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Chinese Plastic Play Toys – Janod Ladders Are a Great Choice

Janod is a French brand specializing in ride on toys, educational toys, and puzzles for children aged between eight to thirteen years. The company is led by Thomas Meissner, who has been a professional trainer in the toy industry for over 35 years. Meissner is also the president of the International Federation of Swing Kids clubs. Janod is distributed in over twenty-five countries worldwide. Their products are ranked among the best toys in the market according to Consumer reports Best Buy and The Sunday Times Best Kids toys.

The janod toys come in various attractive colors and themes to appeal to all children. They are manufactured in the European Union and have gained considerable popularity. In France, a number of toy manufacturers distribute janod toys. All the manufacturing plants in the EU are required to adhere to strict quality standards.

A major appeal of janod wooden toys is their strength and durability. The wooden body is made from strong wood and covered with plastic. Some models feature intricate decorative paint work to make them look like authentic pieces of furniture. Made from only the strongest woods, these wooden toys resist all kinds of rough handling and are long lasting. They do not need any additional storage space as they can be folded easily for easy storage.

Children love traditional toys and the classic wooden toys are not exception. As many children are allergic to some types of plastics, many traditional toys made from wood such as wooden swing sets are made from recycled plastic instead of from new plastic. With the increase in awareness about environmental issues, parents are choosing to give their children more choices in traditional toys made from wood. Wooden toys that are specially designed for little ones’ growth and development are becoming more popular.

Many parents are purchasing hape wood swing sets because of the natural beauty and stability offered by hape wood. Although hape wood may seem more expensive than other wood materials, most parents feel that the expense is worth it in terms of quality and safety. Heco trees grow quickly and they are considered by many to be one of the strongest materials available. Because the wooden toys made from hape are durable and safe, the price of a single piece of wooden hede wood is considerably lower than a set of traditional wooden toys.

Because children spend so much time outside, many experts recommend buying toys that are resistant to the effects of weather and other hazards. Fortunately, China had no such worries when they began producing janod ladders and other outdoor play items in the 1970’s. They used superior quality plastic and wicker material that can withstand exposure to wind, rain and the UV rays of the sun. These materials are free of any plasticizers and they feature an incredible smooth texture and vibrant colors.

Because of China’s ability to produce quality products, prices on their plastic and wooden toys are extremely low. The durability of the materials is another reason that these products sell so well in China. Many parents will attest to the toughness of their children’s toys. Because China uses harsh chemicals, they do not add any dyes or paints to their products. Because they use top quality materials, they also do not use any artificial preservatives or toxic paints.

When searching for toys for your toddler, you may be surprised at how difficult it is to find toys that resist chemicals and are safe for your child. You will be even more overwhelmed when you discover that affordable janod ladders, play boards, and other toys are also widely available. So, start looking for good prices on excellent quality water-based paints and accessories and your search for toys will be a lot easier. As long as you have access to cheap labor, you can enjoy buying great quality Chinese toys without ever worrying about the health of your child.

Lolitta Dozier

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