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Make Effective Use Of Hashtags

When it comes to Instagram marketing, hashtags play an essential role. When they are used effectively, they can prove to be critical in helping to increase the visibility and discoverability of your business. You can use up to 30 hashtags on each Instagram post. However, nowhere that amount should be used by businesses.

We recommend that businesses use 6 to 10 hashtags per post. When more than that are used it may seem as though you are trying to spam your followers and just attempting to obtain as many random likes as possible. If you use irrelevant or repetitive hashtags, people might choose to not expose themselves to content that uses these spam-like and generic hashtags.

You should choose hashtags that are relevant to your specific market niche, that relate to the content that you are posting, and that do not encourage swapping tactics. It is important to use hashtag strategies on your Instagram account in order to maximize the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns you run. 

Use Instagram Stories

Businesses with Instagram accounts that do not use stories are missing out. Stories are an essential component of all successful Instagram marketing strategies. Since Instagram stories disappear after just one day, your followers expect you to show more behind-the-scenes footage of your business compared to what is shown in your normal feed. Stories offer a great platform for businesses to build good relationships with their followers.   

Many different ticks can be used to help maximize the benefits that your business can enjoy from making use of Instagram stories. They include the following:

Be consistent – Consistency is always essential. Instagram stories need to fit in perfectly with the style of your brand.

Be interactive- Posting polls or asking followers questions is a great way to ensure that people engage with your business and help to develop relationships with them.

Make it personal – Direct messages tend to significantly increase when stories are used. Personal engagement helps to develop loyal followers.

Use The New Stories Highlights Feature

When story highlights are added as an extra element, they can be used to help add interest to the bio section of your business’s Instagram account. A highlighted story is a story that you would like to stay up for more than 24 hours and stay on top of your profile on Instagram until you do not want it there any longer. When they are used effectively and you choose the right appropriate stories, it can help to add a whole new component to your company’s Instagram profile. That can provide prospective new followers with personal insights into the kind of people running the business and demonstrate to them why they should be following your Instagram account.

Instagram Shopping

Are you still not sure whether or not you want to switch to a business account from your personal account? If you are serious about Instagram marketing then you will be happy to know that when you have a business account it provides you with access to Instagram’s shopping feature. The feature allows businesses to directly sell products from their Instagram posts and stories.  Since posting links in posts is not allowed by Instagram, this is a very important feature for businesses that use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.

Develop Influencer Partnerships

If you are able to develop a relationship with an Instagram influencer it can help your business’s Instagram account look more credible and increase its following through being able to target a new audience. According to a recent survey, 80% of marketers think that the most important platform for using influencer marketing is Instagram.

One of the most effective ways you can help to establish a link between an influencer and your brand is to allow an ‘Instagram taker’ to occur on your business Instagram account. That makes it possible for an influencer to post multiple stories on your account from their perspective. That is likely to resonate with the influencer’s followers.

Grow Your Audience

In order to grow your audience when starting out you can purchase likes and comments from Social Shaft.

The most effective part of Instagram that your business can use to target new markets is to use Instagram ads. Each month, there are 2 million businesses that advertise on Instagram. After you have identified your target audience, you can replicate it to other regions To maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing ads, be sure that you target the following four key factors:

  • Demographics – Target specific language groups, age groups, or genders
  • Behaviors – Analyze the behaviors of people both on and off Instagram
  • Location – Target specific countries or counties
  • Interests – Targe people who use similar services or follow similar accounts


Understanding the Critical Role of MSPs in the IT Infrastructure Of Your Business




Relying on an in-house IT department has always been the accepted way for most businesses to survive their daily grind. The advancement of technology has allowed businesses to provide services that are convenient to the client and efficient for the business. 

However, the reality of most traditional settings is the lack of the needed resiliency to keep up with the pace of innovations. It results in a reactive process rather than being productive in every part of your undertaking. 

As such, a managed services provider is slowly becoming the rudiment of any business in the digital world. It refers to the management and administration of businesses concerning IT needs like server maintenance, network monitoring and security, infrastructure management, and cloud storage.  

The dynamics of MSP focuses on the technological demands of a business rather than the tangible aspects of work. Information technology is often one of the most expensive parts of the operation and managed IT services can significantly curtail the financial demands on your business.  

How Modern Businesses Benefit from Managed IT Services

There are tons of reasons to invest in managed IT services. Maintaining and keeping your IT infrastructure in order will impact your business. 

Outsourcing your IT needs removes the overwhelming constraints that are holding your business down. It can be scaled based on your needs and removes all the other extraneous problems that distract you from achieving your core business goals. 

Incorporating new technologies into your operations can also be problematic to small and medium businesses that do not have the money for additional training. With a managed services provider, you get the expertise you need without being troubled in finding the right support. 

Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of an MSP is keeping the costs low to mid-end of your finances. It can be scaled up or down as needed and eliminates the costs of hiring and training an internal team to work on your IT infrastructure. 

Enabling Your Business with Managed IT Services

Technology needs to evolve as businesses scale up their services. Being left behind with old technology is one big factor that can drag your business down because it does not meet the demands of modern software requirements. In such instances, additional resources and financing would be needed to upgrade your entire system. 

On the other hand, outsourcing your business, IT demands to enable your business by helping you veer these resources to your operational needs. And if business demands are low, you can scale your organisation’s IT needs. Unlike an internal IT department, you can upgrade services and scale down as needed. 

Support is also one critical factor if you are running a modern business with new technologies. With an MSP, you are at the reins of your IT needs because of round-the-clock support to ensure you get the help you need when you need it. 

An understated benefit of having an MSP is avoiding expensive downtime. In addition, because your IT department is located outside your premises, potential problems that may arise are commonly traced, monitored, and maintained before becoming a bigger issue. 

The service provider and their team of experts are responsible for the integrity of your entire technological infrastructure and remove all possible nuisances of a traditional setting. 

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3 Helpful Tips When Buying a Car Online



Buying a Car

Your car will encounter different kinds of issues at some point, using up a ton of your expenses. Owning a car that constantly gets repaired is a clear sign that the car needs a complete overhaul or replaced. If you choose to replace it, you will need to find a car to suit your needs. 

Nowadays, you can buy cars online in the comfort of your home, so you do not have to visit from dealership to dealership and ask which cars are available. However, you have to note that buying a car online is not as easy as you think. If it is your first time buying a car online, you have to learn the different tips to get the right vehicle. 

Extensive Research Is Key

One tip that any car buyer needs to remember is to never buy a car without researching it. There were many instances when car buyers would randomly choose a car on the website because it looks good without knowing that they are not entirely comfortable driving or owning it. 

You have to research the cars they advertise on their website and check if the specifications you researched are the same as theirs. Ensure you get your resources from credible websites or reliable car inspectors. And once you know you have examined the car enough, you should be able to use that info whether the car will be fitting for you or not. 

Always Check The Car In Person

New car buyers make one mistake because they rely too much on the dealership’s words that they are getting an excellent car. But even if the dealership is one that you can trust, it is still highly advisable to check out the car in person. Doing so lets you get a close-up look of the car, ensuring that everything is how it was listed on the website. 

There may be tiny imperfections on the car that was not too clear in the pictures, and remember that little details are essential when you buy cars online. A single scratch on the paint job can already reduce the car’s price, so you need to have a good eye when looking at the car. 

Test Drive The Car

After inspecting the car inside and out, the next step is to take it out for a spin. Every dealership will always let potential buyers take it out for a drive to ensure nothing seems out of place when they are driving it on the road. In some cases, driving the car can bring about several issues that did not appear when the car was not running. 

Usually, staff from the dealership will be with you while you drive the car around the block. While driving the car, it is best to ask questions about the car and the cars they sell to get to know them better. And if you like the car and plan to purchase from them soon, you can quickly contact them. 

What makes it excellent is that you can slowly build a strong relationship with them, which helps you buy a new car. In addition, they can tell you what cars they have in stock right away and can even give you great deals. 

Make sure you remember the different tips mentioned above if you plan to buy quality cars online. 

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Work environment – guide to creating the perfect workplace




It’s a two-way street when it comes to forming a team. On one hand, workers put their skills and expertise to work and companies compensate them appropriately through remuneration and recognition.

But there’s a lot further to go. Building your staff up for success boils down to how you assist them personally, intellectually, and physically. And it isn’t as hard as it could appear to be. Even minor actions like purchasing office furniture in Sydney may help to create a pleasant work atmosphere and make employees secure by valuing their talents and aspects that are parts of being active members of the team.

1. Make onboarding and development a priority

When it comes to cultivating prospering teams and good working conditions, hygiene factors, respect and suitable office furniture is quite important to make them feel welcomed. Companies in Sydney are recognising that a DO-or-DIE mindset does not work.

Most companies don’t have the time and resources to inspect and process the change for the benefit of everyone. Members’ initial couple of weeks, at the very least, should be well prepared. If at all feasible, arrange time for the following activities to help them get over the uncomfortable introduction phase:

  • Observing colleagues
  • Participating in discussions and meetings
  • Finding and viewing critical corporate documents and process documentation

2) Set the surroundings comfortable and customised enough to work peacefully

Easy going office chairs (with wheels for the staff to be seated, yet slide and pass through stuff in the office ) and desks with the height of a person’s chest (for the perfect seating and the positioning of the laptop or desktop) and other office furniture in Sydney would make jobs that are 9-5 less straining on the person’s mental and physical health, permitting them to perform their best in the workplace.

3) Appoint someone to monitor and inspect the workplace now and then

Random walk in’s and checks not only make the employees alert and conscious about having to work productively to avoid trouble, but could also act as a motivational factor for them to work their best in the workplace as they may consider that as an opportunity to prove their skills and determination for further opportunities like promotions and a salary raise.

4) Team work, and job enlargement is a must

Finding something different is always good, and so is change too. Changing the daily work to something different would not only excite them to come to work but would also reverse the effects of sleepiness and laziness during the working hours, and in result this would boost productivity and flexibility causing the company to perform better over time. 

5) Workplace ethics and principles make them feel more devoted to the company over time 

Strict company ethics and principles induce the effect of adding value to the companies functioning by inspiring the staff in some way or the other. This way, workers would learn how to follow them and respect all the companies guidelines over time, that causes them to stay loyal and spread a good word about the company in and out of the workplace. 

Moreover, implementing ethics and principles would not only benefit the company, but also cause the employees and staff to get along better and unite into one strong team, while they would also take the challenges personally and work extra hard to protect the company’s image. 

6) An ideal figure obtaining the paternalistic leadership style helps employees and workers get inspired and follow their paths 

A successful boss or any ideal figure at the workplace actively reaching out to all the staff and advising them or inspiring them with stories would not only boost their motivation, but would also cause them to look up to them and hold some amount of respect for their words and advice. This could potentially help improve staff motivation and result in company success.

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8 Tips on Improving Workplace Safety and Health for Your Business



Over 1 million patients suffer from stair-related injuries each year in the US.

Every day at work, we’re confronted with health and safety hazards. These hazards, depending on your place of employment, include stairs, poor air quality, ladders, and chemical spills. 

If you’re the owner of a company, it’s part of your job to keep your employees safe. Start taking steps now to improve the overall health and safety of your workplace. 

Below are 8 ways you can improve workplace safety and health. By putting these tips into action, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in workplace safety.

1. Discuss Safety More Often

How often do you chat about work-related health hazards with your staff? Schedule regular reminders regarding the health and safety of your office. 

Host monthly training sessions to review how to use certain equipment or answer any safety questions an employee may have. Send out a weekly newsletter that includes quick safety tips.

If you’re noticing a recurring issue, schedule an immediate staff meeting to address what you’ve observed. Bring in safety or medical professionals if you need help demonstrating proper safety techniques. 

2. Review Your Training Materials 

Spend time thoroughly reviewing your workplace safety training materials, especially the materials provided to new hires. Your company should be introducing its safety guidelines and expectations from the beginning. 

Highlight sections of your handbook that are too vague or complicated to understand. Make amendments to improve clarity. Review your materials with all management staff for final approval.

Hire a local videographer to aid in making workplace safety videos. Videos are great ways to visually display how to prevent common workplace injuries.

3. Encourage a Healthy Work Culture

If your employees are consistently tired, sick, and unhappy, injury and sickness will become common. Encourage a healthy, happy, and safe work culture. 

Inform your employees of the need for proper sleep and rest. Allow for frequent stretch breaks, and create a space for employees to relax if they need a quick breather. 

Install vending machines with healthier snacking options to encourage a well-rounded diet. You’ll also need plenty of water to keep staff members hydrated. Keep free snacks, such as apples, available in the office. 

Establish transparency between you and your employees. Allow them to express their concerns if they have any. 

4. Develop Emergency Plans

Whether it’s a chemical spill, fire, or a major fall, have an emergency plan in place. Outline the steps employees must take to properly address the issue. 

If your job involves hazardous chemicals, inform employees how to handle the chemicals and how to clean up in the case of a spill. Inform them of proper disposal methods. Always keep an inventory chemical list with descriptions of smell and appearance for easy identification. 

In the case of a fire, highlight emergency escape routes. Show which points of exit are the best to take for the different sections of your office. You’ll also want to mark exit points in the case of an active shooter. 

5. Regularly Clean the Office

Reduce the mess and the spread of germs by regularly cleaning the office. 

Encourage employees to maintain a clean desk by throwing away trash, organizing their materials, and wiping down their desks with antibacterial wipes. Praise employees, you notice cleaning the communal areas of the office. 

Hire a local cleaning team to regularly clean your office and bathrooms after work hours. Even if you aren’t able to afford for them to clean weekly, hire them to clean a couple of times per month. 

6. Build Staff Morale

Poor staff morale leads to an increase in careless mistakes. Energize your employees and get them excited to be at work. 

Do this by creating incentives, planning surprise employee outings, or recognizing top-performing employees during staff meetings. On top of recognizing top performers, give shout-outs to those you notice being safe and clean at work. 

Employees will work harder and safer to be recognized in the company. They’ll work even harder if you offer reward gift cards, paid trips, and free lunches. 

Not only will you notice a safer work environment, but you’ll also notice a better spirit and more smiles coming in through the doors each day. Your employees want to know they’re appreciated. 

7. Encourage Accountability

You, along with the remainder of the management team, won’t always be around to catch workplace dangers. Encourage accountability amongst your staff. 

If an employee notices their co-worker not following proper safety protocol, ask them to immediately address the situation with their co-worker. They should speak to you if the unsafe employee is unwilling to listen to instructions. 

Do you have employees that have shown integrity while on the job? Appoint a few of these employees as team safety leads. It’ll be their duty to watch over co-workers, answer safety questions, and write formal reports if there’s an incident. 

8. Provide Noticeable Signage and Warnings

It’s important to provide warning labels and signage to bring more awareness to potential hazards. Spend time walking through your worksite while making notes of dangers you’ll need to create signs for. 

Label chemicals and cleaners used on the job. Labeling is especially important if you use an abundance of blank refillable bottles and containers. 

Place signs by staircases, steps, or drops in the flooring. These signs should be large and noticeable from a distance. 

Provide warnings near all of the sharp, dangerous equipment for employees. Include graphics of what to do and not do with the machinery and equipment. Develop safe storage techniques for all machinery not being used.

Better Safe Than Sorry: Workplace Safety and Health

No matter what duties are performed within your company, spend time on improving workplace safety and health. Protect yourself and your employees. 

Start by identifying major risks within the worksite. Develop training materials on accident prevention and prepare emergency action plans. Encourage a spirit of high morale and accountability amongst your staff. 

For the latest news on business, health, education, and tech, check out the other articles on our site. We have information on everything from improving your credit score to selecting high-quality babysitting services. 

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The Truth About Bitcoin Risk and Returns in 2021



It’s been a wild few months in the world of cryptocurrency, with the value of bitcoin rising and falling dramatically in short periods of time. There have always been risks and fluctuations when it comes to crypto exchanges, but the past few months have shown us just how extreme these shifts can be.

What is the current bitcoin risk that the average investor would need to face? It’s extremely important to understand this sense of risk before investing any money into the popular cryptocurrency.

Looking to understand the current risks of investing in bitcoin? Read on and we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know.

The Risk of Bitcoin

First, let’s start by understanding what the general risks associated with bitcoin really are. There are a few risks associated with owning cryptocurrency in general and it’s important that you get familiar with them.

The main risk when purchasing bitcoin is obviously that the price could go down after you make your purchase. The value of the bitcoin you purchase might actually decrease over time, meaning you’ll have lost money in your investment. 

This is a distinct threat, as the price of bitcoin is based on nothing but the value that different investors put on it. The value of bitcoin, thus, is heavily and easily influenced by different events around the world. 

A casual tweet by Elon Musk, for example, might be enough to send the price skyrocketing or falling.

There are other less common risks, such as the risk of someone getting access to your private key, but these can be mitigated with proper care. There’s the risk of not having liquid funds, but bitcoin ATMs like those at can mitigate these concerns as well. 

Being familiar with the risks of investing in bitcoin is important before you put any money down.

Regulation Risks for 2021

What about the general sense of risk at the present moment? Bitcoin has always been a somewhat risky investment, but all the media attention on bitcoin has created an even riskier environment. 

The biggest obstacle bitcoin has to face in the future is regulation. China recently has made moves to hobble the cryptocurrency industry by shutting down mines and denying many crypto payments. 

Putting limitations on bitcoin could scare off investors and drive down the price, which has been soaring higher and higher over the previous few years. 

Environmental concerns are also a potential plague on bitcoin’s future. It takes a whole lot of energy to properly mine bitcoin, and the threat of backlash when it comes to these matters is ever-present. 

It’s important to keep these threats in mind when considering an investment.

Understanding Bitcoin Risk

There are a number of security risks of bitcoin that are important to get familiar with. Understanding the ins and outs of bitcoin risk are important before investing so that you know what to expect.

Need more bitcoin advice and information? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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