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Can You Pay to Remove a Bad Credit Report?

Have you recently missed a loan payment? Perhaps you’ve forgotten or things have become too much and you’re struggling. It’s a stressful time when things seem like they just keep getting worse. Don’t worry though because there are always actions you can take to start rebuilding your finances, including working with a credit repair company. 

How to Pay to Remove Bad Credit Report 

  • Pay for delete letter 
  • Agree with the creditor to remove bad debt 

If you’ve simply forgotten to make your payment, or recently acquired some money, then a pay for delete letter might be for you. Essentially, you offer to pay in return for having your missed payment details taken off your credit report. Usually, people would offer to pay the outstanding debt either in full or partially. Of course, this depends on your financial situation and what’s possible for you. 

It’s worth pointing out that creditors are under no obligation to comply. Things can also get complicated if you’re not dealing with the creditor directly. For instance, your main contact could be a debt collection agency who is less likely to negotiate with you. This is because many of these agencies have contracts in place with their creditors that don’t allow them to change the terms of the debt. Having said that, some agencies do accept a pay for delete letter in some cases so it’s always worth a shot. If you’re unsure though, there’s nothing stopping you from hiring a credit repair company to support you through the process. 

Other Options to Remove Bad Credit Report 

  • Review credit report
  • Follow dispute process
  • Work with a credit repair company

You actually have some options that don’t involve paying. One of the first things you should do if you’ve missed a payment is to get your credit report. It’s easy to request this report from one of the 3 credit bureaus. These are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. In fact, the bureaus have to provide you with a report once a year free of charge. 

It’s important you review your report carefully for any errors once you receive it. You can then dispute any mistakes or omissions directly with the relevant bureau. Furthermore, you’ll be able to download information from their respective website of what steps you need to follow. 

Of course, you can do all this on your own however don’t underestimate the time and effort required. The paperwork and legal terminology can also get overwhelming. On the other hand, you can work with a credit repair company who can do all of this on your behalf. Think about the time and energy you’ll be saving. 

How a credit repair company can help 

  • Pay a company to dispute your report on your behalf 
  • Suing for malpractice 
  • Manage your future finances 

A credit repair company is there to dispute your credit report for you. They’ll take the burden of the process away from you. Their teams are also highly experienced with the Credit Reporting Act Laws and Fair Collection Laws. In addition, they’ll know what to focus on in your report because of the impact it’s making to your score. As you’d expect, they know how to manage the process effectively and quickly. Actually, you’ll find that some of the great ones offer a lifetime money-back guarantee. That should give you confidence that your money will be well invested with them. 

Let’s not forget that unfortunately some creditors might not be above board. There are more violations than you might think and this is where a credit repair company can become your best friend. Trying to sue a creditor is not an easy process and can be a daunting experience. Not only does a credit repair company do all that for you but they’ll also advise you for your future. Regardless of how you’ve found yourself in debt, a credit repair company can work with you to plan how you can avoid being back in this situation again. 

Managing finances isn’t easy especially when life throws us challenges such as redundancy or medical bills. Life is tough. Having said that, everyone has an opportunity to put in simple steps to improve their finances and plan something for the future. A credit repair company is well-placed to guide you through your particular case for a successful future. 

Final Thoughts on Working with a credit repair company

A bad credit report lingers for 7 years. Depending on what you’re hoping to get a loan for then a bad score will make this very difficult. Luckily, you have some options. You can either use a pay for delete letter or dispute your credit report if you see some errors. Don’t forget though that a bad credit report that is accurate and valid cannot be disputed. In those cases, you might want to work with a credit repair company who can also guide you for a more long-term financial strategy. 

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