one of the kids is breaking them to get things their way.

Moreover, it is pertinent for parents to establish rules about not hitting, swearing, losing temper etc. This way, children will know that they have to abide by the rules, and they are responsible for their own actions when they break the ‘law’.

Division of labor

One of the bones of contention that children tend to have is when the brunt of the work falls on one child, and the other walks scot-free. Therefore, this may lead to resentment in children, causing the rivalry to start.

Parents tend to ask more of their obedient child, who then has to carry the burden of parents’ expectations. Their acquiescing might be momentary, but it may lead to complications later on.

Thus, parents should do just division of labor. No one child should have to be responsible for the family, everyone needs to pitch in.

Say no to favoritism

This might be hard for parents to admit to, but they do play favorites –most of the times. It may not be intentional, but your children pick on it. This favoritism can also then influence your role as the arbitrator.

Thus, try to enforce discipline in yourself as well. You might need to set a system that befits your family dynamic, but you need to find an arrangement in which the child is performing and behaving better is lauded, yet the naughty one is not made to feel inferior by comparison.

This sort of favoritism might become worse as children grow up, and that will not only cause resentment towards the siblings but the parents as well.

Don’t play teams

A conflict among the siblings does not mean that parents have to side with one. It is possible for them to be impartial judges. If you can, try staying out of the conflict altogether. This way, children will hopefully learn how to resolve conflict on their own.

Stop labeling

The sibling rivalry may very well be drawn due to the parents’ attitude. Putting labels on the kids, like smart ones, athletic one, etc. can inadvertently lead to competition and rivalry between the children, as they race to get the more coveted title.

Thus, do not celebrate the accomplishments of one child, at the expense of the other kid. Try not to box your kids, so they do not resent their siblings. Instead, create a nurturing environment whereby everyone is made to feel special.

Give each child attention

Your children may have very different interests, and you may be only able to cater to one, but you are paving way for resentment-cum-rivalry between the two. As they compete for the parent’s attention, they might squabble amongst each other.

Therefore, be sure to give each child their due attention, even if it means more work for you.

Plan family time

When you spend quality time together, you tend to grow fond of each other. Playing games together helps children learn cooperation, teamwork and also helps them in bonding with one another.

Address the issue

It is important that you do not let the sibling rivalry go by. It is not just a phase in the childhood, it may very well follow them into their adulthood as well. Thus, pushing things under the rug will have a detrimental impact on the children, not to mention will gravely influence the family ties later on in life.

It is even more pertinent to address the issue especially when it is affecting the quality of lives of all the stakeholders, especially the parents and their marriage. Some children may also exhibit violent tendencies, harming themselves or others.

Sibling rivalry can also be a source of anxiety and stress in the lives of the family members and can lead to problems like depression later in life as well. Thus, enlist the help of the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi when the rivalry is getting out of hand, as expert intervention is vital.

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Solace On Earth: A Beginners Guide On Finding the perfect holiday rentals




Are you cooped up and looking for a small calm weekend getaway? or planning to book a holiday this summer? The siren call of a holiday has always been alluring. While it’s still too soon to jet off to cloud nine right away, many travel afficandos are already planning their holidays to their dream destinations. 

With a secluded beach and freedom of unlimited space, the village of Portsea remains a perennial holiday favorite spot, positioned adjacent to Point Nepean, at the tip of the peninsula. Portsea harmoniously brings nature into all its furnishings and with settings out of this world. 

From Melbourne, it’s an uncomplicated 2-hour drive(110 km) down south of Melbourne. But before finding luxurious and comfortable houses for rent on the Mornington peninsula, let’s take a look at the serene seaside township of Portsea village. 

About Portsea 

The Mornington Peninsula is home to breezy seaside villages, vineyards, wineries, hot springs, and countless golden beaches. If you’re looking for a holiday in seclusion, Portsea of the Mornington Peninsula remains the favorite spot among visitors. Long strolls on the beachfront face the Bass Strait Ocean, in the pancake flat water remain one of the favorite activities among tourists. 

While Rye has a few good surfing spots and is well suited to the serene option of snorkeling and paddle boating, Portsea offers great surfing opportunities, given the large and strong tides for surfing enthusiasts. The pathway and rocky archway of London Bridge remain another prominent sight-seeing spot. 

The food is fresh and gleaned from natural resources with a strong commitment to sustainability and wellness. The beachfront of Portsea is one of the top-tier vacation spots in the Mornington Peninsula, with soft sand, blue sky stretching to the horizon, and the serene sound of lapping waves- a paradise within reach.

Tips And Tricks On Booking The Right accommodation 

With so much to do in this popular town, deciding what you want to do can be a fun challenge when planning your vacation. The accommodations in Portsea offer a generous number of private villas, tourist rentals, and hotels with specific health parameters and obligations to visitors such as cleaning and disinfecting services after each visit; and abiding by the social distancing guidelines. Here’s what you should consider before booking a rental:


Suppose you’re planning a getaway with family or young kids. In that case, there are plenty of resorts that offer free activities for the young and old, like Hobe cat sailing, Kayaking, and maybe other non-monetized sports activities. 

Some accommodations have a free babysitter to help you lounge on the beach while keeping the kids busy and under the supervision of the babysitter. The gateway property management organization provides you with exceptional property management services to owners or patrons of rentals. 


Avid travelers secure the best deals out of resorts because they monitor the movement of the tourism industry. Therefore, it is advised to compare brands and destinations to ensure you’re getting the discount and amenities right for you. 

All-inclusive accommodations are value-friendly avenues where you enjoy three meals a day and other activities offered by the facility. So take your pick from a wide variety of choices of studio apartments, luxury condos, cozy cabin rentals, and start dreaming up your perfect beach vacation today.

Inclusive or not 

People who book all-inclusive tend to lounge around more at the resort since they have prepaid for all those meals and drinks. On the other hand, travel enthusiasts who pay separately for food and drinks tend to go out and explore more, leaving the crowded accommodation enjoying the leisures and lifestyles of the locals. 

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Santorini Catamaran Tours – Inescapable 5 Tour Details




When you are in Santorini you must make a catamaran cruise to fulfill your tour. Without a catamaran tour, your traveling is incomplete. So, to make your tour memorable I am going to discuss this article.

On my last tour to Santorini, I made 2 boat tours but I found 5 of them highly enjoyable. If you are in Santorini tour right now you must make a catamaran tour. In this article, I am going to explain the Santorini catamaran tours in short to make you some ideas about them. 

Fortunately, all of them include your lunch or dinner (Day time provides lunch and sunset tour provides dinner). Plus, there are suggestions for both private and group tours. So let’s jump into the main point.

5 Best Santorini Catamaran Tours

1. Private Catamaran Sailings

Want to experience an amazing private cruise of the caldera? Then this Santorini Private Boat Tour with Luxury Catamaran would be the one you should go for. Whether it’s a honeymoon couple, or a friend group, or a family, everywhere it is perfect. 

You can get the tour at two different times. If you want a day tour then it’ll depart at 10 pm and if you want a sunset tour then it’ll depart at 3 pm.

June to September is the perfect time to make the tour. Fortunately, you’ll get plenty of food during the tour and all the other advantages. 

2. Santorini Day Cruise

If you’ve been looking for a day boat tour then you can’t miss this one. The departure time of the tour starts at 10 am. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling on the top of the catamaran.

You will visit several beaches and enjoy different sights. Summer is the best time for making this tour. Like the previous one, this one also comes with plenty of food and drinks. 

3. Small-Group Catamaran Cruise

This time it’s a sunset cruise or a day cruise. If you are planning for a sunset cruise then the departure time is 2:30 pm and if you are going to make a day cruise then it will take departure at 10 am. 

During the tour, you’re going to experience a wonderful cruise around the volcano. Gladly informing you that you’ll stop several beaches for snorkeling and swimming. 

You can also experience swimming into hot springs nearby the volcano. Finally, you will get a grand feast at lunch or dinner. 

The best thing on the tour would be the sunset view from the cliffs below Oia. 

4. Santorini Fishing Tour

If you love fishing seriously then this boat tour going to be a memorable one in your life. 

You can choose the time according to your wish (daytime or sunset). I would suggest a daytime tour for fishing in ease. 

Make your lunch or dinner with delicious seafood that you have caught during the tour. 

But if it’s a couple of tours then I would suggest a sunset tour. It’ll be both romantic and fun.

5. Volcano Boat Tour

This time a different type of boat tour suggestion for you. If you don’t like to open your wallet wide then this one would be the perfect choice for you. 

This time you’ll experience no sunset or beach visit. You’ll enjoy swimming in the hot springs and visit Thirassia Island. 

There will be a group of people. You can make fun all together and enjoy a great feast. So for saving your money you should opt for this Volcano boat tour.

Besides, You may read our Top 5 Places To Visit In Greece For A Perfect Romantic Vacation article!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost for a Santorini boat tour?

A boat tour at Santorini is quite expensive. Per person, you’ll have to cost around 80 euro.

As you’ll enjoy several natural beauty and experience swimming and snorkeling you have to open up your wallet. 

Where are the hot springs situated in Santorini?

The hot springs of Santorini are located on the small, uninhabited islet of Palea Kameni. There the temperature remains 86°F to 95°F. A boat tour will be enough to enjoy the volcano. 

Where is the famous Santorini view?

You should visit the Oia Castle to experience the romantic sunset of Santorini. It’s the most popular spot.

What to see while your boat tour in Santorini?

Here I’m listing out the places below.

  1. The first thing I would suggest is the famous uninhabited volcanic island of New Kameni 
  2. The inhabited island of Thirassia.
  3. The Palea Kameni – the thermal springs at an uninhabited island.
  4. The best picturesque spots; The White Beach & the Red Beach
  5. The islet of Aspronissi. (But it won’t be too available during the boat tour)

The Verdict

All the listed boat tours I have explained are the must-try tours in Santorini. As you can’t make all of them at the time you should think about a private or group tour first. Next, there are options for you to choose sunset, day-tour, or fishing tours. For a romantic session go for a sunset tour and for enjoying nature make a day-tour. I hope you’re going to pass a great time on your boat tour at Santorini Greece.

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