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Buying Guide For Custom Keychains

When you are looking for a practical, functional and beautiful gift to look at or you want to create an original custom gadget to give to employees or to use to promote your brand at special events, fairs and conventions, the choice, often, falls on custom keychains. The alternatives you can opt for are almost endless: let’s find out together why choosing a custom

keychain is always a good idea and how you can customize it to convey a message full of meaning and uniqueness.

Why choose a keychain as a gift

Contrary to what many think, keychains are not objects of dubious usefulness, shoddy and anonymous. On the contrary, they are practical and useful accessories in everyday life. They can be attached to keys and thus perform the function for which they were designed, or they can be used as charms for bags and backpacks.

Benefits of Customs Keychains

Custom keychains are useful items, therefore, is out of the question. They are essential to always have the keys at hand and to avoid losing something on the road trying to extract them from your pockets. A custom keychain is a gift that never goes out of fashion not only because it is practical and useful, but also because it is available in a variety of variants that make it suitable to satisfy every type of taste and need: eco-friendly keychain, fabric keychain, plastic keychains, technology keychains, etc.

When choosing to give a keychain as a gift or buy it for personal use, it is essential to be sure of the quality of the item. It is important to pay attention not only to the resistance of the lace or ring, so as to make sure that the key ring does not break easily, but also to the aesthetics of the object itself and of the decorative pendant, if any.

How to customize a keychain

Keychains are among the most popular and appreciated objects for those who want to make a custom gift. This type of article, in fact, lends itself to complete customization and can be used to communicate a precise message to those who receive it as a gift, to convey their values ​​and to convey a memory or an emotion.

Keychains can be customized in many different ways. When these gadgets are purchased to promote your business, the advice is to customize them with your logo, so as to make them recognizable and so that those who receive them can immediately lead them back to their company. Alternatively, it is possible to opt for the affixing of the company motto.

When, on the other hand, the custom keychains are a gift for oneself or for friends and family, the advice is to focus on a more intimate and meaningful personalization. The customization with photos is very popular, because it allows you to always have someone / something close to you, and the personalization with writings.

Custom keychains: how to choose the right ones

There are custom keychains for every occasion: from graduation to wedding, from Basic to more elaborate ones. Even the print plays a crucial role because depending on the brand they can be elegant, therefore perfect for being engraved or more fun like the anti-stress keychains to be printed in color.

The important thing is that they adequately communicate the value and mission of the brand. If your target is mostly male you can opt for more sober and elegant or minimal models, and smaller in size so that they can be put into trouser pockets without difficulty.

If your company is a dealership, what could be better than giving a custom keychain when you pick up the vehicle ?! Same thing for real estate agencies: it is a very popular but always welcome gift.

Custom Keychains: The best-selling among promotional gadgets

Loved by young and old, custom gadgets are promotional items that everyone really likes, which gives satisfaction to do and of course, to receive.

In the top ten of the most requested gadgets ever, we undoubtedly find custom keychains, timeless objects both for their price and for their usefulness.

Although they have seen a slight decline in recent years, also due to the entry into the market of items. Such as shopping bags and custom thermos and the fact that they have been widely used in the past. They are now back stronger than before thanks to the original and colorful variations made available.

The advantages of these gadgets are still what made them popular years ago. First of all, they are custom gadgets but very cheap for this reason they can be distributed in large events, where there is a high influx of people such as at trade fairs or during conventions and seminars.

Secondly, their success is also to be found in their usefulness. Everyone has more than a bunch of keys: apartment keys, car keys, keys to the bike lock, office, gates etc … These are consumer gadgets appreciated by everyone and can be combined with many other accessories customizable, they do not know seasonality and genre.

In short, they are evergreen gadgets that can be adapted to any company, all budgets and all circumstances.

What types of custom key rings are there?

Having lots of customizable keychains to choose from is very useful; there are the most disparate models: colorful, elegant, with practical functions that allow you to increase use in many contexts.

In short, all the models offer a reason to ensure that everyone can use and employ it during daily activities. So those who receive it are encouraged to always carry the custom keychain with them, increasing the chances of being seen by other people and to impress. Indelibly the name of your brand in people’s minds.

Printed keychains differ in shape, color and size. The materials also vary a lot. From sustainable and green ones in wood or bamboo or in recycled plastic or resin.

Do you want to give a custom keychain as a gift? Keep in touch

If you are looking for a keychain to customize according to your personal tastes or the style of the person who will receive it as a gift. Vograce offers a wide selection of custom gadgets and provides our customers with items of proven quality, thanks to the direct control we carry out daily on the entire production chain.

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