Cheap car rental in Dubai

We provide both tourists and residents with the widest selection of cars to rent. Whether you are looking for an economy car, a luxury car or an SUV, we have a vehicle for every occasion and every budget. In fact, our fleet consists of over several vehicles from leading budget and luxury brands such as Nissan, Audi, Toyota and Mercedes, among others. This gives us great pride as we not only provide our customers with high quality vehicles, but we also offer specialized rent a car Dubai services and have a no hidden fees policy.

We are responsible for safety

Every vehicle in our inventory is carefully checked and serviced to ensure the safety of its passengers. We can also customize your vehicle and make it perfect for any event with features such as child booster seats, GPS, and even conditions such as additional drivers on rented vehicles. Besides our cheap car rental service, we provide car rental services for both personal and business travel within Dubai.

Why rent a car in Dubai

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or frequent business trips, renting a car will help you get rid of all the travel hassles that you may encounter in the Emirate. We enable our customers to choose from a lot of car rental brands and also provide free pick up and drop off services along with our services. In fact, customers can immediately rent a car when leaving the airport. Listed are some of the main reasons why customers trust us as their car rental service providers.

First class service

We prioritize customer service and review it regularly to exceed expectations. From a hassle-free car rental booking process and we’re always ready to answer all your inquiries.

Lowest prices in Dubai

We pride ourselves on offering one of the lowest rental rates on the market when compared to other car rental companies. We also often run promotions where you can get the car you want at even lower prices.

Drop off anywhere in Dubai

If you would like to pick up your vehicle from the airport or any other location in the Emirate, customers can use our free Dubai transfer service.

Roadside assistance

Whether it’s a flat tire or a flat battery, if your rental car runs into any problem, our friendly and courteous technical team will be ready to help you get back on the road.

Our rent a car Dubai services

At Quick Lease Car Rentals, we purchase vehicles from the world’s most renowned car brands. Not only do we offer a wide variety of vehicles, but we also give customers the ability to customize them with gadgets such as Bluetooth, power windows, child seats and more. Moreover, as our name suggests, we offer a fast and efficient solution for your travels in Dubai. Whether it is a day or an extended period, customers can be guaranteed to receive the best price for their rental car of their choice.

Short term plan

From daily plans to weekly plans, we pride ourselves on offering short-term car rentals for a wide variety of occasions. Customers can easily select any of the vehicles listed in our inventory as part of our daily and weekly car rental plans.

Monthly plan

Whatever your car rental requirements, if you need a car for the long term, we have the solution. We have expanded our monthly car rental service for both UAE residents and tourists

Long term plan Whether it’s a small city car for smooth movement through the busy streets of Dubai, or something more dramatic; our long term rent a car Dubai plans will help make your trip to the Emirate even more comfortable.

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