Built Best Budget Pc In Your Budet Guide 2021

This post is designed to help people who want to build their own customized PCs but are not familiar with the latest hardware on the market and so are not sure about what parts to get. Sometimes it becomes confusing to decide between competing products (or different products from the same company) because so many factors are there to consider when buying PC components such as price, performance, features, power consumption, heat dissipation, noise level, upgradability, and warranty.

Custom PC Guide provides you with system recommendations for different budgets. The systems are updated regularly according to the latest hardware on the market, and the components are chosen with 3 priorities in mind :

Price/performance :

This is the first criterion that should be considered when purchasing computer parts. The level of performance you get for your money is what determines how successful your purchase is. Sometimes paying those extra $50 buys you a considerable performance boost, other times it is better to direct this amount of money to another component where it will have a better effect on the overall performance of the system.

Future proofing :

Not that a system can remain up-to-date forever. However, a good PC should serve you well for at least 3 years enabling you to run different applications and play recent games (of course you’ll have to opt for playing newer games at lower settings as time goes by but they will still be playable).

Quality :

Only quality components that enjoy good user experiences are chosen.

There are system recommendations for Budget, Mid-Range, and High-End PCs. It is noteworthy that these systems are chosen with hardcore gamers in mind. Even the budget system offers a very decent gaming performance that is enough to satisfy hardcore gamers on a budget.

With the increasing popularity of HTPCs, it was essential to include system recommendations for three HTPC systems; Budget HTPC, Mid-Range HTPC, and High-End HTPC.

If you have never built a computer before and need a good guide to computer assembly, you can find links to good and detailed computer assembly guides in the Building Guides section. Computer assembly is a very easy and ,in fact, amusing process.

After you have built your computer, you might want to benchmark your system’s performance. The Benchmarks section provides you with links to the major benchmarking tools necessary to benchmark both overall performance and specific performance areas of your system.

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