Can Astrology Predict Major Problems in Career

Everyone aspires to achieve professional success and to advance in their careers. Everyone aspires to achieve professional success and to advance in their careers. In today’s materialistically oriented world, our career decides the type of lifestyle we will have in this world, and it is the single barometer of assessing our success.

However, failures in one’s career or business are serious setbacks in one’s life. Such a person is mentally depressed as well as financially depleted.

They also become extremely hesitant to move forward or take any risks for fear of causing further problems. Bankruptcy, fraud, ego issues, debts and loans issues, quality control issues, delay in promotion, problems with supervisors, subordinates, unions, job loss, and so on are some of the common issues that can occur in a career or business.

At every level of one’s profession, one looks for promotion, perks, rewards, and bonuses, among other things. However, the truth is that no one’s job advancement or success can be guaranteed. 

Astrology can shed some light on some career-related issues. When you consult a career prediction astrology expert, you will get answers to all your questions – 

 – Why am I facing so many problems?

 – Why are things in my career not going well?

 – What challenges and benefits do I have in my career path?

 – Will I have slow and steady or rapid career growth?

 – When is the best time to make career shifts and changes?

 – What remedies and solutions can I use to have the best career path?

What Role Does Astrology Play in a Person’s Career or Business?

Astrology can not only predict the likelihood and timing of problems in a career, but it can also suggest ways to avoid or mitigate them. Time is money in career and business. Seeking expert astrological advice on career and business planning and dealing with specific difficulties early on may save a lot of time and money while also providing mental peace.

This sacred science has answers to all of our difficulties. It provides divine insight into what the planets have in store for us in any part of our lives.

Planets are cosmic beings in charge of rewarding or punishing us based on our karmic accounts at specified periods and in specific elements of our existence. Planets play a phenomenal role in shaping the very course of our destiny.

Astrology provides tools to understand what the planets mean for many aspects of our lives and make informed decisions ahead of time, such as executing remedies to negate or decrease the malefic effects of planets that are about to pass through our path.

Also, by making decisions based on what the planets are proposing as per their positioning in our horoscope and their natural attributes, a smooth success in our endeavours is likely!

Career prediction by date of birth of career astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with a native’s career and job. It focuses on the houses of a horoscope that deal with jobs and careers and the interaction of various planets with those houses.

Houses Associated with Work and Career

There are specific houses in a horoscope that an astrologer closely examines to paint a picture of how an individual’s career is likely to unfold in their life.

Apart from these houses, several other horoscope factors are analysed when making career or job-related predictions for a native. Factors such as the native’s Ascendant, the presence of certain “Yogas” (auspicious planetary unions) and “Doshas” (malefic planetary unions) in that native’s horoscope, and much more.

But first, let’s look at the houses.

Second House – This house represents accumulated wealth and bank balance. It plays an important role in determining a native’s career.

Sixth House – This is a house that represents work and competition. As a result, considerable care is taken when analysing this house to forecast a native’s job prospects.

Seventh House – It represents business and partnerships. As a result, the strength of this house becomes critical for those who want to work for themselves.

Tenth House – An astrologer uses this house of the native’s horoscope to determine the native’s career, name, fame, and position in life.

Eleventh House – In a native’s life, this house represents profits and supports the fulfilment of desires. As a result, the native must have a positively charged 11th house in their horoscope.

Finally, the planets can easily provide negative career house effects when combined with the positive ones indicated above.

The Effects of Malefic Planets on Career

Malefic planets like Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu (South Node of the Moon), and Saturn are known for causing roadblocks, delays, unexpected shocks, and troubles in a person’s professional life.

However, these malefic planets might help a native’s career astrology reach remarkable new heights in some situations. A Rahu in the 10th house of a native’s horoscope, for example, represents the outcomes of the 6th and 11th houses. Such a Rahu is thought to help the person develop a large economic empire or achieve the pinnacle of their profession.

Career Problems in Astrology and What Causes It

– During their planetary Dasha, any planet with connections to the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses may produce career troubles.

– There are no promotions or opportunities for advancement: If the promotional Dasha and transit are negative, the promotion will not occur despite your attempts.

– Instability and job changes are caused by the movable signs and the functioning of negative planetary periods.

– Disciplinary/legal issues arise due to the influence and functioning of the sixth lord main or sub-period.

– Job delays and obstructions are caused by the influence and operation of the 8th house lord’s main or sub-period, causing obstacles and delays in professional matters. This shift is also caused by the 12th house’s influence and operation.

Solutions For Problems in Career/ Job

– A professional astrologer can recommend several remedies that are best suited to the individual.

– Those who have a strong Lagna/Ascendant can have excellent outcomes when dealing with difficult conditions.

– Gemstones, mantras, and simple poojas can be used to change negative planets and energy.

– The strengthening of relevant positive planets can provide reasonable assistance in overcoming adversity in your job and profession.

If you are looking for solutions to problems in astrology, get in touch with an expert astrologer on Astroyogi. They are verified and certified professionals who you can rely upon to give you accurate career astrology advice. 

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