Business Travel: 4 Things to Do During Your Downtime

Many hardworking professionals expect to feel run off their feet during a business trip. When they’re not busy traveling to a destination, they might need to meet with important customers, attend a big business event, or execute a pitch for a potential client or business partner. However, they will often have much time to spare between meetings, events, and client lunches. 

If you are heading off on a business trip soon, many activities can help you pass the time at your destination. Don’t twiddle your thumbs inside your hotel room. Check out these four things to do during your downtime.

  1. See the Sights

Instead of feeling bored inside your hotel room, step outside and explore the best activities a destination has to offer. Every town and city will have a unique history, impressive landmarks, and fun activities to try. 

Spend your downtime sampling its signature dishes, breathing in the beautiful scenery, or learning its story by visiting a local museum, browsing its architecture, or chatting with locals. If you are stuck for ideas, ask the hotel concierge for recommendations on the best sights, stores, and restaurants in the town or city.

  1. Find a Travel Companion

Enjoy a little pleasure when traveling on business by finding a travel companion. They will provide quality conversation, help you explore your destination with ease, and make a business trip a more enjoyable travel experience.

To enjoy some good company when traveling on business in Los Angeles, visit for companionship during your trip to Santa Monica, Calabasas, Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, or Downtown LA, to name a few destinations.

  1. Meet with Your Professional Network

Avoid rattling around your hotel room by reaching out to your professional network at your travel destination or forging new friendships while visiting a city or town. For example, you could ask another industry professional to meet you for a coffee, lunch, dinner, or a casual drink.

Meeting with one or more people could strengthen a friendship with a professional contact, which may lead to a new business or career opportunity. It will ensure a corporate trip feels like a big success.

  1. Rest Up

Long flights, monotonous airport transfers, and lengthy business meetings are bound to make you feel tired and lethargic. Use your downtime to relax your mind and body before catching a flight or train back home. In addition to grabbing an early night at a hotel, take advantage of its various amenities, such as:

  • A spa
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym

You could even relax in the comfort of your guestroom or suite by enjoying a soak in a bubble bath, watching a movie, and ordering room service.

Business travel doesn’t need to be boring and stressful. The above activities could help you pass the time, boost your productivity, and make a trip feel more successful. It doesn’t matter if you are jetting off to London or Los Angeles, embrace the above actions at your destination.

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