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In-Depth Review of Build Your Empire University



Build your empire university

I rarely write an in-depth review of a product or service, but today, I’m making an exception to review Build Your Empire University.

I’ll pre-frame and say, this is quite long, but will give you all the information you need to make a decision on whether this is for you.

This program claims to show people how to start a successful online career in less than 30 days without a social media following, any technical skills or any previous experience. That’s a pretty big statement.

BYEU is an online education platform, and it’s broken down into a few different stages that I’ll explain throughout this review. I’ll be covering the foundational first 4 modules, from the ’30 day sprint’, to copywriting, mindset, and marketing modules, the Facebook Group, and community, and everything in between. This program also includes action-based homework. 

It costs buyers $1 to try for 7 days, and then after the 7 days if you decide it’s something for you, it’s then $99/month and includes a no questions asked ‘impossible to argue’ refund policy, where customers can even be refunded the $1 if they ask for it. 

There also isn’t a requirement to have completed a certain tasks or training videos to be eligible for a refund either unlike many other courses I’ve taken.

Like most online courses that make big bold promises, grow fast and sell like hotcakes, Build Your Empire University (and Brodie & Ashley themselves) has its fair share of critics.

I’ve seen a few websites and social media pages and Youtube videos dedicated to calling BYEU and the trainings a fraud.

Yet, at the same time, Brodie, and Ashley have hundreds of testimonials, and a website with many video reviews, and the clear majority of which are definitely very positive. So, what’s the truth? Is Build Your Empire University legit or a fraud? 

And on top of that, why did I decide to put time into reviewing this course?

I’m reviewing the BYEU course for a few different reasons:

  1. I took the course myself and want to share some of the results and my thoughts.
  2. There are many people who have seen social media ads on Facebook or Instagram and would appreciate an honest review. (Not one of these reviews that slates a business, then magically has the solution and tells you to buy their course / product at the end).
  3. There are a lot of people worldwide having difficulties in the current climate and are looking to find an online opportunity, so they will definitely be interested in hearing about my experience.
  4. There aren’t many in-depth, genuinely balanced reviews available online about this course, so I’d like to change that. Like I mentioned, some peoples entire business is ‘Launch / course jacking’, this means they write reviews (mostly negative) about companies, and then give them an opportunity switch – i.e their thing they are trying to sell you. There are several courses online teaching this. I personally think it’s slimy.

Clearly, if I was just to say “Yes, it’s a scam,” or “No, it’s not a scam”, then there would be no point in writing a review. With a course like this, there’s a lot of things to evaluate and I’ll be covering several things including:

  1. Breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly across everything covered in the course.
  2. Who I best believe this course is intended and appropriate for and whether it’s effective or not.
  3. The accounts of my personal experience using this course and how it’s impacted my life, and business.

Well I think that’s enough of an intro. Let’s get started.

(BYEU is currently offering a $1 trial for 7 days unlimited access to the course. If you read through my review and decide that the course is a good fit for you, click here to get access to the $1 trial for 7 days.)

What Is Build Your Empire University?

To really learn whether something lives up to its promises, we have to first evaluate those promises. So let’s take a look at what Build Your Empire University claims to be. These next parts are taken directly from the course landing pages, which you can see in it’s entirety here and from one of their webinar pages I saw on an AD here (NOT affiliate links).

 We Teach Everyday People How To Start Online Careers For Literally Just One Dollar!

(Without Needing Any Prior Experience)

We have created a step-by-step blueprint that’s helped thousands of people from all over the world to add another income stream. 

Learn to start an online career to replace the 9-5 within 6 months!

  1. Module One – The Foundations – Start here
  2. Module Two – The Discovery Process
  3. Module Three – Business Launch Blueprint
  4. Module Four – Before Your Coaching Call
  5. Module Five – Funding Your Business
  1. Bonus – 30 Day Sprint – Step By Step
  2. Bonus – Copywriting Mastery – Previously Live
  3. Bonus – The Mindset 101 Course

Also, there has been 4 additional modules added, that weren’t advertised on their websites, so maybe they will add them to the websites in time. 

Those being, the social media vault, the new marketing module v1, Facebook specific training and email marketing 101 modules.

Here’s A Summary Of Everything You’ll Get:

  • The Build Your Empire University Training modules
  • Exclusive Partner program
  • Community + Weekly Live Q&A Calls
  • One to one coaching call
  • Mindset, Marketing, Copywriting, and Social Media Training
  • Support channels
  • Worksheets and action points
  • Monthly Access for as long as you’re a paying member

Try us with complete confidence.

Backed By Our ‘Impossible To Argue’ Money-Back Guarantee!

I know, it sounds crazy, but if for whatever you don’t get just $1 value out of our platform during the 7 days trial, we’ll even refund you the dollar! Build Your Empire University is 100% risk-free. 

We’ll do everything it takes to help and guide you through videos you love and to start making an income online. If you love the platform after 7 days your card will be charged $99/monthly.

Now that we know what the course claims to be, let’s look at what it actually delivers.

Build Your Empire University: The Good, Bad & Ugly

So let’s jump into the modules, pick it apart, and see what is good, bad and ugly. I’ve decided to break down my review into the following sections:

  1. Useability / Design
  2. Main Modules
  3. Community & Live Calls
  4. Bonuses

Here’s what you see when you log in to the paid membership area:

1. Useability / Design Review – Rated A

Throughout all the Build Your Empire University Pages and funnels I’ve seen (there’s quite a few), something that remains consistent is the design quality. You can see this company puts some effort into design and user experience although I have noticed the odd spelling or grammar error (but I’m not perfect here either)

When you are inside the program itself, via the above pictured dashboard, it’s no different. everything is clean, professional, and easy to use. The videos are high definition, and the content delivery is very clear, to the point and professionally recorded. That said, there was one video early on that I could hear the slightest background noise and echos a little, but I am being picky. It didn’t affect the delivery of information. 

The writing below some of the videos is clean and concise and the worksheet downloads are neat and easy to access google drive docs and sheets.

Considering this was literally a $1 trial, my first observation was that this is extremely impressive, none of the content is locked off, and you can view and download everything you need easily. This design, layout, aesthetics and usability is a lot better than some $2,000 courses I’ve bought in the past. 

Many other courses try to over complicate things. However, BYEU is clearly designed for the user. 

It felt very transparent. Not like some of these companies that hide things until refund policies have past to unlock certain bits of content.

It’s pretty refreshing when everything looks, sounds, and works like it’s supposed to. So honestly, I cannot fault it when it comes to useability and design.

2. Main Modules Review – Rated by Section

This is obviously the most important part, we could realistically tolerate something if it is badly designed or a bit ugly, especially at such a low price point, (thankfully it’s great), but is the content actually any good? Will it meet the claims? Read on.

The content in the foundational modules that Brodie and Ashley teach looks like this:

  1. Understanding entrepreneurship, different types of online opportunities, and the journey you’ll embark on with BYEU
  2. Discovery process (This was pretty cool actually)
  3. The offer they recommend to their users, that they promote and have personally achieved a lot of success with.
  4. A deep explanation video from Brodie that pretty much cleared up most of the questions I had in my head at the time after watching the offer videos.
  5. Then the next steps through the 30 day sprint challenge and beyond.

That’s the main overview process, and as you can already see, it’s not completely revolutionary or ground-breaking as such. Many other businesses use a similar model to teach, train, and deliver information. I feel that this course is also very progressive, but I felt that it was done in a way that kept my attention and unlocked so many ‘aha’ moments and everything flowed on top of the previous trainings.

That said, the training’s are a lot more in depth, than courses I’ve paid thousands for. Videos aren’t like 5 minutes long, they’re deep and packed with knowledge. You’ll definitely want to allocate some time to learn and have a note pad with you. 

The videos cover a lot of information on how to become successful online and I definitely needed to watch some of the videos twice to understand fully and to be able to implement the steps alongside them to make sure I was doing things right.

To best review them, I’ll give a better breakdown of each module in order.

Module One: The Foundations – Start Here – Rated B+

This first module contains three videos at the time of writing, and I felt that some of it was relatively generic when it comes to online courses. Brodie teaches about things like mindset, different types of online opportunities, the flow of the journey you’ll undergo, and then about entrepreneurship, and why it’s the best decision.

Brodie & Ash are expecting that most students will join with little to no previous online experience or business knowledge, and the foundational information they teach in this first module was great because it set expectations and helped with mindset and I know from personal experience, that when you skip this stuff, you’re prone to fail. 

This module was a good stepping stone for the real ‘meat’ of the training to come later on. The final video about entrepreneurship with Adrian was extremely motivating.

I liked the quote “you can’t succeed unless you get started”, it’s basic, but just struck a nerve with me for all the times I’ve doubted myself or held off from doing something.

My criticism if any would be that there was some video echo, and a video had a little bit of background noise, as mentioned it didn’t really take away from the video’s content though. 

Overall a good module, and solidified my beliefs on being an entrepreneur and got me really fired up for success and to move on to the discovery process. 

Module Two: Discovery Process – Rated A+

If you’ve followed Brodie or Ashley for any period of time, you’ll know they are both extremely focussed on inner journey, self development and personal growth. They are extremely driven and believe that having the right mindset is the foundation to achieving success in any area of life.

Module two is completely designed around this concept, with the videos showing different successful members of Build Your Empire University and hearing some of their personal stories before they joined the platform which I thought was cool to see.

This module was 11 short videos, and contains a worksheet to fill in. It covered topics like how to succeed from the beginning, learning and understanding your ‘why’, setting goals, and discovering what’s been holding you back and more.

One thing I noticed was that these videos are from people from different backgrounds, ethnics, genders and countries. You can see they have done well to show that it’s possible to achieve success online regardless of your circumstances.

Module 2 will be extremely beneficial for two types of people:

  1. The people who really enjoy inner growth and personal development
  2. The People who actually need a kick up the a** and are ready to discover how they’re going to succeed online and learn their “aha” moments

To some extent if we look back to all of the situations we’ve had difficulty with over time, you could argue that it was our false beliefs and limited thinking that held us back from greatness. 

Let me give context. I personally tried the 60-hour per week corporate life for years, and I knew I wanted to leave it early on, but it took me 3 years to finally do so. 

I had always heard about online opportunities but didn’t know if they were a scam or not, and also, I doubted that I was good enough to make money and replace my wages from my laptop.

If you are in any kind of situation like this, then this could be the most important module in the entire course for you. I personally had so many breakthroughs and it was the first time I’d asked myself the difficult questions, and I actually looked back at what had gotten me to where I am today, instead of always thinking about the future.

It’s hard to know how effective this module would be for everyone, which is why I categorised it as being great for two types of people, but I can wholeheartedly say for me, this module was truly a blessing.

If we look at the flip side though, this module could be tedious for the type of person that wants to rush things, and skip to the business tactics, or someone that just hates personal development, or inner journey stuff. 

However, in my opinion, I believe that if you applied yourself fully in this module, your results and trajectory would be much higher over time.

I had so many light bulb moments go off in my head after the discovery process that I was extremely optimistic to get right into the next module.

Module Three: Business Launch Blueprint – Rated A

Module three is all about the opportunity and the ‘highest converting offer’ they recommend for you to get started in affiliate marketing online.

I started this module excited but very sceptical, I’d read some reviews saying about how BYEU was some kind of MLM scam, or a pyramid scheme, when the truth is that it was neither, but I can definitely understand why some of the haters would say this (More on this soon – Stick around)

Anyway, I was eager to know what this opportunity and offer was, (and I’m sure you probably are too considering you’re still reading this).

The first video started with Brodie and Ashley giving a pre-frame of what was to come, and then a man named Balasz pretty much took over. He had an incredible story that I related with in several ways personally. I also felt he was extremely genuine.

NOTE: – I also want to let you know, I’ve tried a bunch of different online opportunities, and I’ve got a pretty good ‘BS’ radar, but something felt refreshing about this so I kept an open mind.

Balasz went on to explain some of the issues with our tap water, and showed a bunch of information, and it kind of made me feel sick once I’d learnt (And I also googled a bunch of things after to just make sure everything was making sense and to learn more) 

He then explained the solution, and began to show a live demo of a filtration machine and he was changing the pH levels in water for different uses, showing things like the pH acidity in popular soft drinks, and even bottled water (that I presumed had to be good for you until I learned it couldn’t be further from the truth). 

I learned that they are stripped of minerals, loaded with microplastics, and obviously bad for the environment (Check out the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”) 

I was baffled, and in shock. I’d always known our tap water wasn’t exactly ‘good’ for you, but I figured it wasn’t ‘bad’ for you either. After Balasz really deeply broke down the information, and then backed it up with references, doctors etc (Important for me), I just felt that for most of my life I’d been uninformed, and almost lied to.

After becoming aware of the problem that our water is bad, I was confused as to how this was a business opportunity, but I kept watching.

Balasz then went on to explain how a company called Enagic has been around over 40 years and has patents and then explained the opportunity for making money with the water machines and to me, it sounded very good. 

I personally, saw the value for my family, health, and really believed this is an opportunity I can align with and there were many options to make it extremely affordable.

Now let me explain some of the biggest problems with this module, and the whole ‘water stuff’, and probably the main reason there are some people out there shouting scam, or have issues with Build Your Empire University in general.

I feel that Brodie and Ashley could do a better job at explaining that Build Your Empire University is really an education platform to learn the skills to be able to become a great affiliate marketer online. They provide an abundance of training in realistically all areas you could ever need to know, and it could definitely be used for a plethora of different online businesses from eCommerce, to consulting, to creating a marketing agency, but the main offer they talk about is the water machines (before the actual marketing training) 

So it’s easy to think BYEU is only affiliated with the water machines and then to come up with the conclusion of, If you don’t like Enagic, or the business opportunity, then you don’t like Build Your Empire University.

The Business Launch Blueprint really is pretty awesome in my opinion, but that’s because I learned, researched, and see the value in the water machines. If someone didn’t see the value, or care about the water they put in their bodies, or the other uses such as saving environment, replacing household cleaning products, perfect pH water for washing skin etc

Then, I can definitely see why they would be like “wtf is this, I just sat through loads of videos, to learn about water. F*** you I want to know about facebook ads, and how I can do xyz”.

So this is probably where the disconnect for some people is, in my opinion though, even if you didn’t like the Enagic business opportunity, the following training modules would still really benefit you for whatever online opportunity you’re going to pursue. There is no obligation or requirement to get involved with this offer if you decide it’s not for you, it is however the option they recommend to move forward with.

Module Four: Before Your Call – Rated A+

Remember that Build Your Empire University’s pitch is that they will help you start an online career. Up to this point, they have explained how affiliate marketing works, and demonstrated a viable business opportunity, taught students how to improve their mindset, and carry out personal development work in module 2, but nothing on the actual ‘how’.

How do you get sales, how do you get this to work, and I had a bunch of questions in my head. At this point I was certain the Build Your Empire University is NOT a scam, but I definitely needed to watch module four to get clarity on a bunch of things including

  • What it requires from me to get started
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Frequently asked questions
  • The costs of traditional businesses vs online
  • How to leverage the Build Your Empire University platform, and that the water machines aren’t the most important part to making money, you can leverage the training platform and get paid commission too (This part was gold and got me excited, and I took a bunch of notes)
  • What I’m going to get in the upcoming trainings
  • You don’t need to understand everything to start something, but you need to start to be able to learn and understand.
  • Cleared up the numbers, profits, costs etc
  • Roadmap to wealth, showing what it will take, and how to become successful online.

This module really was crucial for me, I was totally interested in the previous modules, and felt like I received a positive impact right away, but I needed to know more specifics. Module 4 really answered every question, “what if”, and “how do I”, in my head.

I rated this module as A+, it was clear, to the point, and Brodie explained everything I needed to know. This module gave me the true belief that this was an opportunity and business I could get onboard with, and become successful with.

The 30 Day Sprint Modules – A+

The 30 day sprint modules are broken up in to 4 sections and is the final core module in Brodie & Ashley’s Build Your Empire University course. It’s clear that the core focus of this module is learning and implementing the practical steps to take to start earning an online income as soon as possible.

This module is absolutely packed with content and some of the videos are over an hour and are delivered in a step by step manner which is extremely helpful.

Note: If it wasn’t quite as step by step, I think you would need more technical knowledge, and they claim that you need no prior experience, so breaking down the videos over a longer period of time and explaining step by step justifies this claim.

I also liked that some of the trainings were delivered by several different experts, so that the content is always accurate and up to date. 

This module provided a lot of very useful things for new and even experienced online business owners.

  • Setting up Facebook pages, and business managers
  • Mindset training
  • Raising your standards
  • How to season a Facebook fan page
  • How to get set up, and paid as an affiliate of BYEU
  • Understanding your ideal client, where to find them, and what to say to them (This was really great for me)
  • Content creation tips and tricks
  • How to get customers and sales
  • Social media marketing
  • Photo editing
  • Creating and using a domain name
  • Running your first paid advertisements
  • Optimising and split testing ads
  • Step by step conversation scripts
  • Copywriting

And much more. It was truly the most comprehensive training I’ve been through. Nothing was left out, and it was structured in a way that felt like Day one, do this, Day two, do that and your job is to follow along and implement it, as it’s being taught.

There were also multiple downloadable documents, guides, and worksheets.

This module really was the real deal, it helped everything come together, and everything flowed in a great order, and after it there’s several continuation and higher level trainings and masterclasses.

1. Community, Facebook Group & Live Calls – Rated A+

The final part to review is the Community, Facebook group, and live calls that all new students get access to, even during the $1 trial. It’s fairly standard practice that any online course, or training platform comes with a Facebook group nowadays, and more often than not, they don’t really add any value and become quite annoying. As I mentioned I’ve joined several courses over the years and 4/5 of the Facebook groups aren’t worth joining. As you can see from the above image, people really are handing in letters of resignation and quitting their jobs.

The Facebook group for Build Your Empire University, however, gets a solid 8/10.

The community is extremely active, and members are really engaged. There’s also far more actual value is shared than other groups I’ve been a part of in the past, which tend to be hype fests. Each week on a Monday, Brodie does a live call which is really helpful, full of information and not just hype people up calls like I’ve seen in the past, the first call I joined Brodie was talking a lot about Instagram specific training, and the next one I saw was about winning the day and productivity tips and how to create a daily planner with Ashley. There was also Q & A time, so members could ask questions and get them answered live.

Members post in the group a lot, and the community gets together and answers questions, helps them, and gives feedback. It’s extremely rare to see a post unanswered considering there’s literally over 50+ posts in a given week.

The other great thing about the Facebook group is a lady named Andrea Chalmers does a live ‘Legends Unleashed’ call, which is interviewing the up and coming members and success stories in BYEU from all backgrounds, experience and abilities. This is probably my favourite thing to see. The whole community really gets behind and engages with these calls!

Why I Don’t Think Build Your Empire University Is A Scam

So now that I’ve completed and reviewed the entire core modules of the course, let’s get back to the original question. Is Build Your Empire University a scam?

Well, clearly, my answer is “No”. 

But at the same time, it’s not for everyone.

Let me explain.

I’d say Build Your Empire University is without doubt the best course you can take if you are wanting to start an online business from scratch.

  • The video production is better than most of the courses I’ve been through.
  • The actual delivered content is way better than most courses online.
  • The Facebook group is really brilliant, in fact it’s the best group I’ve been a part of.
  • The price is crazy. You get everything for $1 for 7 days, then after that it’s only $99 usd a month, which is still 90% less than most of the courses I’ve purchased.
  • The course has directly increased my online income multiple times more than any other course I’ve taken online.

Prior to joining the BYEU program, I spent most of my life in corporate jobs, doing bits of consulting & freelancing occasionally, but I’d be contracted and there was no consistency. I could make a few hundred dollars a day, then nothing for a week. 

Now I have pure clarity, I get leads and sales pretty much at will from implementing the trainings. If I ever get stuck, I post my issue / question in the Facebook group and someone helps, or I ask on a live Monday call. 

Now, while Brodie’s course didn’t launch my business completely from scratch, because I’d done previous courses, it would be very silly of me to look at my current monthly income and think, “That, $99 a month course was not worth it.” This course really is better than most $2k courses I’ve purchased, and the frequency of new content updates is remarkable.

Last year, I spent $3,997 on a different course that hasn’t translated into a single dollar of extra income or ROI for me, yet this $99 a month course is leagues above it and is directly responsible for my income growth.

However, I do believe that this isn’t true for everyone. For some people, spending $99 a month on training feels like a MASSIVE investment, and as a result, they have some crazy expectations for what they’ll receive as a result. 

BYEU does offer a $1 trial for 7 days, so this is really more than enough opportunity to consume content, and decide whether this platform is for you.

But here are the exact reasons that Brodie & Ashley’s course is NOT for everyone.

  • If you don’t plan on committing to completing the training videos, implementing the action worksheets, and spending at least a month to consume the wealth of content, DON’T buy this course!
  • If you don’t want to learn new skills, or use a phone or laptop, this course will NOT work for you.
  • If you aren’t really interested in building an online income, this course will NOT work for you.
  • If you don’t like speaking to new people, and aren’t willing to learn advertising, or wanting to sell anything, this course will NOT work for you.
  • If you prefer to just watch a load of videos, and change things instead of following the step by step instructions, this course will NOT work for you.
  • If you are looking for someone to do all of the work for you, this course will NOT work for you.
  • If you are set on a specific business model that doesn’t match affiliate marketing, this course may NOT work for you. It’s heavily focussed on Affiliate marketing, but there are plenty of other training modules to learn skills like Copywriting, Marketing, Advertising etc.
  • If you are looking for a huge income in your first week, this course will NOT work for you.

This isn’t one of those times you invest $1 into a lottery ticket and then wake up with a six figure business. There is a lot of work involved, most of it might be new for you. 

Yes, you can simply follow BYEU’s step-by-step videos and instructions, but there’s also 100+ hours worth of content if you were to consume everything it’ll take some time. (Essential content I’d estimate 12-15 hours), and then you actually have to do the work, and things that you learn.

In other words, you aren’t investing $1 and someone is going to build a business for you, You have all the tools you could ever need, but you still need to implement them and run your own business.

That’s not for everyone, some people definitely want push button systems, and this isn’t it. There are also a lot of people in this world that were really meant to be employees, and not business owners as Brodie mentions early on. Some people function best when they’re told where to be, when to be there, and have everything handed to them on a plate, and if that is you, that’s okay. The Build Your Empire University course might feel like a scam for you, because if you’re expecting all the riches, and benefits of entrepreneurship without encountering the downsides, and the hard work, you might feel scammed.

But for most people that are looking into BYEU, this course isn’t a scam. 

It’s the opportunity they’ve been looking for into the world of business and entrepreneurship.

One thing I like is, unlike most courses, there aren’t a bunch of income claims. Brodie and Ash love showing their successful students, and some of them are doing 7 figures a year, others doing 6 figures a year, others their first ever income online, but the trainings in this platform, and the community make you feel welcome at any level. 

(In video reviews I watched, people overwhelmingly mentioned the community being their favourite thing, here’s a link to many different Build Your Empire University Reviews)

Plus, As you can see from the above Facebook posts, regular people have been able to resign from their jobs, and meet their full time income goals from the BYEU trainings, while others celebrate their first wins. 

I think it’s really great seeing so many people succeed through Brodie & Ashley’s training platform.

The ultimate question left, is whether or not this is the right option for YOU. Here’s my thoughts:

If you want to learn a legitimate online business, this course will benefit you.

  • If you want to learn affiliate marketing, this course will benefit you.
  • If you are trying to get out of your job, and work from home, or anywhere in the world, and you are willing to work hard and follow directions, this is probably the best course you can take.
  • If you don’t have any skills but you want to start earning money, and you’re willing to learn. This course is perfect.
  • And of course, if you are an affiliate marketer already, and you want to reach six figures and beyond, this course will give you everything you need to do that.


There’s a chance that I am a little biased considering how much this course has helped and benefited my life and business. Also, I could be overestimating how beneficial and step by step this course will be to an absolute beginner that has never worked a day online. 

Overall, I believe this course delivers exactly what it promises to, anything that could be complicated for a new person was broken down step by step, and explained thoroughly, and then with all the extra modules and the best facebook community I’ve ever seen. This course overdelivers far more value than any other course I’ve purchased, and at a fraction of the cost. 

You get access to everything, for a $1 entry point, and the platform provides more value than most $2,000+ courses I’ve purchased.

In short, Build Your Empire University is definitely NOT a scam, and if your goal is to build a six figure online business, it’s probably the best value you’ll ever get for $1, then $99 a month after 7 days if you decide it’s for you. 

That’s my honest, and detailed view, anyway. I hope you enjoyed and use this information to make your decision on whether or not Build Your Empire University is for you.

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Facts About Environmentally Friendly Steel



Steel is an essential part of modern life and modern economies. There are many ways steel production and usage can be adjusted to be environmentally friendly. Here are five facts about environmentally friendly steel.

1. Tempered Steel Has A Long Lifespan and High Resource Efficiency

One of the most effective and useful methods of making steel is tempering steel. This is the process of heating the steel to the critical temperature and then quickly cooling it. Heating and cooling may be performed once or several times, depending on the type of steel you’re making or the type of product it’s being used for. Tempered steel is more elastic and less brittle than non-tempered steel, which means it’s more durable and therefore has a much longer lifespan. These batches of steel are less likely to corrode or warp, for example. Products with longer lifespans get thrown out and recycled less often, which contributes to the higher resource efficiency of tempered and cold-formed steel. In addition, this durability means your steel is less likely to require repairs or replacements, which also contributes to resource efficiency.

2. There Are Steel Industry Sustainability Efforts

The steel industry has many efforts geared toward environmental sustainability, as well as toward economic and social sustainability. Many of these sustainability efforts include improving the energy efficiency and environmental cleanliness of its industrial processes. In the United States, for example, electric arc furnaces are the most often used furnaces in steel production, with more modern types of fuel sources using renewable energy now being implemented. They greatly reduce the American steel industry’s carbon footprint. The American steel industry also makes an effort to use high-quality iron in its steel production, in the form of iron ore pellets. These pellets emit much smaller amounts of greenhouse gases than other sources, such as sintered iron.

3. Steel Is Continuously Recyclable

Steel is one of the types of material that can be recycled continuously. Not only can some of the processes used to create steel be adapted to become greener, but the steel itself can typically be recycled into new steel products when it’s finished its current use. In recent years, steel has become the number one most recycled material in the world. This holistic approach to the lifecycle of steel and steel products can greatly reduce the environmental impact of the steel industry. When you recycle steel instead of creating new steel, you can cut industrial emissions and conserve more energy.

4. Steel Can Support Green Constructions

Because steel is so integral to most industries, consumer products and constructions, it can be leveraged to support green initiatives in industries and construction. For example, steel can support large amounts of weight, so it can be used to support rooftop terraces and greenhouses in urban areas. These constructions can help better insulate buildings, prevent water runoff and help reduce the heat island effect. However, all these benefits come at the cost of these structures and the organic matter they house being incredibly heavy. Steel can ensure you can install one of these structures without risking the integrity of your building.

5. Steel Is Part Of The Circular Economy

Steel is considered part of the circular economy mainly due to its continuous recyclability. Not only is the steel itself fully recyclable, but its byproducts can be recycled as well. All products and byproducts of the steel industry, when processed properly, can be used and reused in a continuous loop. The main benefit of steel being part of the circular economy is that it’s also the underpinning of a large part of the world economy. If the steel industry becomes greener and more environmentally friendly, then the hope is that all of the industries that are related to or that benefit from steel will follow along and become more environmentally friendly too.

Steel is already an environmentally friendly material. There are several methods of creating steel that are safe for the environment, as well as many ways existing steel can be leveraged to support other environmental and green efforts.

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Should I have a Rap Rhyming Dictionary?



Rhyming Dictionary

I’m going to chase about this: you shouldn’t find a rap-specific rhyme dictionary. Duration.

Why? You may ask why am I so opposed to it? Okay, it will, but not better than a dictionary of real rhythms.

Here’s why: You can find some words in a rap dictionary that wouldn’t be in a regular rhyme dictionary, the opposite is almost always true. Rap rap dictionaries focus too much on one genre, and so rappers who rely on them become very clicky and worn out.

 “His rhymes are so basic …”

Unfortunately, many young rappers follow the advice in this dictionary and sound like thousands of other rappers who read the same thing. If you want to stand out, you have to use rhymes that no one has ever thought of putting together and trust me, I have never heard a rapper sprinkle “monochromatic” with “melodramatic”.

Guess what? I got it from a real rhyme dictionary.

Words that aren’t in a real rhyme dictionary are also real, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that obscene words are everywhere, and therefore less likely to sound fresh and original. My advice: go with the real deal without following the crowd and risk listening to the real …

It has worked for all the greats and should work for you too.

Just to get your mind working, here’s a list of words I’ve never heard on rap:











How to use nursery rhymes to help learn

Nursery rhymes are important for creating vocabulary and learning to read. They are also invaluable for building memory because it has been found that rhyme helps especially. Learning something in beat or tempo such as “September, April, June, and November have 30 days” is better stuck in the mind than learning in rot and this is why rhythm is used as an aid to memory. How many people remember nursery rhymes since childhood, like the Humpty Dump …

Nursery rhyme introduces children to poetry and various aspects of poetry such as meters and syllables. Nursery rhymes can be fun to learn; You can talk to them, sing to them, act to them, clap with them and have fun with them. So, let’s take a nursery rhyme, Miss Muffet, and see what we can do with it.

Little Miss Muffet

Sitting in a taffeta

Eat her yogurt and lentils

With it came a spider

Someone sat next to him

And the frightened Miss Muffet away

Why look at the words nursery rhymes and ask if your child understands them all. Do they know what Taft is? Or yogurt and lentils? It will be a great opportunity to get out of the dictionary and study the words together. If you do research on your child, make it fun by playing the role of the nursery rhyme. Do you have a seat for them to sing? Do you have a toy spider that you can use to hang in the air and rest on the floor next to your child’s chair? If your child is older then you can see what yogurt and lentils are and their origin.

If you want to do something more physical, why not run home or garden in search of your own spider? Can you find one on the floor or ceiling? Can you find a web, and what is a web?

If your child has a phobia, use fun game ideas to talk about their phobia. Do house spiders harm you? How are the spiders in the garden? Maybe in Australia but certainly not in England. How to draw a large NO and color it. Then discuss why spiders are good? A big advantage is that they kill flies and can spread fly diseases.

Writing poems about spiders or creating a scary story to tell dad or grandpa can be a great idea.

As you can see, just by exploring nursery rhymes you can unleash your child’s imagination and have fun learning. So what is the result of this idea? By researching words they don’t understand and your kids will learn new language skills and how to make words, their vocabulary will increase as they play with different words and rhymes and use their imagination. They can learn visualization skills and motor skills and their confidence will increase as they become more confident and will be able to communicate more with adults. 

Developing a child’s memory, especially in the critical years from 0 to 5, will work wonders for your child. Their mental intelligence will increase and more importantly, they will discover that learning can be fun. And what could be better than this?

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A Guide to Learning Experiences



This captures everything that constitutes a learning process — from activities and classes which take place in a traditional classroom setting to those activities, classes, or sessions that occur outside of a traditional classroom environment.

Learning experiences in educational settings should ideally be interesting, challenging, engaging, meaningful, rich, and appropriate to learners’ requirements. They often include different contexts and environments that transform the learners’ views, trigger emotional qualities, assist conceptual understanding, and foster the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. When it comes to predicting further learning, previous learning experiences play a crucial role.

For creating an effective learning experience, educators need to understand the learner’s context (past, present, and future), find out and respond to the learner’s current level of knowledge, and provide appropriate and adequate practice over time.

Unlike what many may think, learning experiences aren’t just a binary relationship between a learner and the educational content. Rather, they are about when, where, how, and why a learner interacts with the content. Thus, learning experiences depend on factors like application, engagement, and collaboration. Their efficacy is also evaluated by how well they can meet the learners where they are in their different stages of learning requirements, irrespective of whether they are taking up refresher courses or brand-new ones.

There are different methods to enhance learning experiences in particular ways. For instance, standardized tests and quizzes backed by rapid feedback, trial-and-error activities, or guided step-by-step exercises and demonstrations can encourage a behaviorist approach to learning. Educators can use real-life-based projects, group or individual problem-solving sessions, treasure hunts, etc., to foster a cognitive or constructivist approach. Several other learning activities can be organized to encourage a relational approach or social learning approach. The key is to interact with real people and real-life situations or simulate them to find answers to problems or locate resources that can help address a need.

A lot of learning experiences are designed with the brain in mind. However, it’s important to realize that learning isn’t just about the brain. Several meaningful actions in this world are, in large part, created and driven by social and cultural norms. As a result, learning too is significantly influenced by social and cultural context. Since the emotional, cognitive, and socio-cultural dimensions of learning are interrelated, educators need to consider them when designing learning experiences.

Learning experiences are influenced by multiple factors, which is why they should be designed with a human-centric approach that ignites intrinsic motivation.

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Do you think a 7th grader should wear makeup to school?




Do you think a 7th grader should wear makeup to school?


People in Seven Grader School Life are cuter than anyone. At such an age one should think about how consistent the makeup is. But 7th grader school age that doesn’t take time to think about makeup. Of course, when I was in 7thgrade in school life, I never used heavy makeup. Heavy makeup can have a very irritating effect on the skin. Since you have to stay in school for a long time, so there is no reason to wear heavy makeup.Although many people are much more confident in makeup, I did not like to do makeup on my skin.  Oil blotting sheets are enough for the skincare of a SeventhGrader School student. It absorbs all the oil from the surface of the skin and returns a radiance. The best makeup solutions for school life in the seventh grade are mentioned in this article. Hopefully, you read the end of the article, to get a better experience.

7th grader makeup to school

Makeup doesn’t suit school life, and at this age, everyone has a different look. So using makeup can cause various skin problems at a young age. So going to school with full face makeup can be unsafe.Applying makeup in 7th-grade school life can ruin the look in a few days. Also, throughout the day, makeup on the face can create uncomfortable wax that is not manageable for a young person. But people of all ages want to present him in a very beautiful way.

In addition to makeup, there are many other great options, that can give much better results than makeup. Pleasingcare blotting paper is very effective for the skin, it helps to keep the skin fresh and radiant throughout the day. In particular, it is a great option for kids to take care of their skin without makeup.

You may need to wash your face for a long time because you have to go to school all day. At the moment your makeup will fade completely. So consider any process that can give your skin a serenity without any kind of face wash. Pleasingcare is one such skincare solution, here you will find some great products instead of makeup. You should try it once or two time, then, you will realize how much better it is than makeup.

Young people do not need any makeup for an ideal skin. At this age, there is a lot of elegance and cuteness in the face. However, pleasingcare blotting paper can be used to absorb excess oil from the skin. It is completely safe for the skin and does not cause any allergic problems. Pleasingcare provides you with the best ways to take care of your skin every day.Last words:So I think, 7th graders should wear makeup to school, not at all reasonable.Since there is a good support to maintain the ideal look of the skin, therefore, a look of cuteness should be enhanced in the face without makeup.

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How to Choose a Dissertation Topic for Masters?



Are you planning on writing your dissertation? What topics have you thought about? Is there a specific topic that you want to cover in your research paper? Maybe you are just lost with what you want to research about.

But choosing a dissertation topic can be one of the hardest things you csn do since all ends well what starts well. When you choose your topic, it has to be based on many factors. There is a discipline for choosing a topic for your master’s Dissertation Help Online. One should be following these steps to get the most ideal topic for your dissertation according to your subject. To know the steps read further.

1.   Choose the affair that interests you

You have tons of subjects that you like, some interest you more than others. Choosing your research project correctly is the key to your dissertation success. If you choose an affair that interests you, then you will have the motivation to continue with it.

But if you choose a subject or event that you dont particularly like, but are picking it out due to its’s scope then there will be a high chance that you will start to avoid writing your dissertation. You wont be able to complete it in the given timeframe or worst you will make mistakes in your dissertations.

2.   Passion for the research gap

The research gap is the most important element in picking your topic. There have been tons of researches on one subject. But with every research there is a down side, a researcher cannot cover all the aspects. There has to be some area of a research that gets left out. Therefore, when you look for a topic to cover in your dissertation. Make sure to check previous researches, look for existing researches on the subject you like.

Then you try to find the gap between two to three researches on the subject. When you do that you can get tons of literature review for said research topic. This is gold for a researcher or a masters student.  

3.   Overused research

Yes there is such thing as overused research. There are topics that have been researched on many times. There is no new information to give. The data collection is none existent and the research does not provide any additional information to the reader.

Your research should be beneficial to the reader, it should especially give new perspective to a research  subject or event. Therefore when you look for a research topic, you should check if you are not doing the same research as others have repeated done before.

4.   Is it even plausible?

Realistically speaking, can your educational institution even fund your research? Can it provide you with the kind of resources that is required for your research?

When choosing a research topic in your field of study. You have to be certain that you can achieve something in the said field. The research has to be plausible. It cannot be something that is so complicated that you cannot fanthom the process.

You have to be able to complete your research with your studies and other coursework. So if you pick a realistic topic, that can be covered without a lot of problems then you wont have to worry about anything. Yes uniqueness is appreciated but the jury panel doesn’t like extremely complicated topics that do not benefit anyone.

Your university will only fund a research when it provides valuable information for everyone to get benefit from.

5.   Completely unbiased

It has to be unbiased, your topic should not be something that gets you rilled up and emotional. There is no place for feelings in your dissertation. It is purely based on research and research only. A dissertation topic cannot be presented persuausively, taking sides. You cannot persuade your readers with your writing or research topic.

That is not how it works. You have to actually presents facts that will make the readers mind about the research themselves. You shouldn’t down right come out and persuade the readers about the objective of the research. The research will speaks for itself.

6.   What will benefit your professional growth

The research topic should be so strong that it supports your professional growth. When you write your masters dissertation, your motive is to use this dissertation on your resume.

This is a true fact that your dissertation will be your badge of honor when you enter the professional world. A student with a master dissertation will always be preferred over a student who doesn’t have one. Some students get Help With Mphil Thesis by The Research Gaurdian to get the best written dissertations. They know what is at stake professionally and that is why they try to get the best service.

A well written and well researched dissertation will be the star of your professional life.

7.   Your supervisors should approve it

When you pick out your research topic, the jury panel and your supervisors should approve of it. If they do not like the topic, they will reject it. Therefore, before you finalize your topic, make sure to check with your supervisors. Universities have their own criteria of research topics. If they don’t give you permission for the dissertation then you shouldn’t go along with it.

There are many reasons why your university or college disapprove your research topic. It could be because they don’t have funding for your dissertation. Or their calculations show that you wont be able to complete your dissertation on time. Another major reason why colleges don’t accept your dissertation topic is because they don’t believe that your topic is worth spending time and money on. Maybe the topic has been researched many times and now they don’t have faith in it.

8.   Least potential criticism

When you write a dissertation, you need to keep in mind that you will be a target of criticism. There is always room for criticism from the public eye. Some of it will be constructive and some of it will be out of spite. But if you prefer to not have fingers raised at your hard work, then pick a topic that is less controversial then the lot.

This will safe you from unnecessary attention. You want your reputation to flourish. You also want your dissertation’s name to be included in good literature review. This is the reason why you choose a  topic that will be ideal for students and other researchers.

Summing up the post

The more you look into successful and famous dissertations. The more you will realize that the most loveable dissertations are the ones that cater to the masses. The ones that help other students and researchers by contributing to the field.

Easy but crucial research topics that will give your reader enough information about the research field. Therefore you should be able to pick a topic that provides relevant information for the other students and researchers. Good Luck!

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