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Brief Review about Huawei p40 pro

In this android web blog, we will talk about huawei p40 pro. It’s a beautiful smartphone. I’m going to say straight up this is probably the best Android phone I’ve used so far. I also want to say they’ve improved it in many ways. The cameras and screen are better than before. Everything is better like if you hold this phone it feels better in the hand in the previous p30 Pro.


Huawei p40 pro is not as skinny or chiseled at the edges so it just feels more comfortable in the hand it’s thicker so there’s more girth to it supports 5g and you have a more pixel-dense display this display has been bumped up to 6.5 eight inches that resolution has increased to 20 640 by 1200. It has some design influences in the front-facing camera taken from the s10 the front-facing camera also happens to be 32 megapixels and it’s paired with a depth sensor so with that you get some pretty good front-facing photos I did a couple of tests compared to the galaxy s 20 plus and you guys let me know which one you think did a better job the other thing I like about Huawei is that there are 3d face or 3d face scan technology is one of the best on Android phones it’s a lot more accurate it’s pretty quick and it’s more secure than some of the other competing products but if you don’t want to use that or keep it on for any specific reason you can also use the in-display fingerprint scanner.


We finally get a 90 Hertz refresh rate and huawei p40 pro stays on at the highest resolution you don’t have to tone it down when you’re at full HD like you do on the s20 plus speaking of the s20 plus it kind of looks a bit like. The bezels are almost just as thin on both of these devices.


Speakers are interesting you don’t have dual speakers like you would on the s20 plus with one on top and one on the bottom what hallways done is very similar to some of their previous devices is put one speaker on the bottom and then use the display as a second speaker


The big deal about Huawei phones is always at the camera this time they’re bumping up the megapixel count to 54 the wide lens 44 the ultra-wide lens and you have a 12-megapixel telephoto lens the beauty about this phone is you can zoom in up to 50 times using digital zoom is it any good not it’s just as bad or slightly better than the hunter time zoom that you defined on the galaxy ultra but I compared it to the s 20 plus at 10 times that I did it again at 30 times and I do find the camera quality on this phone is better this goes for most of the shots like this is a camera powerhouse when it comes to like stills and photography except for maybe the front-facing camera this phone usually outperformed the s 20 plus the dynamic range is just better on this phone than it is on the other one.

Now when it comes to video I still think that s 20 has a slight edge. This phone can’t shoot a 4k video. This is not a big deal I think it’s mostly a gimmick at this point but when it comes to 4k or 1080p video is still slightly better on the galaxy s 20 so right now we’re doing a front-facing video test this is the galaxy s 20 plus versus the huawei p40 pro you guys let me know which one sounds the best which one looks the best and which one has the better stabilization.

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