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Can Custom Apps Development Be Profitable For a Freelancer? Top 5 Hints

Compared to packaged solutions, custom applications offer more advantages – especially for businesses with unique and highly specialized processes. Although off-the-shelf apps can be configured to meet specific end-user needs, there will still be some manual manipulation of data to ensure seamless integration of software stacks, as well as some unwanted inefficiencies. Unfortunately, all of these can affect business operations and performance. Customized apps are critical to ensuring efficiency, competitive advantage, and long-term success.

With its proven benefits, the demand forcustom application has grown into a major IT sector with an estimated global market at around $200 billion. The demand for custom apps has triggered the need for qualified professionals in the field of software programming and development. There are around 1.5 million jobs available for programmers. With the boundless opportunities in the sector, custom app development has become an attractive career for many.

Custom app developers can choose from several career paths. They can work as an in-house developer and eventually be promoted to managerial and supervisorial positions or even the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) position. Another option is to establish a software development company, either solo or with co-founders. But there are many app developers who foray into freelancing. Some do freelancing as a part-time job, others to gain experience, while some make it their bread-and-butter.

While the first two pathways offer guaranteed income, being a freelancer doesn’t always guarantee financial stability. Hence,many newbie custom app developers are wondering if freelancing is profitable.

Perhaps you’ve read fairytale-like stories about freelance developers working remotely in the comforts of home and earning six-figure paychecks. While this is true for some, they are the exceptions. There’s the untold side to this story. According to specialists at Entrance custom applications development company Many IT professionals eventually give up freelancing and transition to full-time employment due to lack of projects.

The competition in the freelance community is tough. It is estimated that about a third of the US workforce are freelancers, not to mention the millions of providers from different parts of the globe. And as freelancing communities and platforms emerge, the number of freelance IT professionals continues togrow at an unprecedented rate. To stand out of the pack, you have to invest in your skills, build your reputation, and become an indispensable freelance custom app developer.

To enjoy a profitable freelancing career, you need to work hard to get your name on top of the list. Here are five hints towards becoming a top freelance custom app developer.

Launch apps

If you’re just a newbie and don’t have enough professional work experience or qualifications yet, you can grab the attention of potential clients by showcasing your software development skills. Launching your own apps demonstrates your proficiency and creates excitement about your capabilities. The app doesn’t have to be very complicated or grand. Your app might not even have reviews or downloads. In most cases, clients just want to see that you’ve got the skills and that they fit the requirements of the project.

Bid low

Although we don’t advise lowballing your rates, you should also not go beyond the average bids. Usually, clients initially consider independent contractors within the mid-range of rates. On the other hand, if you bid unrealistically low rates, they might think it’s a scam or a low quality provider. Remember that quality – not price – is the top priority of clients.

Impress first client

Landing your first freelancing project is a tough ordeal. So, once you’veachieved this milestone, you should aim for nothing less than perfect – even if the rates are low. Your first client is the most crucial part of your freelancing career. Getting a good review opens up the gates for future projects.

Maintain good client relations

Your existing clients will most likely be your future clients. Make sure you impress them and maintain good relations. And even after the project has been completed, it pays to stay connected with them. They might even refer you to partners or colleagues.

Improve your profile

Make your profile stand out by filling it with all your details. Regularly update your virtual resume to include your latest experience developing custom apps. Strive to maintain positive feedback from all your clients. But most importantly, you should invest in your skills. Learn new skills and specializations. You can focus on a specific niche and be an expert in it. As your clients grown in number, you can eventually build a brand of your own.

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