Career Change Options for Nurses

Career Change Options for Nurses That Pay Well

As a nurse, you will have a lot of great options open to you when it is time to pick your career. You can stick to working as a nurse, or you can work on your education to help you progress to other careers as well. There are just so many open opportunities for nursing professionals to enjoy.

Nursing is a growing field that doesn’t look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. It is estimated that in the United States, there are more than 1 million open positions for nurses right now. Whether you want to work as an RN or progress to something else, you are likely to find the perfect career for your needs in no time.

As you look through all of your options, you may want to consider the nursing careers that will pay you well for your time and experience. Some of the highest paying nursing careers include:

Physical Therapist

When you choose to work as a physical therapist, you get a chance to work with people who have suffered an illness or an injury and need assistance in improving their movement or managing their pain. You get the option of working in a private clinic or in a hospital to get the work done.

This field is growing by leaps and bounds in the world of nursing, but you will need to have a specific degree and some certification to gain this kind of employment. These aids are able to work in a variety of settings based on what works for them and there is a good deal of job opportunities at high pay to help make this a viable option for you to use.

Clinical Social Worker

Another option that you can choose will be a clinical social worker. These professionals are going to work with patients to help diagnose and then treat a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. These workers are found in a variety of settings including government agencies and mental health clinics as well.

In this role, you will find yourself dealing with a wide range of issues, such as mental illness, abuse, and addiction. These professionals will need to have a minimum of a master’s degree to begin working and you must pass a licensing exam in the state you plan to practice in too.

You will be able to choose the area where you would like to work and there are many great job opportunities to go with. You can also choose your specialization, whether you go in with school social work, public health, or mental health to name a few.  You can also choose to work in a role for public planning, research, or administration in this role if you wish.

Health Educator

In this role, you would be responsible for teaching the general public how they can make improvements to their health and wellness. This could include offering some suggestions about their exercise, diet, and other ways to improve their life as well. These professionals will collaborate with civic groups and health specialists to figure out health in the community.

As a health educator, you will need to spend some time conducting evaluations and other tests to assess the effectiveness of your programs and then design and create new programs that may be more successful when needed. This job will also entail presenting this health information to the public through websites, media campaigns, and press releases.

This field is going to continue to grow as many people are looking for ways to improve their health and have a great life. You will be able to work in a lot of different facilities to get the work done like clinics, colleges, government facilities, hospitals, and NGOs based on what works best for you.

Corporate Wellness Consultant

This role is going to have a lot of similarities to the health educator, but the professional is often going to work more in a corporate setting. You will spend your time working with employees. Your goal here is to help assist the employees by improving their health and bringing in changes to their lifestyle and diet.

In order to figure out more about the health needs of the employees, the consultant can often conduct a bunch of surveys and interviews. They can then counsel them on diet and exercise to help them do better and develop some of the best programs that will promote good health and alleviate stress and fatigue along the way.

While many of these professionals are going to work in the office, they can also find employment in a lot of other places as well. It is common to find these consultants in gyms, spas, or other organizations that want to help improve the health of the people who spend time there.

Medical or Pharmaceutical Sales

A nursing professional can also choose to work in sales. These professionals will be able to answer some of the medical queries about the different products they are supposed to promote. These can include a variety of medications along with medical devices. Many of the products are going to be prescribed or used by medical professionals most of the time.


Depending on how well you are at selling items, you can make a lot of money on these products. There is also a lot of independence in working in this kind of role. You will be able to spend the day with a lot of different people, rather than having to spend time in an office all of the time.

Choosing a Nursing Career

There are so many great nursing careers that you can choose and many of them will pay you well. Picking the right one will ensure that you see success and can enjoy the work that you do. Take a look at some of the career change options for nurses that pay well to help you make the right decision for your needs.

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