Chandelier Can Be the Best Contemporary Lighting Option for You

Undoubtedly, you cannot deny the fact that lighting in space changes the whole ambiance. Be it different color and warmth, or design of the lighting fixture, one look and you would be awestruck if it is the right choice. For many years, chandeliers have always been a hit if you want to give your room an extra oomph or luxurious appearance. Even for a contemporary design house, you would get many types of chandeliers that enhance your space.

Here, we would discuss various chandelier ideas that would help you choose the right chandelier. You should know that a beautiful design doesn’t indicate that the chandelier would look good in your area. Sofary has varieties of crystal chandelier ideas for every area of your house, starting from foyers, living areas, dining room to bedrooms and bathrooms. They can even guide you on the right size and provide custom services.

How Does A Chandelier Benefit You?

For grabbing the attention of visitors and give them an unforgettable first impression, a showstopper chandelier is all you need. All the accessories, furniture, and other decorations in the room should comply with the lighting and create a unique atmosphere. Sometimes the chandelier can highlight a countertop or centerpiece, drawing people’s attention to that particular area.

With today’s technology, you can get chandeliers in different colors, materials, and light dimming switches. You would cover both functionality and appearance in one product. Moreover, you can always experiment with different styles of chandeliers in a contemporary house. You can also shift from chrome or monotone to rustic designs accentuating the overall look of the room.

What Are the Options You Can Choose?

It is tricky to decide on suitable lighting among so many options available in the market. Let’s check out some of the available chandelier lightings –

  • Foyer chandelier – People often do not fix any elaborate lighting in this area. However, you can make a dramatic statement with a chandelier here. If the space is narrow or the ceiling doesn’t permit a large chandelier, go for ceiling mounts or pendant lights.
  • Living room – Your living space is where you entertain visitors and often relax with your family. Depending on the available area, you can either choose something luxurious or something simple but stylish. You can also add a standing lamp where necessary.
  • Dining Room – This is a space where you would want to fix a gorgeous or comforting chandelier. A crystal chandelier would fit any modern dining area. You can also try a farmhouse or antique style.
  • Hallways – Hallways are mostly narrow spaces with low ceilings. Flush mounts are the right choice for this area.

Things to Remember

  • You have to compare whether the height and width of the chandelier match the available area.
  • The chandelier should not overpower other elements of the room.
  • It must conform to the overall design concept of the area.

When buying chandeliers for your modern house, you don’t have to follow the norms strictly. You have to keep the mentioned points in mind, and the rest would depend on your aesthetics.

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