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Hello fellow cheer moms! As you all know, elite cheer is a very demanding and stressful sport, especially for us moms in the audience. Clearly it is also super exciting for us too, but over the years I’ve noticed another “issue” it’s created in my life.  Every time my daughter takes the stage, my jumping and clapping makes me leak and pee my pants. So frustrating!! Not only is leaking in a public space embarrassing, but the overpowering urgency I also experience is so it’s inconvenient when I’m dragging my little ones to the bathroom with me over and over and over. One time I actually missed my daughter’s team on stage because I was running to the bathroom! I was so upset with myself. My husband loves to make jokes about “how many times mom will go to the bathroom today” any time we’re out with the kids, and I’m totally over it. If my kids can do a backflip and not pee their pants, how come I can’t? Ok maybe not a backflip, but at least make it to the end of her routine without counting down the seconds till I can rush to the ladie’s room. Right?

UROSPOT to the rescue

A couple of the moms at the gym my daughter cheers told me about UROSPOT.I honestly thought what I was going through was normal, but they said any leaking is a sign of dysfunction in our pelvic floor muscles and we should be getting help.  When I was googling around to try and find more about this place, I kept thinking that my problem wasn’t bad enough to get treatment. I was so wrong. I read so many reviews on their Instagram (@theurospot and from women that were dealing with my exact situation! One review said “I wish I had heard about this sooner, UROSPOT has made me feel 20 years younger and I can finally stop relying on the closest bathroom! I feel like a new woman!” Why did I not know about this place sooner? I mentioned UROSPOT to my OBGYN to get her opinion and she was in agreement with me that this place was legit. I couldn’t believe it when she said that 95% of woman reported a significant quality of life improvement, and 80% eliminated pads. NO PADS? Sounded too good to be true.

The two cheer moms who told me about UROSPOT said that it was the easiest and most dignified treatment they have ever done.  They just sat on the kegel throne and did 11,000 kegels while they watched Netflix.  They also said the staff took so much time to educate them on all things pelvic floor and bladder. 

The verdict

I booked my consultation yesterday and I will definitely keep you all posted on how it goes. Sarah (the receptionist I talked to on the phone) told me I can even use my physiotherapy benefits for treatment! This honestly feels like my birthday or Christmas morning! I can’t wait to see the results!

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