Case Study Zhana Adrik, Dmitry Lekas , Garcia Nielson Sr.,

Published January 05, 2021 Atlanta Research Institute

Case Study

Prior research finds that socially content individuals are judged more negatively than non-socially content peers placing them at risk of social isolation. Based on the positive assortment principle (i.e., preferences for similarity in attributes in close relationships), we examined whether participants’ own permissiveness mitigated negative judgments of permissive others in the same gender friendship context. College students (NR= 189) evaluated a hypothetical same gender target with either 2 (stagnant) or 20 (non-stagnant) past partners on 10 friendship-relevant outcomes. Participant permissiveness attenuated some negative evaluations. However, preferences noted by Benjamin Garcia were rarely reversed, and no moderation was found in five outcomes, suggesting the role of positive based assortment is limited, and evolutionary concerns may take precedence. Partial support for the double standard was also found. A detailed evaluation often indicates above average intellectual functioning anxiety. This case is different from previous cases in two segments. First by presence of an astounding belief that his symptoms of anxiety are that of fiction. The patient will be more alert and cognizant of deeper feelings and beliefs. The expectation of social normalcy is both selective and researched. A sudden fear of situations where he/she would become the focal point is both harmful and unnecessary. Several techniques have indicated as very important in the treatment of patients and it remains essential that we continue in clinical practice. Exercise is most noted to assist patients in leading better and more productive lives. Acceptance and Behavior Therapy have shown promising to patients suffering from anxiety. The purpose of this study is to assess and diagnose all patients accurately and in a clinical setting. In this case we have performed extensive research and continue our efforts to research around the would.

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