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Cheating spouses in a no-fault divorce state



One of the most common reasons for marriage failure is infidelity. If your spouse has cheated on you, it is only normal that you would want to bring it up in court because you believe it is his or her fault that your marriage has ended. Anyone who discovers their spouse or partner cheating will surely feel upset, angry, confused, and other intense feelings. In fact, discovering that your partner has been unfaithful may be the worst sensation in the world. While you have every right to feel this way, citing infidelity as a fault ground will almost never affect the outcome of your divorce. Because many states are no-fault states, you have the option of citing blame reasons or filing a no-fault divorce.

In most states, no-fault divorce has become the standard, which means that the reason for the divorce is not a factor considered by the court when distributing assets and debts or deciding other aspects of the settlement.   

Does cheating matter to judges? 

According to some statistics, a cheating spouse causes 17 percent of marriages to terminate. Over the course of their careers, divorce attorneys have assisted with infidelity-related divorces on a frequent basis. Women betray for emotional reasons, whilst men cheat mostly for physical reasons.

Cheating is most likely to happen in the first year of marriage, after the birth of the first child, in the seventh year of marriage (the famed seven-year itch), and in middle life.

How cheating matters in no-fault divorce state? 

Adultery has no bearing on your situation and cannot be used against you. There can be an unending array of changes made, many of which coincide with discussions about establishing the affair. These attempts, however, are utterly futile. The court is unconcerned. The court has no authority to make moral decisions. People come to us under the mistaken impression that the court will punish a cheating spouse. They are mistaken. The emotional divorce, not the legal divorce, includes adultery. 

Effects of cheating on no-fault divorce: 

Even though Colorado is a no-fault state, there are times when misconduct, such as adultery, might have an impact on  Colorado divorce. Infidelity has the potential to destroy relationships, and there is frequently no way to recover from it. However, it plays a role in divorce when it has a negative impact on the surrounding conditions. 

Property distribution:

Though its uncommon, property distribution is one area where adultery and cheating in many states may have an impact on divorce. Adultery is rarely mentioned because there is no one to blame. It might be possible in some cases, such as if dishonesty was a direct cause of financial difficulties. For example, the court may take this into account if:

An affair may have featured extravagant presents, racked up large hotel bills, or contributed to other financial difficulties.  

Effects of cheating on custody: 

If a person’s parenting capacity is harmed as a result of an affair, such as forgetting to pick up your child from band practice because you are otherwise “involved,” this might affect child custody choices.  It might be possible to show that an affair is a symptom of a bigger pattern of neglect.

  • Did your ex choose adultery over parental responsibilities on a regular basis?
  • Instead of attending your child’s birthday party, did they shack up in a hotel room?
  • If you can establish that infidelity led to poor parenting decisions, the court may take that into account when making child custody decisions.

Effects of cheating on alimony payments: 

Because of some state’s  no-fault divorce laws, spousal support is another area where adultery may play a role in your divorce. It’s also another area where demonstrating the tangible impact is tough. It may apply if you can show that infidelity directly caused an unreasonable financial strain. During an affair, your spouse may have depleted your savings or racked up significant credit card debt. When deciding on spousal support, the court will most likely take this into account.

They may also consider considerable emotional pain as a result of adultery. However, it must be serious in this scenario, such as affecting one’s ability to get or keep a job. 

No-fault divorce arguments: 

Suicide rates and domestic violence events are frequently cited by proponents of no-fault divorce. Both of them were dropped in states that had adopted this method.

Outside parties, such as the courts, should not be able to assess whether a person has genuine reasons for wanting out of a marriage, according to them. Even if your husband does not want to divorce, the fact that you want out should be enough. 

Opposition to no-fault divorce: 

Opponents claim that no-fault divorce diminishes marriage’s fundamental value. That by making it simpler to end a marriage, the importance of the married tie is diminished.

Another source of dispute is that the individual who petitions for divorce is frequently the one who is genuinely at fault. An abuser or dishonest spouse can end a marriage in these instances with no repercussions. There are a plethora of reasons why marriages and relationships fail. It’s as long as the reasons for people getting married in the first place. Abuse, infidelity, and financial difficulties are just a few of the most typical reasons. However, sometimes people simply grow apart or have different desires. 

Final Verdict: 

So, why is there no-fault? Because the other spouse is not required to dispute the issue of fault, the divorce cannot be stopped. Consider this: if you must prove fault in order to get a divorce, and your spouse does not want to get divorced, they may prevent you from divorcing them by convincing a judge that there was an insufficient fault to warrant a divorce. “There is no culpability, so there is no legal foundation for us to be divorced,” the other spouse would claim. All property and debt accumulated over the course of a marriage—including both spouses’ income—is deemed to be “community property” that must be divided in a “fair and equitable” way by the trial judge. Even though the spouse is cheating still you can’t file against him/her, until you prove that this thing harmed you.

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Why Truck Driver Fatigue Causes Serious Problems



Truck driver fatigue poses a danger everywhere they go. They cause problems when driving through tight, narrow streets where other drivers may have no room to maneuver.

The Dangers Caused by Fatigued Truck Drivers

Fatigued truck drivers cause hundreds of fatalities in the United States through deadly road accidents each year.  The size of their vehicles makes drowsy truck drivers even more dangerous to the other vehicles sharing the road with them.

These are some of the main problems caused by drowsiness:

Fatigued truck drivers may not react to changing conditions

The conditions on roads are subject to change at any time. Truck drivers need to react accordingly when these changes occur, be it when they encounter a driver who suddenly brakes or navigating on an icy patch on the road. Fatigue may cause truck drivers to have slow reflexes, which makes it difficult to keep up with the conditions around them on the road.

Fatigued drivers fail to notice their surroundings

Drowsiness makes it difficult for truck drivers to keep up with the moving traffic around them. Truck drivers need to keep track of other vehicles on the road with them. They have to be alert and mindful of their trucks to ensure they keep their cargo as safe as possible.

Tunnel vision is also another impact of fatigue on truck drivers. This means drivers may lose sensory alertness from anything but what takes place directly in front of them.

Fatigued drivers often drift out of their lanes

While crossing between lanes, fatigued drivers often let their vehicles wander between lanes. Drifting into another lane without paying attention may cause serious problems because most trucks do not have extra room to maneuver in between lanes. They often cause head-on collisions and side-wipe collisions.

Fatigued drivers may be dazed

Since they spend many hours on the road, truck drivers may become dazed and drive without concentrating, it makes it impossible for them to navigate their truck safely on the road. Fatigued drivers often drive in a haze, and are unable to think clearly while driving. This makes them not able to adjust to challenges or respond quickly to threats that may lead to accidents.

Drowsiness increases poor decision-making.

Fatigued truck drivers may experience symptoms of extreme fatigue that mimic those of intoxication. They may struggle to make safe choices or worse, not realize that they need to pull off the road, whether to take a rest or find a safe place to sleep for the night.

This may also mean that they will take more chances and resort to speeding to reach their destinations as fast as possible before running out of the hours they’re legally allowed to spend on the road. Fatigued drivers may also ignore safety precautions which may, in turn, lead to raising the risk of accidents happening on the road.

Having an attorney by your side if a fatigued truck driver injures you in an accident can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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How To Build A Strong Personal Injury Case




A personal injury lawyer is a professional who specializes in helping people who another’s negligence has injured. Whether through a car accident, slip and fall, or other acts of negligence and carelessness, this professional attorney will help you file a lawsuit against the party in question and see that they are held responsible for their actions. A personal injury lawyer is a precious resource in this regard and can help you get the compensation you need.

10 Ways to Build A Strong Personal Injury Case

Knowing the ins and outs of personal injury law can build a strong case for your own needs. A professional lawyer can help you along the way, but here are seven tips that you can use to make a strong case yourself.

1. Find Witnesses

The more witnesses you have to confirm the details about your accident, the stronger your case will be for compensation. It includes the event itself and what happened before and after. It shows the circumstances of your injuries, how you were injured, and how you were treated afterward.

2. Check for Fault

You can build a robust case with little or no evidence by checking for fault. You will only use this if you have limited or no witness support or other evidence. However, it is still essential to understand who is at fault before conversing with an attorney.

3. Compel Documents and Statements

If your injuries do not cause you physical pain, this is more of a mental thing. However, you can still use this to your advantage by obtaining statements from doctors, police officers, and even the other party’s insurance company filing the claim. It shows them that you want something to be done that they should be legally required to do.

4. Control the Litigation

It refers to being aware of what you are putting into your complaint and the statement of claims. The more detailed you are, the more compelling the case will be in court. A personal injury lawyer would suggest using complete sentences instead of bullet points and descriptive words instead of abbreviations to describe everything that happened.

5. Collect Important Documents

It would be best to have medical records, police reports, and other vital information to build a strong case. It is more important than most people realize. However, it may not be easy to get this information due to confidentiality issues or the fact that you were only asked to sign an accident form and did not have time to read it at the time of your accident thoroughly. Your injury lawyer will help you do this if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself.

6. Secure All Evidence

Specific evidence will be good to have, but you will also want to secure it if you need it later on. It is an essential part of building a solid case, and your injury lawyer can help you with this. Getting certain information, such as a medical bill, can be challenging because of patient confidentiality and other issues.

7. Gather the Facts

It is essential to build a solid personal injury case because you need all of the facts about your accident if you want to win. It would be best if you attempted to be as thorough as possible. It includes contacting witnesses, police officers, and any other person who may know about your accident to build your case.

8. Know Your Law

It is essential to understand your state’s laws on personal injury to build a strong case. It is one thing that any personal injury lawyer would do for you if they were hired as your counsel.

9. Gain Support as Soon as Possible

It is an integral part of the process because you need to have the support of a personal injury lawyer in your case right away so that they can begin to work on it and get ready for trial. You should find a lawyer who you trust and who understands what you’re going through, even if it takes a few weeks before getting started.

10. Realize Your Rights

A personal injury lawyer is a professional who is good at what they do, which means they know the ins and outs of the law. Remembering your rights when in court can be intimidating, but it is essential to know them to use them to your advantage.


It is important to remember that a personal injury lawyer should always be your first step because they know the law and will help guide you through the process if you need it. However, you should still do your part by compiling evidence, building a solid case, and understanding all of the specifics of your accident so that you are ready in case there are any questions. For more information, check on

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How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Take in Georgia?



Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you may be wondering how long it takes to file a lawsuit. The key is to prove that the other party was at fault for the accident. To do this, you’ll need to gather evidence and build your case within the statute of limitations for motorcycle accident claims. This is generally two years for injuries and four years for property damage. Once you’ve completed this process, you’ll have two options: accept the settlement offer or reject it. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the professional attorneys of Dozier Law Firm today.

First, make sure you get medical care immediately after the accident. Make sure to tell your doctor about the nature and extent of your injuries. Even if your injuries aren’t immediately noticeable, they may take some time to manifest. Medical records that link to the motorcycle accident will be vital to your claim. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you must wait for the medical treatment to manifest. Once you’ve sought medical attention, you should make sure that you keep a copy of your medical records.

The statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents varies from state to state, but in general, you have two years to file a claim. This period is different for each state, but in general, it takes at least a year to build a strong case. To make sure your claim is filed within time, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer today. If you don’t file your claim within this timeframe, you may forfeit your right to seek financial recovery.

If you file a motorcycle accident lawsuit in Georgia, you have to provide notice of your claim within two years of the accident. If the other party is responsible for the accident, your attorney can file a personal injury lawsuit against them or against the driver’s insurance company. During this time, your attorney will gather evidence to present at trial. Then, the court will hear your claim and determine the best course of action.

If you’re suffering from a serious injury, you’ll need to consult an attorney immediately. You may need to be out of work for a time period, and your medical bills may begin to pile up. A motorcycle accident lawsuit can take a few years to settle, depending on its complexity and the severity of the injuries. Therefore, it’s important to hire a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible to maximize your recovery and compensation.

Many motorcycle accident victims are left feeling confused, angry, and frustrated. But they don’t have to wait until they’re fully recovered to start a lawsuit. Many accident lawyers offer free case evaluations, home visits, or hospital visits. Many lawyers are also willing to visit you in the hospital to discuss your situation. It’s crucial to find a lawyer who is familiar with your case and can provide you with the right legal counsel.

When filing a lawsuit, you’ll have to establish that the other party was at fault for the accident. You’ll also need to prove how much money you lost due to the accident, including medical expenses and lost wages. In addition to the financial loss you’ll incur, you’ll also need to show that you suffered emotional and psychological pain. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are intended to punish the party who committed egregious behavior.

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Asking House Prices in London Are Rising Across All Boroughs



The house asking prices in London have been rising in April 2022, across all the boroughs hitting a new record high. The average house asking price is now £677,110.

According to a recent report by Rightmove, the annual house asking price has risen by 6.6%. This shows an increase of 1.9% from March.

Most homebuyers and property investors are now moving to the capital market after two years of dampened interest brought by the Covid-19 restrictions.

Which is the most expensive place to live in London?

According to the borough data, Chelsea and Kingston show the highest annual hike. The property prices in these locations are rising by 13.8% to £1.74 million. This is one of the most expensive places to live in London.

The return of wealthy international property buyers to the London property market comes from the increasing demand for the royal borough’s multi-million homes.

Dagenham and Barking are some of the most affordable of London City’s boroughs in the east. The average asking price in this side of the country has gone up by 10% to £365,907.

Other boroughs witnessing double-figure house price growth include Merton, Havering, Bromley, Sutton, and central Westminster.

Havering is likely to be the most enticing location to live in the city. The property prices in this location have risen by 11.3% but remain at a comparatively affordable rate of £475,150. Sutton is also another place you should look forward to buying a property with the prices up by 11.2% to £540,305.

Prices have only been increasing in most of the London borough. Ealing in the west is one of the locations that has witnessed a decrease of 0.9% in the house asking prices since March 2022. However, the asking prices in this location are 4.1% high annually.

The slowest asking price growth of 0.7% has been witnessed in Lambeth. The average home is worth £661,069 in this part of the city. In Brent, the growth has also been sluggish at 2.8%. Other places with slow growth include Camden (3.3%) and Fulham (3%).

The rising UK house prices

 The national UK house prices have increased for another third consecutive month. The current house asking price in the UK is up by 9.9% from last year to £36,101. The £19,082 price jump witnessed in the last three months is one of the largest price increases.

Properties in the UK are achieving a 98.9% of their asking price, as shown by the fast speed of sales across the county. At least 53% of the property is selling at the final advertised cost.

Take advantage of the seller’s market.

This is the time to take advantage of the sellers’ market. The UK house prices seem to be rising slowly as expected because of the economic headwinds like the inflated cost of living and the increasing interest rates. This month’s 1.6% increase in property price is one of the lowest compared to the last two months.

We can also predict a monthly price fall over the summer, but this will not be that significant because of the outspread demand-supply imbalance. Most homeowners are not likely to list their homes for sale because of the high market competition among buyers.

However, this is the time you should take advantage of the seller’s market. You should secure a quick sale or purchase because it is less stressful than a slower house market.

Get an online conveyancer when selling or buying London property 

If you’re planning to sell or buy property in the UK, you should seek help from a licensed online conveyancing solicitors in London. The advantage of getting help from an online conveyance is that you speed up the process.

You can reach out to the conveyancer at any time. There is no need for a face-to-face meeting with your conveyancer because you have the entire team at your disposal.

You escape the heavy filing and paperwork when you have all your conveyancing done online. You can opt for AVRillo conveyancing services the next time you plan to buy property in the UK. They also offer conveyancing services in Oxford and other areas of the UK.

Final Thoughts 

The house asking prices in the UK have been on the rise for the last three months. This has been brought about by inflation and imbalance in the demand and supply of houses in most boroughs. When buying property in London, you should research widely and find a competitive price.

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Most Common Truck Accidents on Highways and Interstates



It is common to see dozens of large trucks traveling on nearby highways and interstates every day as part of your regular commute. These trucks are an essential part of the North American supply chain, delivering common goods to local stores and shops to meet consumer demand.

But these trucks, if not properly operated, can also represent a significant safety risk to motorists who share the roads with them. If drivers are negligent, or if trucks are in disrepair or if companies that own the trucks disregard safety regulations, these trucks can be dangerous and deadly on the road.

The number of trucks on the road continues to increase, with Canada recording 324,200 truck drivers in 2021, up from 300,000 a year earlier, according to The massive size of the trucks these drivers take on the road makes them more dangerous, along with the large loads they can carry that weigh tens of thousands of pounds. An accident with one of these trucks can result in significant damage and catastrophic injuries, even death.

Motorists need to pay attention to the road around them and be particularly vigilant around large trucks, particularly those carrying large loads. Here are some of the most common accidents these large trucks are involved in while traveling North American highways and interstates.


This type of accident typically happens when a truck driver hits the brakes hard and suddenly on a big rig. This can lead to the cab of the truck sliding into a 90-degree angle with the truck’s trailer. The heavily loaded trailer is slammed against the cab as the weight being carried shifts inside the trailer.


The height of these big trucks, along with the heavy loads they carry, can lead to a rollover at times when the driver loses control of the vehicle. The truck will slide, tip over on its side and roll, sometimes colliding with nearby vehicles during the accident. These types of accidents can occur during stormy weather.


These big trucks have numerous wheels, in many cases 18 wheels. When those tires blowout, this can make the truck difficult to maneuver. Some drivers will lose control of the truck, while others may be able to navigate to a shoulder. Even if the blowouts do not lead to a loss of control, the tires or remnants can fly off the truck and collide with other vehicles on the highway or cause accidents as vehicles try to avoid the big rubber pieces of the tire.

Lost Load

Another major cause of accidents is the shifting or loss of a load on a big truck. This lost load can collide with other vehicles on the road. A load that has not been properly secured can also cause an imbalance that can lead to the loss of control of the truck by the driver.

Wide Turn

Some less experienced truck drivers will attempt to swing the big rig through a wide turn, at times blocking or colliding with nearby traffic or even pedestrians that the driver never saw. These turns can also trap adjacent vehicles and pedestrians.

Under Ride

The sudden and complete stop of a big truck can be disastrous for vehicles traveling behind it. Such abrupt stops can leave little time for the driver in the vehicle behind the truck to react. In some cases, smaller vehicles traveling behind the truck can slam right under the truck’s trailer. These accidents can be fatal for passengers in the smaller vehicle.

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