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Can a lawyer really help with DUI?



Pike County DUI attorney,

Driving under the influence is a severe offense, and DUI cases are handled in criminal courts. So hiring a criminal lawyer is the first step one should take before moving forward.

Finding a lawyer for a DUI case is not a difficult task. You can easily find some of the best lawyers on the internet. If you reside in Pike County, you should search for a Pike County DUI attorney, and you will find some of the best attorneys around you. 

Read this article to find out how a lawyer can help you with DUI.

Pike County DUI attorney,

They can handle the DUI charges:

In some cases, the person being charged for DUI might need a lawyer as soon as possible. This is because the person will be questioned while in police custody, and having a lawyer present can significantly help the person. 

The lawyer can immediately get to collecting any evidence or proof that might be needed. Furthermore, if the case is not settled and the person has to go on trial, a lawyer can help the person get a lower penalty. They have the experience to refute the evidence that the prosecutor might use. 

They help to avoid conviction:

The main thing a lawyer can help a person with DUI charges is conviction. This can be done through a trial case, but the best way of continuing this is through a plea bargain. 

While the person might have to compromise on a few things with the prosecuting lawyer, an attorney can use his law knowledge to help the person charged with the DUI charges. 

They can defend the person against the charges:

An essential role that a lawyer plays in defending a person with DUI charges is protecting them against the charges. Lawyers use their knowledge and get this done in various ways; they choose low penalties, use evidence to refute any other evidence or go on a trial. 

The lawyer will know what to share with the judge and the jury panel; they would know when and how to communicate with the opposing lawyer to discuss the case. 

The lawyer will then tell the person being charged with his opinions and how he thinks the case should proceed. The lawyer will know all the different laws regarding the case and hence will be able to give you proper advice. 

The lawyer will tell the person being charged with all the options they have and tell the person what they think is the best thing to do. After this, the person can take the final decision. 

The lawyer would know what to do:

DUI charges can lead to something severe due to several reasons. If someone was injured during this, the penalties could increase, and the severity of these penalties would depend on the injuries the person sustained. 

Also, property damage, death, etc., could highly increase the penalties. A lawyer, however, would know how to help the person charged in this situation. The lawyer will be able to collect the right evidence and might be able to talk to the witnesses to help the person charged. This way, they can help reduce the intensity of the penalties. 

That’s it!

To conclude, a lawyer will help with DUI greatly as with their expertise; they would know how to handle the case. They would be able to say the right things and present the proper evidence, which will help the person charged!

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Criminal Defense – What You Should Know Before you decide to Hire An Attorney




How to Employ a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Years ago, a famous financial preparing commercial portrayed a typical-looking guy in his shorts positioning a butter-cutting knife by his chest on the breakfast table while speaking on the phone to someone detailing how to do the incision. For a few seconds, the display screen splits to reveal that the person conversely of the phone call was an operating doctor.

At this point, our dumbfounded male at the breakfast table bluntly exclaims: “Shouldn’t you always be doing this? ” And, to do so, noted the prominent place: we rely upon professionals to manage vital matters. In that case, medical procedures to those properly trained to achieve this task. The same holds for once your liberty is on the line. If the life or a loved their freedom is in peril, you want a criminal defense lawyer.

Amazingly, some people who, when faced with the risk of rotting within the feces of jail, will want to handle the matter themselves or perhaps seek the assistance of a friend who has a friend who practices some law but knows the particular prosecutor.

Meanwhile, others appropriately believe they need professional help yet take on the search just like they were shopping for a deal in some recoverable format towels at Walmart. That, too, is the wrong solution. When it comes to picking your medical expert, the man packing your parachute, or the person protecting your freedom, please do not “bargain shop.” Trust me; you will fork out in the end.

It is far better to have a little more money upfront than to pay with your life finally. It’s only income and, if you are free and working, you can easily earn the money you spent on your defense rear but, if you go to jail, the few pennies you earn a day won’t end up much even after serving a challenging jail sentence.

I realize that most law-abiding citizens have no successful criminal defense lawyer on “speed dial.” Lawyers aren’t designed equally. We come in all manner of sizes and shapes. But, there is a common belief that graduating from law school and passing the line exam infuses you with the inner knowledge to handle any legal topic.

This isn’t consequently. Think about it, if your head injures and you had a continual nose bleed, would you phone your dentist? Podiatrist? Not likely. Instead, you’d probably call an enclosed medicine doctor or a neurosurgeon because those doctors are usually trained for that precise trouble. The same should be said to your attorney.

I am a criminal lawyer. As a New Orleans prosecutor, I prosecuted well over hundreds of cases ranging from drug control to murder. As a defense lawyer, I am happy to handle some of our area’s most famous express and complex federal prosecutions. I do certainly not write wills. Please don’t get in touch with me about pending consumer bankruptcy. I have no idea how to handle people’s cases, and I will do neither of them any favors. Merely use your case to learn.

Astonishingly, some lawyers are so anxious for business that they put themselves out there practicing every type of law imaginable. Please be cautious with any attorney proclaiming they handle “no-fault divorces,” “slip and falls,” and also “death penalty cases. inches I’ve spent many hours, without doubt, years, honing my hobby.

The person defending your life really should, too. Remember the old precept “jack of all trades in addition to a master of none micron? You owe it to you to ultimately hire a professional devoted to all their area of law that you need. Those lawyers who relatively take all cases achieve this task because they need the money to cover their light bill. You can do yourself a service simply by staying clear of these folks.

A significant factor you must realize is that legal professionals are salesmen. So, much like your tour through the car or truck lot, you must keep your officer up and not fall for gimmicky slogans and B. H. sales pitches. I suggest you straighten out the real trial lawyers through the pretenders and ask the following queries:

1 . Do you try instances before juries and, in that case, how many have you brought to demo? Real trial lawyers attempt cases. Fake trial law firms claim they try circumstances.

2 . What experience are there with this kind of case? Recall, all lawyers aren’t built the same. Do you want your exécution case handled by a man or woman specializing in traffic court? My spouse and I wouldn’t want my freedom to serve as someone else’s “learning curve”!

3 . What percent of your practice is dedicated to criminal defense? I’d be wary associated with general practitioners. I enjoy court. I know nothing about house disputes, wills, or the technicalities of regulatory law. Exactly like you wouldn’t want me litigating your servitude rights situation, you wouldn’t the town’s top divorce lawyer picking the actual jury for your armed thievery trial. One person can not possibly master multiple unconnected areas of the law. There is absolute truth in the old saying, “jack of all trade, and a get better at none. “

4 . What kind of access will you ought to the lawyers? Some folks period fee and disappear. I have no problem providing this cell phone number to a client. We all assign a dedicated paralegal to each file who can answer fundamental questions about the case if required.

We provide the client with duplicates of any pleadings filed in the case and guarantee to review the materials with these, even if they are incarcerated. This kind of raises another point: we often visit with jailed clients and accept their collect names. If your potential lawyer is not easily accessible, you may want to reconsider. However, you should know the quality of access you will receive a get at a bare minimum.

5 . communicate aims. Expectations are important. If you have the desired outcome in mind after that, you must connect that to your lawyer. A tragedy will occur if you need a dismissal of charges though the lawyer is thinking “quick guilty plea. ” Be evident. And, expect the law firm to advise you whether while you make money is real.

Please, bear in mind that some folks out there claim anything to get your money. In case any grandiose claims are created, demand that they be included in writing. I promise you will see some quick back selling. Please note: no lawyer can ensure outcomes.

If your potential attorney engages in any of these activities, keep immediately:

1 . The Assure: No lawyer can guarantee a good outcome. Countless families include hired our firm immediately after initially engaging an attorney who all said, “pay me a, and Mr. Client could get out of jail. ” Whether it was only that simple. After you hear those words, require the promise be put in writing along with a clause for just a full refund if the offer cannot be fulfilled.

2 . Not any receipts or Scope correspondence: Be wary of any legal representative not willing to outline the scope of their representation along with the fees involved. If you do not commit to scope and costs, please do not act shocked when requests for more funds keep coming and you feel that the case is just not progressing as you anticipated.

Furthermore, be highly suspicious of virtually any lawyer who will not offer you a receipt for payment correctly reflecting the balance owed. Virtually any lawyer refusing to do so may perhaps be a lawyer who pockets funds “off the books. inches Our firm gives invoices and reports every dime earned in fees. We all don’t believe in “high curiosity loans from the IRS. micron

3 . Solicitation: It is underhand for any lawyer to solicit your business specifically. Advertising is permitted but is controlled by stringent regulations and critique. A lawyer cannot call you actually or knock on your doorstep saying, ‘I know you’re arrested, and I can help. Micron, If this happens, slam the door as well as hang up the phone.

This carryout will get the lawyer disbarred. Also, think about it, if a legal representative is willing to engage in a dishonest practice to get your business, what exactly quality of representation do you think you will receive?

4 . Advances Influence: Any lawyer who heavily focuses on criminal law will probably be familiar with the prosecutors and judges. We know them all. That can compare with special about that. Please try not to be misled by “I will be experts in the Judge” or “the prosecutor and I are friends.” I do not know a assess or prosecutor willing to do whatever it takes illegal to help your circumstance.

Any suggestion, on the contrary, is a federal crime regarding bribery and public data corruption. At best, knowing the prosecutor and judge will provide background information on how they handle similar situations and resolve the critical legalities. Nothing more. So, attorneys who all brag about being the sport of golf buddies with the judge should not be fooled.

All sorts of things you owe to help yourself go and get the most beneficial criminal defense attorney you can afford when you are under investigation. Be wary of plans making “pie in the sky” promises, and make sure you converse your expectations.

Most people should find quality representation at a reasonable cost. Once your list of persons is narrowed, you should lean toward choosing from those skilled lawyers with whom they feel comfortable. After all, you must be confident about this person and the advice they furnish. Your life depends on it.

Andre Belanger, a graduate involving Loyola University, is a highly-respected criminal defense attorney serving the people involving Baton Rouge, Louisiana, along with surrounding areas, for one involving Baton Rouge’s top-25 lawyers.

In his 15 years of serving clients, Mr. Belanger has cared for nearly 200 trials with a prosecutor or safety attorney. – Having spent decades devoted to developing a top tier territorial law practice for national court and state court docket litigation, Mr. Belanger is usually admitted to practicing law in any federal courts in both Louisiana, Mississippi, the United States Supreme Court docket, and the U. S. Sixth Circuit Court of Is attractive.

With a solid commitment to the rights system, Mr. Belanger possesses begun to forge their trial skills in the legal courtroom to establish their injury trial practice. This can be a significant boon for their clients. A few injury “trial attorneys” have significant jury trial experience. Mister. Balenger was also lately nominated to the National Demo Lawyers Association’s “Top one hundred Lawyers” list, as well as acknowledged as one of Louisiana’s Super Law firms.

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How to Protect Your Business From Wage and Hour Lawsuits



Are you wondering how to protect your business from wage and hour lawsuits? 

As a business owner, you know dealing with lawsuits can be an extremely stressful process. Depending on the claims against you, a single lawsuit can bankrupt your business, destroy your brand reputation, and even lead to business closure.

One of the most common lawsuits businesses face is a wage and hour lawsuit. This occurs when an employee accuses you of violating the wage and hour law. These violations can include refusing to pay overtime, requiring employees to work without being paid, failing to provide meal and rest breaks, and more. 

If you want to avoid these violations and the resulting lawsuits, here are several tips to help you do just that. 

Understand the Labor Laws 

The first tip for avoiding a wage and hour lawsuit is to read, understand, and follow all the labor laws. Make sure you are following both the state and federal labor laws. If you need extra support for wage and hour laws, consider taking wage and hour training.

Set and Enforce Policies and Procedures 

Once you know the labor laws you have to follow, the next step is to set and enforce policies and procedures. This is a great way to run your business legally and avoid corporate lawsuits.

Classify Your Workers Correctly 

A helpful tip to follow is to make sure you classify your workers correctly. Many wage and hour violations occur because employees are classified as independent contractors. Don’t make this mistake, as it can result in lawsuits and fines. 

Use a Robust Time-Tracking Software 

A great way to avoid these lawsuits is to use a robust time-tracking system. This is ideal for keeping track of your employee’s hours and ensuring you pay them for their time. 

Process Payroll Correctly 

One of the best ways to avoid business lawsuits is to process payroll correctly. Make sure you are paying on time and the full amount the employee is owed. If you are finding payroll processing to be overwhelming, consider outsourcing

Keep Employee Records 

One of the best ways to protect your company from being sued is to keep detailed employee records. With detailed records, you can prove your employee was paid accurately. 

Conduct an Internal Audit Regularly 

If you want to supercharge your efforts, consider conducting a regular audit of your work and hour practices. Make sure employees are taking meal breaks and rest periods, getting paid for overtime, and more. This is a good way to catch any problems before they become major issues. 

Use These Tips To Protect Your Business From Wage and Hour Lawsuits 

By using these tips, you can avoid a wage and hour violation lawsuit. 

Start by reading, understanding, and following the labor laws. You should also set and enforce policies, classify your workers correctly, and use robust time-tracking software. Make sure to process payroll correctly, keep detailed employee records, and conduct an internal audit regularly. 

Follow these tips to protect your company from wage and hour lawsuits. 

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5 Steps to Take After a Florida Accident



5 Steps to Take After a Florida Accident

212,521 people were injured in an automobile accident in Florida in 2020.

Even if you drive safely, you can’t always account for the mistakes of other drivers. If you’re involved in a Florida accident, it’s crucial that you take the right steps to protect yourself and your rights.

Keep reading for 5 steps that you should always take if an accident does occur while driving in Florida – or anywhere!

1. Call 911

If you are involved in an accident with injuries and/or property damage, you should call the police.

The police might not respond if the accident takes place on private property, but it’s worth a try. A police report can help bolster your case for an insurance claim or lawsuit.

While waiting for the police to arrive, make sure that everyone is clear of the road for their own safety. 

2. Collect Information

Once it is safe to do so, be sure to collect information from the other parties involved in the accident and any witnesses.

You should get the name, phone number, address, and insurance information from the other drivers. Take photos of your vehicle and any other vehicles involved, being sure to get their make, model, and license plate information. Take a photo of their insurance card, including their carrier and policy number.

Get the names and contact information from any passengers or other witnesses. 

3. Get Checked Out

Anytime you are in an accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is especially true for auto accidents. Some of the most common injuries that result from car accidents don’t always show up right away.

You should get evaluated by a doctor who treats car accidents victims as soon as possible after being in a Florida accident.

4. Report the Accident

As soon as you are able, you should report the accident to your insurance company.

You should also use the contact information you collected to file an insurance claim with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Your insurance company can help you get repairs done quickly if there is property damage to your vehicle. 

5. Contact an Attorney

If you were injured in the accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. They specialize in these types of cases and can help you get the right medical treatment.

One of the most important aspects of proving your case is having the right documentation, so working with an attorney from the get-go will ensure your rights are protected. If you were in an accident, you’ll want more information about Florida accident attorneys. 

Were You in a Florida Accident?

If you were involved in a Florida accident that wasn’t your fault, you have rights and may be entitled to compensation.

If you haven’t been to the doctor yet – you need to get yourself checked out. You should also contact an attorney to learn more about your rights.

If the other driver stayed put at the scene, exchange vehicle and insurance details with them. List down the make, model, year, vehicle identification number, and license plate number. Ask for the complete name, address, date of birth, contact info, and license number of the other driver.

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What Are the Common Types of Divorce?




Nearly 750,000 divorces were filled in 2019. Most people probably think there is only 1 type of divorce. But divorce is certainly not one size fits all. Over the years the divorce proceedings have changed a lot. 

Today spouses can file for divorce with no party at fault. This has created different types of divorce to cater to different circumstances. Read on for your divorce options. 

The Most Common Types Of Divorce

There are two divorce principles we need to understand, at-fault vs no-fault divorce and contested vs uncontested divorce. 

Previously, courts would only grant a divorce if one spouse could prove the other was “at fault” for the breakdown of the marriage. Usually through infidelity, abuse or neglect. No-fault divorce is where a spouse will file for divorce with no stated reason. 

An uncontested divorce is where both spouses agree to divorce without any litigation. Uncontested divorces can be as simple as both parties filing the necessary paperwork together. These are best for uncomplicated divorces.

Contested divorces occur when one party is seeking a divorce and the other is not. Contested divorces typically take months or even years to resolve.  Contested divorces can take place even if both parties agree to separate but are not in agreement on the conditions of the divorce. Such as child custody and support and division of property. 

You can have no-fault divorces that are either contested and uncontested, and at-fault divorces that are either uncontested or contested.

Most divorces can be settled out of court, and this is ideal for most divorces. Your circumstances will determine how you should proceed. 

Mediated Divorce

A mediated divorce is when a mediator is hired to work with the divorcing couple. In this case, neither spouse seeks individual legal counsel, and both work with the mediator. The mediator does not give legal advice or render an agreement but supports the couple in coming to a fair and agreed resolution. 

Collaborative Divorce

In this case, both spouses hire separate lawyers. Both spouses agree to disclose all information and settle the matter out of court. Both parties are guided by their lawyer. This is a good approach for complex divorces where parties are in agreement to separate but have issues that need resolution. 

This type of divorce allows for legal representation, such as, but aims to resolve the proceeding in private. If the divorce cannot be resolved then the matter must be taken to court and new lawyers must be found. 

Default Divorce

In circumstances wherein the spouse is unable to be located or has not responded to the divorce petition within a reasonable time, a default divorce can be sought. 

If this happens the spouse seeking the divorce will petition the judge to grant a divorce by default. 

Contested Divorce

If one spouse is not agreeing to the divorce or if spouses are significantly apart on the conditions of divorce then the divorce will be contested and must be settled by the courts. A judge will make a ruling on the conditions of the divorce. 

Getting Divorced

Getting divorced is not a fun process. To make sure you get the best outcome for you, your partner, and your children you need to know the types of divorce and make the best decision for your circumstances.

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How To Choose A Domestic Abuse Attorney?




It is nothing short of a huge challenge to choose your lawyer to defend your case. The situation turns even worse when it comes to matters of domestic violence. It is essential to take a stand for yourself and hire a domestic abuse attorney who is worthy of fighting your case effectively.

Although domestic abuse seems like a minor issue, it is not that mere a case. It is capable of ruining your personal life as well as professional credibility.

What Is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is often referred to as domestic abuse or even intimate partner violence. It can also be done by a family member or a carer. Domestic abuse can be in any form, such as economic, physical, psychological, emotional, digital abuse, or even sexual. In the vast majority of cases, domestic violence is experienced by women.

Role Of An Attorney?

A domestic abuse attorney fights such cases involving forms of domestic violence when approached by a sufferer and works towards providing justice to the abused person. He must be well qualified as well as well experienced to handle complex cases.

Following are some points that discuss the necessary traits of a domestic abuse attorney:

Is Easily Available

Not only a domestic abuse attorney but any lawyer should also be accessed easily. He or she must be at your side at times of your need. Your future is threatened at the very moment the police show up at your doorstep regarding cases of domestic abuse. Arrests scare most defenders. The attorney must be at your side, providing you mental support alongside legal guidance. They must be able to clarify all your doubts and queries and help you with them.

Is Understanding In Nature

Empathy is an essential trait for all attorneys. False allegations of domestic violence are widespread today. Once there is a negative report filed against you, even your own family starts doubting your character and your innocence. In such situations, you need a lawyer who would not only listen to you but also stick with you through thick and thin. He fights for you and brings your life back on track.

Is Well Experienced

The process of attaining justice in cases of domestic abuse can be tedious and complex. In the legal world, experience does not have a substitute. A well experienced lawyer must be found. He must have a successful track record in winning domestic violence cases.

Communicates Openly

Transparent legal communication is the key to success, as we have heard multiple times. You should communicate clearly with your lawyer about everything you have done, be it right or wrong. They would not judge you. Instead, it would help them handle the case with more confidence.


Domestic abuse is a crime too severe. Relying on bail would not help at all. It is, therefore, necessary to appoint a capable lawyer with all the above-discussed qualities. He would help you get out of the mess legally, sticking by you throughout.

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