CBD- a potential cure for lyme disease

It is a fact that CBD has the potential to relieve pain [2] without causing intoxication or addiction, and this feature has made it more tempting for all the medicine experts out there. Because of its miraculous pain relieving properties, numerous lyme disease patients are using CBD to deal with the pain and other symptoms. Lyme disease causes fever, fatigue, skin rash, and headache and CBD is gaining more attention in regard to its beneficial outcomes for this disease.

The generally accepted treatment for lyme disease is through antibiotics and they are used to reduce the symptoms too. The antibiotic treatments work well for many patients but for some the symptoms still remain. There are various symptoms such as sleep disorders, depression, assorted neurological disorders, and chronic pain. Lyme patients have experienced good results with CBD and thus we are considering it as a potential cure for lyme disease.

Can CBD be used for treating lyme disease?

Most medical experts prefer the pharmaceutical treatment for diseases such as Lyme disease. However, studies have shown that CBD can also be considered as a good treatment option. According to a 2008 study, cannabis was very effective against the ‘antibiotic resistant’ strain of MRSA. In this study the researchers noted CBD has strong antibacterial potential.

After interviewing some lyme disease patients, the researchers found that there was reduction in symptoms caused by the lyme disease. One patient said that she used to experience seizures due to lyme disease, and after taking CBD they stopped completely. This isn’t surprising as CBD has anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help lessen the symptoms of seizures.

CBD is now considered as an effective option for treating various infections and as compared to THC, it treats infections and manages chronic pains in a better way. The CBD oil is one of the best forms of medication as compared to tinctures, ointments, and smokable forms. This is because inhaling CBD can lead to adverse effects such as immunosuppression. Some experts also advice the lyme patients to use just CBD medication and not use antibiotics while treating lyme disease.

What are the symptoms of lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a progressive one and thus it is divided into three stages; early localized, early disseminated, and late disseminated. In the first stage, the symptoms start occurring one or two weeks after the bite. The second stage is several weeks after the bite and the third stage is when the disease is untreated through the previous stages. Apart from these symptoms, some people also develop PTLDs. Following are the symptoms of the lyme disease:

Mild symptoms

·         Chills

·         Fever

·         Rash

·         Bulls-eye pattern around bite

·         Body aches

·         Headache

·         Fatigues

·         Swollen lymph nodes

·         Joint and muscle stiffness

Severe symptoms

·         Confusion

·         Facial paralysis

·         Stiff neck

·         Nervous system issues

·         Anxiety and depression

·         Swollen and painful joints

·         Severe headaches (meningitis)

·         Abnormal sensations in limbs

5 big influences of CBD on lyme disease:

There is no specific research that states the effects of CBD oil on lyme disease, but we have heard a lot from lyme disease patients that it causes relief and reduces the symptoms. Also, there are studies that prove that CBD fights viruses, bacteria, and fungi and this characteristic helps in fighting lyme disease to a great extent. Following are some big influences of CBD oil on lyme disease:

1.       CBD oil can lower the muscle tension and provides relief from stress and nervousness.

2.       There are indications that CBD oil can lessen the pain caused by lyme disease. If you have lyme disease, you can use CBD oil and if you don’t have this disease, you can use this oil as a natural supplement by adding it to your diet.

3.       CBD oil plays an important role in enhancing the bowel regulating effect and also improve bone growth.

4.       CBD also acts as antioxidant and helps the body to get rid of the free radicals.

5.       CBD helps in women who face mood swings and hormonal imbalance during menstruation and those who suffer from cold hands and weaknesses.

6.       Various viral infections come with bacteria too and CBD helps in combating them. Apart from this, cannabinoid also improves the immune system and keep the endo-cannabinoid system balanced.

7.       According to Health Canal article, CBD oil helps in treating nausea too which is very helpful because most infectious diseases cause nausea.

How to take CBD for treating lyme?

Cannabis is available in a variety of forms; pills, oil, spray, drops, creams, lotions, and more. You can use the drops and sprays in your mouth directly. Different forms of CBD have different times to produce effect and the duration of stay in the body also varies. Following are some delivery methods and their effects:

·         Smoke or vapor: Take around 90 seconds to 30 minutes to take effect and stay in the body for around 2 to 3 hours.

·         Pills, drops and oil: Take around 30 minutes to 6 hours to take effect and stay in the body for around 4 to 12 hours.

Though it also varies from person to person, the delivery method also affects the duration. If you’re new to cannabis, you must start with a very low dose of cannabis based on the delivery method. You have to be careful when you’re taking edibles as it takes 1.5 hours or more for them to produce effect. CBD is generally more activating and is perfect to be used in day time.

Final thoughts:

The research on effectiveness on CBD for lyme disease is still underway but it is obvious that CBD has its say in relieving the pain and causing relief to the lyme disease patients. Though more studies are needed to collect evidence on using CBD for this disease, there is anecdotal evidence that CBD can be helpful for patients who are struggling with lime. A positive in this regard is that many medical experts and doctors are recommending CBD-rich products because they improve the overall health and help in pain management.

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