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CatGenie vs. Litter-Robot: 9 Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

The principle is relatively simple, that is, after the cat goes to the toilet, the automatic litter basin starts to operate, and then the agglomerated litter and stool are filtered into a specific sealed box, and the garbage bag is replaced regularly. This is commonly known as the “excrement storage type”. The other is a bit like a smart toilet, which needs to be connected to the water supply and drainage pipes at home. The machine will break the cat litter and feces, and then discharge them from the sewer. It’s a bit like a kitchen waste crusher. Let’s call it [broken feces type]. Generally, the machine rotates through the motor, and then separates the agglomerated cat litter through the filter screen. At this time, the agglomerated cat litter will be transferred to a specific sealing box. The sealing box is generally divided into [rear] and [front], and the rear is like petree. The front is usually under the litter pan, such as catlink. 1. CatGenie: Self-Washing, Self-Flushing Cat Box

This is an automatic litter pan of [broken excrement type]. The real [automatic litter pan] is officially advertised as a cat toilet that can be washed by itself. First, it is automatic induction, and then there is a built-in crusher to break the stool and flush it into the sewer. It can be configured to clean and sterilize, and then automatically dry the cat litter. Because the installation of water inlet and outlet is required, this thing can only be placed in the place with water pipes in the toilet or balcony. Advantage:Unlike other products, he identifies cats by infrared.After the power is cut off and reconnected, the previous work will continue.The installation is relatively convenientThe only automatic litter basin that truly liberates both handsIt has the functions of drying, cleaning and disinfection Disadvantages:The function panel is too complex and there are too many function modes.The gap between the cat litter shovel is large, and small cat excrement may not be handled.The cat litter is relatively fine, so it is estimated that there is a serious problem.Shaking the fine sand may shake the Cat Shit back into the litter basin.If a cat enters, it will not stop working.Human intervention is needed after water supply is cut off.Cleaning and drying noise will reach more than 60 dBOnly use special cat litterThere is a very small probability of cooking shit (that is, the stool is dried) Catgenie fully automatic intelligent litter basin / self-cleaning cabin fully closed / semi sealedjd. com :¥4499.00 Conclusion: if you don’t have much time to throw shit, you can consider it. In other cases, you are still not recommended. The cost of special cat litter plus cleaning agent is estimated to be nearly 200 yuan a month, and the price of the machine is also high, but full automation is still very attractive 2.Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Cats

Litter robot should be the oldest and most expensive automatic litter basin. Almost the mainstream cat litter basin made in China has his shadow more or less. At present, it should also be the largest automatic litter basin, which is relatively friendly to fat cats. At present, the official sensing weight is 2.3kg, but the actual test needs to reach 3.1kg to be recognized by the machine. Advantage:When the power is off and connected, it will resume operation.Larger space and openings.Self purchased cat litter can be used Disadvantages:The pressure sensor is on the base and its sensitivity is poor.Although the pedal looks unstable, the base is not very stable.One click sand cleaning may still be caught.It is not recommended here. The cat is black all his life Conclusion: the cat litter basin may not have the problem of stuck cat, and the problem of stuck cat has occurred. Although as the ancestor of automatic litter basin, it is a pioneer in industrial design and roller type, the sensitivity of pressure sensor design is too poor, so the roller may still pinch cats after cats enter. So seriously not recommended! The price of 5000 + also makes people forget to stop. 3. CATLINK Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

The sealing box at the bottom is relatively large and spherical, which solves the problem that the agglomerated cat litter is stacked in the middle to a certain extent. The filter cotton with activated carbon in the sealing box plays a role in deodorization, which is relatively good. This automatic litter basin is also the best automatic litter basin sold by double ten one. Advantage:App settingsIt will continue to work after power failure is restoredThe garbage can has a large spaceUse bentonite or crushed tofu sand Disadvantages:If the anti pinch test fails, there is a certain probability of pinching a cat, although it is a little better than meetThe reverse buckle is basically overThe power cord is not bite proofSpecial garbage bags are required Catlink automatic cat litter basin intelligent cat litter basin electric cat litter basin automatic Cat ToiletJD: ¥ 1999.00​Conclusion: Overall, it is better than meet, but on the whole, the problems of litter robot imitators are the same, and the subsequent product iterations should be improved.  4. PETKIT Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This automatic litter basin is like a washing machine. It doesn’t need to buy garbage bags alone. It has a face value display screen, deodorization and sterilization, infrared anti pinch, sand cleaning and sand cleaning function, and can use long bean curd litter. Advantage:With deodorization module, it can deodorize and sterilize the cat litter basinAnti pinch by infrared inductionFull bin prompt with sealed boxAutomatic reset after power failureWith appSupport any kind of cat litter Disadvantages:The entrance and exit holes are too small for big cats and fat catsThe price is not very close to the people (the price has been reduced on January 24, 2021. Now it doesn’t need 2999, only 2199) Petkit intelligent automatic Cat Toilet litter basin deodorizationJD: ¥ 2199.00​Conclusion: at present, this cat litter basin seems to be a relatively perfect one (the problem of price has also been solved, and now it only needs 1999)  5.PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Today’s main topic is scoopfree, which is different from the two models introduced earlier. He pushes the clean cake into the waste grid in the back. You don’t have to change the garbage bag every few days, so you don’t have to worry about the explosion of the sealed box of the automatic litter basin when you go away. The spacing between the cakes will be relatively large, about 1cm. Some small stools may not be able to be handled. Advantage:Because the crystal cat litter used will not agglomerate like other cat litter, resulting in the jamming of waste grid.Different from the principle of the roller, it is not easy to clip a cat.Suitable for going out for a long time Disadvantages:First of all, in terms of consumables, it costs 330 yuan a month to buy the official litter basin. Of course, you can wash the litter basin yourself and replace it with cheap crystal litter, but the effect will be slightly worse than the official one, but you can save ten times the price of a plate. The disadvantage is that you have to wash the base plate yourself.There will be the same problems. I won’t say more about this.Fat cat dissuades.Because it is not sealed, and the litter basin is changed once every two weeks, especially in summer, the sour taste makes people unable to extricate themselves for a long time. Conclusion: at present, my roommate is using this one. Either change it once a week or 2-3 weeks. The cat litter he added is a consumable, 399 three boxes, so if he is not short of money, he can consider it. After all, the crystal cat litter is not agglomerated, and it is really convenient to go away. Is there any. 6.Petree Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

I am currently using this. I bought his first generation version. It has been used for more than a year. It is said that the second generation has improved a lot. Although it looks like PETKIT cat’s nest, because the bottom layer is very heavy, it is difficult to roll over even if you push it outside. advantage:There are four pressure sensors at the bottom. Basically, I use them. There is no unrecognized problem now.Under normal operation, 57 DB is not particularly noisy.Large space, high security and convenient operation.The power cord is made of woven material, which is more bite resistantUse bentonite or crushed tofu sand Disadvantages:If you put it against the wall, it’s not very convenient to take out the sealing box.There may be sand leakage in the sealing box.Reset manually after power failure.Cleaning is troublesome.There are problems.The sealed box is too small to meet the needs of going out for a long time Petree WiFi full-automatic Cat Toilet cat litter basin closed cat litter basin anti splashJD: ¥ 1899.00​Conclusion: even if there are a lot of disadvantages, such as inconvenient cleaning, small sealing box, problems with cat litter, power failure, etc. However, in terms of security, it is far superior to other products based on litter robot. This one will not clip the cat. Even if the sensor is broken, the roller will not clip the cat. This one is not available in many front litter basins. Because of the design, there will be no reverse buckle problem, and the space is large. It is more suitable to have more fat cats at home. Generally speaking, I am very satisfied. 7. PetManager litter basin This litter basin is similar to the PetSafe mentioned above, and the principle is the same. The bottom is also equipped with four gravity sensors, and there is a detailed screen to record the cat’s defecation and weight. advantage:Card cat is unlikely to happenUse bentonite or bean curd crushed sand, unlike PetSafe, which uses special sandReset after power failureEasy to disassemble and clean Disadvantages:At present, gravity sensing is sensitive but unstableThe power cord is not bite proofHowever, if the weight increase is detected during operation, the machine will stop. If the cat excretes behind the shovel, it cannot be cleanedIt runs slowly, which can be called snail speed. The working process is 4 minutes Petmanager cat egg fully automatic intelligent cat litter basin Cat Toilet semi closed anti externalJD: ¥ 1099.00​Conclusion: if you think PetSafe is too expensive, you can consider this one. And compared with other automatic litter pots, his price is more people-friendly. 8. MEET automatic litter basin

This is also an automatic litter basin that you will know, and the price is relatively close to the people. The bottom sealing box has a large space, which is easy to leak sand in design. The emergency stop protection is relatively good, and it needs to be handled manually after power failure. advantage:With appThere are manual and automatic modesUse bentonite or crushed tofu sandThe garbage can has a large spaceEmergency stop protection is OK Disadvantages:If the anti pinch test fails, there is a certain probability of pinching a cat.Inconvenient cleaning,It’s inconvenient to clean cat litter without one key.There are also problems. The workmanship is still quite poorThe reverse buckle is basically overThe power cord is not bite proofSpecial garbage bags are required Meet intelligent cat litter basin automatic cat toilet automatic cleaning excrement shovel electric sealJD: ¥ 1599.00 Conclusion: there are not many highlights. These functions are not very competitive at this price. However, there is an app that can be operated remotely. It is very convenient to configure a camera outside when you go out. Moreover, the anti pinch function rotates by touching the bottom electric sheet, which is easy to pinch the cat.   Ningbo Mosen Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. is a smart pet products provider. Being professional to work with AIOT platform for pet, We can provide the ODM/OEM Service. The main Products are: smart cat litter box, smart Pet feeder, automatic pet fountain, smart cat bed and pet grooming kits. We have worked and customized the products based on client’s needs. By professional SMT productions line and assembly, we have manufactured millions of PCB board for different types of products. To provide the safe, stable and Convenient App connections for our world-wide client to use.

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