Challenging Business Website Translation: 5 Points

If you want to explore a new market and promote your company or products abroad, translating your business website is required for obvious reasons. To reach your target audience correctly, it is necessary to transform such content well, preserve all its peculiarities, and avoid mistakes. Transcription services also may be required or making your translated website completed. Transcriberry has prepared a lot of the most important things to consider while arranging the business website translation. 

1. Applying Proper Terms

While dealing with any business content, it is crucial to explore the correct meaning of each word or term used. The core aspect here is to ensure that the essence of each term has been preserved in the translated equivalents. Even one misspelled or incorrectly translated term can make it worse for the overall content. So, to arrange the process well, it is necessary to shortlist all terms that may require special attention. To make all translations well, it is compulsory to shortlist all vocabularies that may be helpful. If you have any special guidance in this regard, such have to be also considered. Having your own glossary is also good and can help translators to do things as you wish. Perhaps, you already have the practice of applying some terms. Provide those materials to your translation professionals.

2. Dealing with Difficult Phrases and Words

Sometimes it is necessary to put extra effort into making the translated text readable. Each language has its own clichés that cannot be translated directly to other languages. If you attempt doing so, it is possible to get rude and difficult to read word constructions. So, picking the equivalents in other languages close to meaning to the original phrases is required in this case. In some cases, there cannot be equivalents in other languages for the words used. In this case, a more descriptive approach may work well.

Phrases may become difficult to translate if they deal with irony or sarcasm. It is necessary to preserve the original meaning of those. But, it is also necessary to translate those not in a rude way too. This is to prevent offending your foreign target audience, and this is a point of crucial importance, as you may notice. If you enter a new market, you only start building your reputation. You risk building a bad one because of improper translation and the same promotion. Such risks should be prevented for sure.

3. Adapting Your Business Content to Each Location Where It Has to Be Used

This matter becomes especially relevant for creative and promotional materials. For instance, some words cannot sound offensive in one language but may appear so in other languages. Using some phrases, like idioms, may be very risky. Slang may be appropriate only in certain cases, for instance, if you are going to promote your product to young people. Still, it should be used appropriately. Otherwise, the mistake can have adverse consequences.

While dealing with various locations, it is necessary to take into account various local peculiarities. First of all, it is important to consider the style – how your translated text is arranged. For instance, some nations prefer short sentences, others (who like chatting a lot) – prefer detailed and long sentences. It is also necessary to consider how your text is arranged on the website. Another aspect is the design for your text – what color you use and images you insert to illustrate any statements that appear in your text (those should also be appropriate). Also, it is extremely important to consider local requirements while making your translations. For instance, some phrases may appear as misleading advertisements and create risks. Such things should be prevented. The last basic aspect we want to emphasize is formatting – it is necessary to use correct date and time formats, addresses, currencies, phone numbers, and units of measures. 

4. Troubles with Audio or Video Content

Let’s say you have amazing video or audio content related to your company or product (this is especially important for a product). Will you leave those in the original language? Will that work well for your future reviewers and maybe customers? We don’t think so. There is a solution about how to make this content available to a greater number of users. 

Transcription services may help you with that. Converting audio to text and video to text and adding content transcribed to your website may work more than well for busy people that can be twice better. This content you may also translate easily to any other language and make it available to a greater number of reviewers. The good news is that you may assign that routine transcription job to professionals and focus on doing other, more inspiring things.

5. Keeping Your Website Updated

If you launch a couple of versions in different languages, it is necessary to take care of keeping such versions up-to-date. The best approach here is reflecting changes that appear in the original version of this website in all other versions too.

Final Words

We suggest you apply all these mentioned approaches for preserving the essence of your original content while translating it, making them more accurate and accessible. Quality translation and transcription services may help a lot with that routine while you DoFollow your business goals.

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