Buying Guide for Used Farming Equipment

Buying Guide for Used Farming Equipment

We all know that sometimes our budgets just don’t allow us to purchase the newest and most innovative equipment out there. This turns us to looking to purchase farming equipment that has been previously used. While some previously used equipment can be a goldmine, others can wreak havoc on your financial future. Here are some of our best tips for ensuring that you get the best used farm equipment out there.

Always Look At Features

It’s very easy to get distracted with some of the latest features that a piece of equipment may offer. However, you need to take the time to ensure that it has the features that you’re looking for. This starts with defining the exact features you need in that particular piece of equipment before you even start to look for a used one. This way, you have a list of features to go back to when assessing a specific used piece of equipment.

Research The Price Of Similar Assets

It’s never a good idea to go into purchasing a piece of equipment without knowing what similar assets are currently selling for. You should spend some time sifting through different used equipment websites, looking for equipment that is similar to what you need. Take into account the price, the features it has, and so forth. The idea is to develop a viable price range that you would feel comfortable with.

Don’t Limit Yourself To One Brand

When it comes to the farming community, many tend to stick with the same brand that they’re used to. It’s best to keep your eyes wide open. Just because one brand produced a less superior product doesn’t mean that every product it makes is of lower quality. You should look at the piece of equipment that you want in different brands. Try to take all bias off of the table and see what the machine itself operates like. You may just be impressed with a brand that you haven’t used in the past and find a great deal in the process.

Be Mindful Of Equipment Condition

The condition that a particular piece of equipment is in will have a very profound effect on its price. For example, you should expect to pay less for a piece of equipment that is rusty compared to the same piece of equipment that is rust-free. When assessing the condition of a piece of farm equipment, it’s important to understand where the equipment was used in the past. Equipment from the Midwest tends to be more rust-free than equipment from the Northeast.

Say No To Major Issues

If you’ve been searching for a while and have only found a few different pieces of equipment that you want, it can be discouraging. Your good judgment may fly out the window, and you’ll find yourself investing in a piece of equipment that needs work. You need to really think about how much you’ll be willing to invest in the repairs. Minor repairs like fixing a headlight are feasible. However, when it comes to major issues like the PTO shaft not functioning, it’s not worth the investment. You shouldn’t invest in a piece of equipment that has a major problem with one of its major components. This is just a recipe for disaster.

Investing in used farm equipment is something that can help to keep your equipment costs low. However, you shouldn’t just settle for the first listing that you find. Rather, you’ll want to be mindful of the topics that we discussed above in our buying guide. This will steer you in the right direction to ensure that you make a worthy purchase.

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