Can you use both THC and CBD weed with bongs? Yes - find out more here!

Can you use both THC and CBD weed with bongs? Yes – find out more here!

Figuring out if you want to smoke THC or CBD can be a difficult decision. Figure out if you want body effects, such as pain relief and nausea relief, or you want psychoactive properties before you decide which type of cannabis flower to use with your next smoking experience!

What are THC and CBD? Can I use them with a bong?

CBD is the cannabidiol part of the cannabis flower, whereas THC is the tetrahydrocannabinol compound found in cannabis. CBD is typically used for medicinal properties and body relief, such as from chronic illnesses, aches, pains, and sore muscles. In comparison, THC is typically used for mental benefits, such as providing more energy, a head high, or psychoactive properties that make it more usable in a social setting.

When comparing CBD and THC, both have the same medical benefits since they can provide positive effects for people who are suffering from the same type of health concerns, such as chronic illness or muscle pain. However, CBD does not have any of the psychoactive properties or euphoria that one can get from smoking THC. CBD is good for people who solely want body relief, whereas those who want a social smoking experience often enjoy smoking THC.

CBD has been effectively used to help treat conditions such as seizures, nausea, inflammation, mental disorders, pain, chronic aches, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, THC has been effective in treating muscle spasms, glaucoma, pain, hunger loss, and anxiety.

Can you use both THC and CBD with bongs?

Bongs are a fun apparatus to use for advanced smokers. Learn more on how to get a bong. However, you might be wondering what type of weed flower you can use with the bong. Can you use both THC and CBD with bongs? The answer is yes!

All you have to keep in mind when using weed flower with your bong is to make sure it is packed tightly. Before you pack the weed in the bong, ensure that you use a grinder to cut the lower nicely and finely. Without ground flowers, you will find the smoking experience to be uneven and result in unsmooth hits. One of the best parts about using a bong is the cleanness of the hit, so ensure you take care of the flower before inserting it into the bong.

When using weed flowers with your bong, you need to make sure you put the CBD or THC in the right place. The first step in packing the bowl of your bong is to remove the apparatus from the bong so you don’t accidentally hit the bong in the process. Next, place the bigger pieces of weed at the bottom of the bowl, and the smaller pieces of weed at the top. Make sure you don’t completely block the hole. After you insert the weed, press down on the mound so you pack the bud and ensure it burns evenly. The last step is solely to light the bowl and then enjoy smoking your THC or CBD flower!


If you are unsure if you can use THC or CBD with your bog, the answer is yes! Smoking a bong works with any type of flower, as long as you use a grinder to finely cut the pieces of flower and you pack it completely into the bowl. By ensuring the bowl is packed, you can make sure the flame burns evenly and you get a smooth and intense high.

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