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Choose a Korean baby name from a trusted baby-naming site

Today, we all live in a small global village. People all over the world are connected to the advancement of technology. The invention of technology has given us the telephone, television, internet, social media sites, etc. which has helped us to stay connected.  One such issue is child naming. People living in India, Korea, Italy, or any other country still value the naming ceremony.

Undoubtedly, a child is special and it brings a lot of joy for parents. When you have a baby, it feels like heaven. Your world becomes more beautiful and all of a sudden everything comes back to your baby. It has been observed that parents plan a lot before the birth of a child. Sometimes, they pull out a paper and pen to write the baby name generator. They plan the child’s education and other matters. There are some parents who decide the name of a child after its birth. Many times family members get involved in naming the baby.

In Korea too, the birth of a child is a joyous occasion and parents attach great importance to its naming. You will be surprised to know that both South and North Korea have a very rich and complex cultural heritage with a diverse historical background. Earlier, Korean names were derived from mixed scripts that used Hangul and Hanja.

 Hangul is the Korean alphabet and Hanja is the Chinese alphabet. No other language in the world has used this script except Korean. Another important point to note is that Korea is a male-dominated society and so most Korean male names portray qualities such as power, independence, or ambition whereas female names are more subtle in describing their source of passion, love, beauty, and romance.

 In Korean society, people of a certain ethnicity are considered blood relatives and are not eligible to marry into the same ethnicity. This classification leads to the identification of family names. Many family names still exist. Common Korean titles are Lee, Park, and Kim.

If you research well, you will find that traditional Korean naming practices are based on the name of the generation, meaning that one element (or character) of the child’s name is given its own, unique name, and the other character is given to all other children.  In this way, each child has a name that is unique, yet related. This practice may not be as common in metropolitan areas where families are more isolated or otherwise extended, and it is no longer common in North Korea except among close family members.

Popular Korean names for boys:

Bae – Inspiration

Chin Ho – Precious and righteous

Rust – Respect and affection

Shin – faith, belief, and belief

Kang – strong

Popular Korean names for girls:

Minji – brightness, and wisdom

Ae Sook – Love and Purity

Bong Tea – Superior and Daughter

Cho Hi – beautiful and joyful

Chun Hei – Justice and Grace

If you want to find more Korean baby names, you can log on to a popular baby-naming site. On such sites, you can find both the Korean boy’s name and the Korean girl’s name in alphabetical order, as well as the meaning of the name. You can also find many more features like baby photo contests that you can use to get instant recognition of your baby.

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