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Technology advancement is something everyone wants to be informed about to stay abreast with new trends. However, there’s a price tag for you to remain on the internet, hence the need to be economical. So, where do you start? If you are looking for affordable internet perks, we compiled this article for you –read on for some of the best service providers. 

Economical internet plans

Here are some of the cheapest unlimited internet deals for you.

1. Spintel National Broadband Network unlimited

Spintel provides unlimited basic 1(12/1) deal that goes for 49.95 per month. However, this deal is discounted in the first six months of purchase, and a user pays $30.95. In addition, this package has an evening speed of 12 Mbps.

2. Aussie broadband

Aussie broadband’s National Broadband Network deal goes for $ 60 with an evening speed of 86 Mbps. Apart from this internet package, it has several plans like unlimited casual and unlimited every day that customers can choose from. In addition, Aussie broadband comes with a simple arrangement, reliable connection, and dedicated customer service. Moreover, customers don’t pay installation fees, and they have an alternative to buy their modems. 

3. Flip 

Flip offers a range of internet packages like unlimited NBN 12 internet that costs $50 every month and a National Broadband Network (NBN) 25 that goes for $54.90. These deals are accessible monthly, and Flip offers a discount of $10.90 on their plans in the first six months of purchase thus, NBN 12 will cost $44,NBN 25 for $54, and NBN 50 for $69. Flip speeds range from 12-100 Mbps.

4. Kogan 

Kogan offers unlimited National Broadband Network plans like standard plus, premium evening speed tires, and standard. Its plans are provided every month, and a customer is allowed to have their modems, or they can buy a pre-configured machine at the cost of $69.

Kogan offers discounts on all their plans in the first six months of purchase, and these offers are open till they are withdrawn. 

5. TPG

Users can subscribe to use TPG deals monthly or choose the six-month package. The monthly package comes with standard TPG membership comprising of a Wi-Fi modem. Members who prefer the six-month plan can enjoy a $99.95 waiver setup fee on their contract. 

However, choosing the monthly option gives you an upper hand for a higher waiver fee if you have the NBO modem. TPG has multiple speed tiers you can choose from, including NBN 100, NBN 50, NBN 25, and NBN12. 

New subscribers can enjoy a 10% discount if they opt for the six-month deal under the National Broadband Network 100. However, it means that you will pay $79.99 every month. Note that various providers will charge you differently depending on the plan you choose. 


With many internet service providers offering internet services, there’s a need to choose one that suits your needs. You can weigh some of your options as per this article and find one that will still meet your needs without paying more than you intend. 

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