Cell phone tracker to track

Cell phone tracker to track android devices without permissions

Isn’t that unethical to secretly watch someone’s private things? Is it not illegal to spy on others’ confidential or personal data? It’s truly not acceptable. But in a few of the cases, where we have a threat of loss, danger, or any worry, we can pick the spying way.

More precisely, parents and employers are the two principal characters who can ethically and legally track their kids’ and employees’ activities. Parents can do being a guardian, and an employer can be by being an owner. As we have been going through an advanced digital world, it becomes the need for time to monitor their data.

To meet the need, the best spying software maker company, namely TheOneSpy, introduced a smart Spying App for Android phones. A user can track a targeted person from miles’ distance without leaving any clue. Let’s deep dive into it to get to know about this best cell phone tracking App features.

TheOneSpy Android Mobile Tracker App

World’s top-ranked and highly in demand app that has been the ideal one among clients. It completely remains hidden on targeted phones and tracks every activity from the device. It catches every action and transfers on the user’s cloud account. It doesn’t affect targeted person data and performs each spying function with 100% secrecy.

It proves to be very helpful when a targeted person deletes the most secret information quickly. TOS Panel keeps the long record of data according to the subscription package and facilitates the user by all manners in living a peaceful life.

Features of TOS Android Mobile Tracker

This rich app is loaded with completely hidden and highly reliable features. Look at some of them below.

GPS Location Tracker:

This one performs multiple functions such as tracking route, pinpoint location, marks restricted & unrestricted areas and map history recording.

SMS Tracker:

It spies on all incoming and outgoing text messages with their exact time and date.

Live Screen Recorder:

On activating this feature, the user can keep an eye on all activities performed by a targeted person on their mobile screen.

Multimedia tracker:

TOS cell phone tracker app’s multimedia tracking function keeps the record of all captured, shared, and deleted files, pictures, and videos as well.

Password Tracker:

It quickly chases both pattern & digital password that the user enters or set on any app/function in a mobile phone.

Browsing History Tracker:

It tracks all the visited sites, searched content, saved and downloaded material.

Screen Recorder:

WE don’t have enough time to track multiple people all day, so this feature automatically performs the screen recording function. All you need is to activate it for specific activities.

Email Tracker:

It’s a most critical function that helps out the people from huge loss. If any confidential information is going to share with an unknown, so the user can remotely make it impossible.

The value provided by TheOneSpy to its Users

  • TOS facilitates its users by helping in following manners.
  • 24/7 live Customer Support Service
  • Remotely blocking options
  • Data history providing the feature
  • Special Discount Offers
  • Compatible with all Android Versions

How does TOS Cell Phone Tracker facilitate Parents and Employers?

By adding crazy tracking features, TOS made it far convenient for parents and employers to spy on their kids and workers’ digital data.

Parents can prevent their growth and adult kids from unethical activities and the bad company of friends as well. They can find out their kids’ weak points and build a trustworthy relationship by keeping their condition in mind. In short, parents have the best magic in the form of TOS that they can keep their kids on the right path.

On the other hand, employers can also have a sharp eye on their employee’s hidden activities. It helps to make sure that nobody is cheating in any way to the company. Besides that, management can more efficiently track individuals’ performance to appreciate the desiring ones.


The best cell phone spy app that provides entirely ethical supervision. Now, you can freely track your loved ones and workers’ secret digital activities to evaluate their performance timely. Without any limit of distance and time, track the targeted person with no limit.