Can We Really Ever Fix the Problem of Accessibility?

It is a problem that has been around for millennia. While some can take for granted the things they are able to do without even thinking, for others the same process can require lots of careful forethought and preparation. As time has gone on, the improvements made for the disabled have become much more advanced. Especially in modern times we have seen much bigger changes made to help those living with a disability. In many countries around the world, we see ramps, automatic doors, elevators, disabled toilets, wider doors and aisles, adjustments to public transport and private vehicles, the list goes on. These changes have made it much easier for disabled ones to gain more independence and travel more freely than before. But there are other ways that we can help those who are disabled and some, like accessiBe, are spearheading further change and keeping us asking ourselves, can we do more?

The fact is, while all of the above mentioned assistance helps the disabled when they are out and about, what about while they are at home, or sat in an office at work? Yes, even then, there is much we can do. We live in the age of the internet. Never have we had such quick and easy access to any information we could possibly want to know. Gone are the days when a walk or bus journey to the nearest library and then a search through a number of volumes was the only option to get a piece of information you required. Now it is all available with a couple of clicks of a button. But sadly, this is not the case for everyone. 

For some, trying to access the information can lead to a lot of frustration and anxiety. This is because not all websites are accessible. Governments are challenging this issue and laws are now in place in most countries making an accessible website a legal requirement. This means that if you own a website that is not accessible, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to lawsuits. This in turn can lead to high legal costs as well as a damaged reputation. To avoid this, it is important that you make your website accessible today. This issue is becoming more and more urgent as the recent pandemic has caused a boom in new websites to appear. So if you are one of those who haven’t yet made your website accessible, make sure you resolve the issue quickly.

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