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Buying Guide for Trail Camera

Some people believe that you need a good camera to get good photos. Who knows? Maybe they can even save you some money! Well, here you will find the analysis of many of the questions that you can have in mind to buy the best trail camera. As a result of my experience, I will give you some advice so that you do not fall into the mistakes that I made.

Most important characteristics of cameras


Without a doubt, this is one of the main variables when buying atrail camera for many people.The price range is very wide, from less than € 100 for a very simple compact to the many thousands of euros for medium or large format cameras.

The price is usually associated with the functions and benefits, but also with the reputation of the brands.Something that we are going to see here is that the most expensive is not always the best,far from it.Without a doubt, the best trail camera would be the 3 factors: good, nice and cheap 

Size and weight

It is clear that the lower the weight the better since it will require less effort to carry our camera.And the same for the size, right? You could say yes, but with nuances.In principle, the smaller the better because it is easier to transport our camera, so it will be easier to carry it over or near when we need it.


Man, we have already reached the famous Megapixels.Is it clear right? The more the better, right?Well yes, but no.I believe that this myth is already falling, but it still has enough echo, unfortunately.It is a piece of information that manufacturers use to sell the motorcycle.It is clear that the more pixels, we will have larger file size and that means, for example, that we can make larger enlargements.

But it turns out that more megapixels don’t always mean higher quality. It is not describing the best trail camera.It turns out that in that more or less tiny rectangle that is the sensor of your camera, now we will talk about it, manufacturers are increasingly managing to put more photosensitive cells, which capture the pixels of our images.But sometimes they do it at the cost of losing quality.

REMEMBER: more megapixels do not necessarily mean higher quality.

Although heavier images, which take up more space on your discs. Although this today that has lowered the price of storage a lot, it is not a serious problem either.

Trigger Speed

The amount of time between the movement and when the photo is taken is called trigger speed. It’s easy to find cams that fire in half a second or less. Whenever you consider buying best trail camera, this factor comes in the every list. It should be fast enough.


A key element of our camera since it is in charge of capturing our images.Let’s see some qualities.

Sensor technology

  • CCD type sensors

These types of sensors were the first to appear on the market.They are more expensive to manufacture and are slower to process the captured image, but they have a lot of quality.

That they capture the image slower means that it takes longer to be ready for the next shot, so with this type of sensors you cannot take bursts of photos so fast.

  • CMOS type sensors

It is the most widespread type today, because its manufacture is cheaper, which affects the price of the cameras.

They are capable of processing images much faster than CCDs and today they have practically matched their quality.

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