Can I Find Trustworthy Information on Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

Can I Find Trustworthy Information on Covid 19 (Coronavirus)?

The coronavirus conspiracy theories have been around for a few years and have gained enough popularity that many well-known scientists have had personal attacks and written articles questioning the validity of such claims.

One of the main reasons is the fact that there are too many unexplained cases of autism, all over the world. In addition to this fact, many children are suffering from this disease, in countries where they are not identified or diagnosed.

The governments of these countries often blame the disease on vaccines, when in reality it is a genetic disorder and is therefore real.

So, is there anywhere we can go to acquire FACTUAL information on the coronavirus?

In this post, we’ll explore the reasons for coronavirus conspiracy and what the actual data shows.

Question Everything

Many people also question everything, especially when there is a sudden epidemic or series of epidemics and they see the same symptoms.

The same thing happens with the recent swine flu. There were suspicions that the disease was engineered or released due to the weather and mass media hysteria.

One of the most popular theories regarding this is that the Chinese engineered the pandemic and they released the swine flu into the global news to scare the American people into buying their flu shots.

However, there is no real proof of this and many researchers think that it is highly possible that the pandemic was caused by the same virus or the same strain but re-designed to enter the US.

Coronavirus Conspiracy: Fact or Fiction?  

Another interesting theory, which is gaining a lot of momentum, is that there may be a link between the two diseases and this is based on the fact that there was a correlation between two previously distinct swine flu infections; one in Mexico and another in China.

Additionally, there was also a case of swine flu in Japan recently, which is highly suspicious as Japan has not had a major pandemic in 60 years.

Censorship of Alternative Data and Statistics

The Chinese government’s efforts to contain the outbreak have been confirmed in state media.

Moderators censored content with over 2,000 keywords related to the coronavirus on the world’s leading communication platform and live streaming platform, affecting more than 1.5 million people in China alone.

The censored content included reports on the virus and its impact on public health, as well as reports on human rights violations and corruption in the country.

As for the role of the Chinese government, censorship of COVID 19 information could be part of a broader strategy to control the narrative and manage public sentiment.

If Americans cannot trust social media companies to moderate content on these topics, the big question is, who will they trust instead? And what information will Americans ultimately believe?

Chinese governments have several connections to influence freedom of expression and information in the US.

What will the COVID 19 data be after the pandemic?

And will big tech companies continue to censor those who break their rules, even if they tell the truth to power?

“War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength”

-George Orwell

Social media giants are tightening their grip on people protesting, raising questions about whether the virus could be less dangerous than originally thought.

It all escalated after a video of a patient being treated for a coronavirus was shared on YouTube, which was quickly deleted by Twitter and Facebook.

Censorship is running rampant. This is definitely a sign of the times.

We can’t just stand down and follow “the herd” as they say.

Aren’t we all cut from the same cloth?

We’re all human. And we all have rights that our governments are supposed to protect.

These rights, worldwide, shall not be infringed!

We the people…DEMAND THE TRUTH!  

So, who can we trust?  And how do we know they won’t get blocked off from the truth from them as well?

Coronavirus Conspiracy: The Truth is Still Out There!

Fortunately, there’s hope. Mysterium Network believes in open censorship-free Internet for all, globally.

And they’ve taken the initiative to do something about it.

Decentralization is the ultimate way to break censorship chains online.

Truly, the teams like this one, at Mysterium Network, have got the facts and hard evidence backed by the research to provide you with nothing but the truth.

What’s more, Mysterium has developed a decentralized VPN. Fun Fact: It’s the first of its kind!

With the mutation in the media’s narrative evolving to fit this agenda to be successful in their endeavors, they don’t realize their game is up.

Worldwide, united, and full of faith and hope, we must seek truth and not allow the misinformation from coronavirus conspiracy to sway us one way or the other.

Question everything. Think for yourself.

Because sooner or later, every factual coronavirus conspiracy will be brought to light.  

Sooner or later, every lie will be revealed.

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