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Children’s mental disorders sound rare but they are common and serious. Every three of ten children are struggling with serious changes in their emotions, behavior, and their cognitive skills. Over the period of time, they may get worse and exacerbate their mental health. In the developed countries like the USA, nearly 20% of the child’s population is suffering from severe Psychology issues. However, in Pakistan, 34% of children face psychiatry problems between the age of 5 and 12 alone Pakistan. 

Causes of Child Psychology Issues 

Though there are several causes and reasons for why children in Pakistan are suffering from these deadly mental disorders. Some of them are: 

Environmental stress – traumatic events in the patient at an early age, may give rise to mental disorders. 

Abnormal Functioning of the brain – a child’s brain is sensitive to a plethora of factors. The region that are able to process thinking, feelings and monitor behavior can be altered due to brain trauma. 

Hereditary – while this is the major cause. Almost 80% of cases are due to hereditary not only in Pakistan but worldwide. 

While Child Psychologists in Islamabad and other major cities are dealing with the causes so efficiently. 

Most Common Child Psychology Issues

In Pakistan and the countries around the world, some of the most common psychological issues have been addressed in details. Child psychologists in Rawalpindi have made a list of the common mental disorders that have been reported in several hospitals in Pakistan. 

  1. ADHD 

ADHD stands for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Most children in Pakistan are battling ADHD. They find it difficult to concentrate, focus and learn. They often get bored and couldn’t stick to the guidelines. Children with ADHD are peevish and annoyed. They are impulsive, move constantly, can easily get frustrated with the tasks, and give up. Also, the children have trouble in setting themselves in communication and also find it way difficult to maintain an eye-contact. 

  1. Anxiety Disorder 

Anxiety starts damaging the brain at an early age normally in childhood and persists for longer until the later years in life but gets severe if left unattended. Anxiety is characterized as dread, fear, and some physical symptoms including nervousness, sweating, and rapid heartbeat. 

  1. Disruptive Behavior Disorder 

Children often show behavior disorders. They don’t stick to the rules and are disruptive in the environment like academies and schools. They find it hard to responds to the environmental stimuli appropriately and settled down

  1. Learning and communication disorders 

When certain environmental and hereditary stimuli affect the brain, the brain finds it difficult to store and processing information. They forget easily. Also, they could not present their ideas in words and often get anxious in public gatherings. 

  1. Mood Disorders 

Since moods are also controlled by the brain, mental disorders can also cause mood swings. This is also called an effective disorder which causes persistent feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, altered moods, and bipolar disorders. 

The disorders are not only reported in Pakistan but worldwide. Children have been struggling with several symptoms that are being addressed in Pakistan efficiently. If you seem to notice any symptoms in your kid, visit Child Psychologists.

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