Break up spell

Break up spell

The Separation spell is a ritual that can be performed on oneself or another. It is usually done with the intent to end a relationship, but it can also be used as a curse. The spell requires an item belonging to the intended target and the burning of various herbs and incense. But that may vary depending on the spellcaster. Some cast break-up spells using pictures, while others go with simple break-up spells without ingredients. Numerous conditions appear when you have to think about the breakup of a relationship. It is not only about the break up with your beloved, sometimes you have to make the breakup of two other persons so that you can get your love.

The person performing the spell would write down their wish for somebody else’s relationship ending on paper three times (or more). This is done along with other ingredients like sage or black tourmaline stones before setting them alight to create smoke that is inhaled by both parties involved in the ritual. A successful convention is how to make two people break up.

Where to use breakup spell?
• To Separate a couple
• To remove bonding from two people
• To separate two people
• To settle problems of triangle love
• To stop cheating of your partner

Where to use breakup spell?

We already told you that you should not attempt to cast the spell on your own. But if you still want to cast the spell by yourself and you are confident in your abilities, then we can tell you a simple method of casting a separation spell. This spell is not as powerful as some others and thus it may not cause you as much harm if it fails.

But on the downside, there is not a huge chance of success for this spell unless you are truly gifted. You don’t need any mystical ingredients or esoteric knowledge to cast a basic separation spell. All you need is a couple’s picture, a few petals and their clothes which they have worn before.

Take out one piece from each of the clothing and place a burning black candle to the right and left. Then place the photo in the center. Burn down your petals and rub your ashes on the chest of the person you want to cast a spell to make someone move away on. For example, if you are casting the spell on another couple and you love the man rub the ashes on the face of the woman or their partner.

Then set the candle on fire with the bits of the picture and the clothing. Then say “You (the name of a woman) and you (the name of a man) are breaking up. You’re never going to be together because all of you chose a different course. You (name of the wife) now must follow your own way, and you (name of the man) must follow your very own way.

Your paths lead you to the opposite ends of the world, and you will never see one another, never make up yourself, never remember your relationship and never again love one another. Wait until it burns to become ashes. Recollect the ashes in paper or envelope, walk into the house of the couple and pour out the ashes at the front of their door. This will complete your spell to make someone divorce you


Break up spells carry a lot of weight as they can accomplish the task if done correctly. With that being said, you should always handle these spells with the presence of Spellcaster Maxim so that he can safeguard you and ensure nothing goes wrong in the spell.
Conclusion paragraph: So, you want to know more about break up spells? Well, we’ve got the lowdown for you. Maxim can help with one of these if that sounds like something up your alley but please don’t use this information on someone and get in trouble!

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