Can I sue for spam calls in California?

A common problem most Californian residents suffer from is receiving spam calls, even though the state banned it through the Consumer Call Protection Act 2019. The automated spam calls deliver recorded messages majorly on behalf of a brand, telemarketing company, debt company, or political party. A broad range of settlements and verdicts, some sizeable, have occurred from spam call lawsuits. When you file a complaint for annoying calls, judges award the victim as high as one million dollars. In some cases, the plaintiffs are also seen as receiving as low as ten dollars as compensation for their efforts. However, the question is, can I sue for spam calls in California? Well, the answer depends on some facts. Take a look:

How do you qualify to file a spam call lawsuit in California?

As a California resident, you have all the legal rights to file a lawsuit under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act if you are receiving too many spam calls even after asking the company to stop calling. Nevertheless, the state does not consider all robocalls, telemarketing calls, or spam calls as a fugitive. The Golden State helps the following bodies to send calls:

  • Companies you have permitted to call 
  • Charities
  • Healthcare service providers
  • Political campaigns

What are spam callers and telemarketers not permitted to do in California?

According to the State law, telemarketers and spam callers have to follow the given rules:

  • They may not be allowed to call you without your permission.
  • They cannot use robocalls to call you without your permission.
  • The company should have a do-not-call list that asks not to be called.
  • They must not call everyone registered on the Do Not Call Registry.
  • No calls should be done before 8 am and post 9 pm.

You can file a lawsuit if the telemarketer, spam caller, or robocaller breaks the abovementioned rules.

How can you file a spam call lawsuit in California?

If you have received unwanted phone calls from a telemarketer, debt collector, or automated phone system, you can file a spam call lawsuit. These calls should work on auto-dialers using hardware or software which automatically dials numbers without human involvement. Sometimes, agreements you sign with companies include the point to grant permission for companies to call you. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before subscribing or buying anything.

Most spam calls or robocalls are possibly scams because most legit companies follow the law. Plaintiffs have difficulty looking for the robocaller behind the scam and fraudulent calls, which is why major robocall lawsuits are against companies that have not abided by the TCPA rules.

Contact a spam call lawyer

Either way, you should look for a good California lawsuit lawyer to enhance your chance of getting the best results for it. If you think you are troubled by the spam calls you’re getting, and they’ve traumatized you somehow, your Californian spam call attorney will help you get the best results in your case and grab good compensation for you.


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