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The tyre industry has transformed the automotive industry by 360° as these products made by tyre manufacturers are the most important part of every vehicle. This ring shaped components surrounding the rim of the vehicle are extremely crucial for the car to move forward and one has to be cautious while choosing the right ones for their automobiles. Many factors have pushed the market skywards, as increasing automobile production and ever-growing sales of automobiles across the globe have pushed this sector to its optimum levels. Many new players have stepped in to capitalize on this growing market by improving their manufacturing technology, which is driving the global tyre market to newer heights.

There are numerous established brands which have taken over the industry in their own way, with some reaching global standards with their products being exported worldwide. One such brand which has come up and disrupted the wheels and tyres industry big time Ozzy Tyres, a name which has emerged as the most sought after brands around this sector which has doubled its sales in recent times owing to their extraordinary product range right from rims to wheels to tyres, all of world-class quality, the reason it has caught the fancy of many automobile owners not only in Australia where it is based but also in neighboring countries where its products are ordered via its online shop.

Ozzy Tyres is owned by Hussein Chahine who has brought his family business to the next level by implementing technological advances like online shop which has helped push sales to a great extent. He says that he has never shied away from taking risks and going in for the online portal for the best decision made to get the business to the next level. Apart from establishing the online shop for his brand, the offline stores also take utmost care in providing the best services to those who walk in. His trained staff make sure every customer that walks in are given the best guidance which helps them decide on the right tyres and wheels tha would suit their vehicle best. He beleives in order to reach the next level, you need to take risks, and that’s what he’s been doing since the day he took over the complete ownership of the company which was run by his family.

Having been in the industry for more than two decades, Ozzy Tyres has built its strong presence in the market and has now gone a step ahead by establishing its digital store which covers its entire range and customers can order their preferred products at the click of a button. Ozzy Tyres have become the fastest growing brand in the wheel and tyre space, having established a network of more than 3,000 sellers, spread across 60 cities, which quite impressive. Their range includes wheels, rims, alloy wheels and mag wheels which are available in black, hyper black, 4×4, off-road and on-road for vehicles like Hilux, Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, Ford Ranger, Euro, JDM etc. They also have a wide range of 4×4 black wheels designed for all terrains for Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara. These are aggressively designed with beadlock for added safety.

Ozzy Tyres have been successful in building a wide customer base via their market credibility owing to their top-notch products which have never failed to perform in the toughest of terrains, under the most unfavorable conditions, and that’s what makes them shine bright amidst such competitive market which has many players vying to get their piece of pie. The team at Ozzy Tyres are well experienced and understand the requirements of each of their clients, guiding them rightly where required. There are various factors that help in deciding the right products according to the experts at Ozzy Tyres which include budget, terrain utility, vehicle make and much more which helps the customers zero down the best that can work out for them.

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