Car Rental for Business Travelers: Key Features and Benefits

Official trips are an integral part of almost any business. To make a favorable impression on future customers or partners, it’s important to take care not only of yourself but also of your car. 

Personal transport is not always suitable for business meetings. Moreover, you simply don’t have the opportunity to use your car if you have a business trip in another country. In this case, the best way out is to rent a car. 

A large selection of full-size, luxury, premium, and Jeep rentals makes it easy to choose the best vehicle for your special needs. A rental car is very useful on business trips when you have to solve a lot of issues in a rather short time. It allows you to significantly save time, which is usually spent on moving from place to place.

Benefits of using a rental car

  • The ability to choose the most suitable car

You can choose the car model that suits you best. For example, a business class car will emphasize the status of the owner and won’t leave indifferent companions and future customers. 

  • Good vehicle condition

Honest car rental companies take care of the good condition of their vehicles. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that during operation any part will fail. 

  • Saving time on your journey

Traveling by bus, train or metro usually takes a long time, thereby increasing the risk of being late for a meeting. A rental car will help you to be in time for all the scheduled events. 

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Key car rental features

The car rental service makes business trips more comfortable and safe. It significantly saves time and helps to make the right impression on future customers and business partners. 

Of course, the process of renting a car requires careful preparation and planning. Here are some of the top things to consider:

What requirements do you need to meet in order to rent a car? 

In terms of age restrictions, the minimum age to rent a car in the USA is 25. Drivers 21-24 years old also have the right to pick up a rental car, but must pay a young driver’s fee. Plus, some vehicle categories may not be available to young drivers. As an exception, road travelers in Michigan and New York can rent a car from the age of 18, but again subject to the Young Driver’s Fee.

You must provide the following documents: 

  • Valid driver’s license that you have held for at least 1 year. If your domestic license doesn’t meet the requirements, you need to have an International Driving Permit (IDP). 
  • Passport for personal identification.
  • A credit card in the name of the main drive.
  • Booking confirmation voucher if you rent a car online.
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Which car rental company to choose? 

In each location, you can find many car rental companies – both large international brands and small local firms. Regional suppliers may offer a cheaper price, but you don’t always win in the end. A large company will almost certainly offer you a well-maintained and reliable vehicle as this affects their international reputation. 

In addition, if you want to take a car in one place and return it in another (one-way car rental), then this is possible only in a big car rental supplier with a large number of offices throughout the United States.

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How and where is better to pick up a car? 

It’s best to pick up and then return the car at the airport. There’s always a large selection of cars and wider opening hours. Book your car online a few days or even weeks before your trip. This will give you a bigger range of vehicles and a more affordable price. 

Alternatively, you can try to take advantage of last-minute car rental. However, keep in mind that during the high season in popular locations, rental cars are in high demand, so you run the risk of not finding a suitable car when renting a car on the spot. Therefore, opt for early booking to have a smooth business trip with the best car at hand. 

Before picking up a rental car, carefully inspect it for scratches and damages. Check if everything is OK in the cabin. If there’s any damage, make sure that it’s reflected in the contract. If something is missing, ask your manager to include it.

What insurance plan to prefer? 

All rental cars have compulsory insurance. The basic package usually includes protection against theft and damage (Collision Damage Waiver), as well as liability insurance (SLI). Unfortunately, these insurance plans most often come with a deductible (excess). For a small surcharge, you can reduce your liability or take full insurance with zero excess. 

A deductible is the extent to which you are financially responsible for vehicle damage or theft. The rest of the costs are paid by the insurance company. Car rental providers will certainly offer you to take full insurance so that if something happens you don’t pay for the car out of your pocket.

How to return a car? 

First of all, pay attention to the fuel level in the tank. When returned, the car must be refueled to the same condition as when it was received. As a rule – up to a full tank. Otherwise, you will have to pay the cost of missing fuel, which will be higher than if you refuel yourself.

 The car must be returned on time. If you are more than half an hour late, you pay a late return fee or even an additional rental day. Therefore, allow more time when returning to a drop-off location. 

In case you return the car after hours, just leave it in a special parking lot of the company, and put the keys in the dropbox.

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