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Break Bulk V/S Bulk: Understanding the Two Types of Cargo Ships



As a business, it is important to know the cargo ships well because you will need to choose the right one for your transportation needs. Ship finance can help you with the money needs; while the information will help you find the right cargo that justifies your transportation needs.   

Two methods in which cargo is transported are in the form of bulk cargo and break-bulk cargo. In the initial days, goods were handled manually in the shipping industry. The products are loaded on the vehicles from the factories and taken to port warehouses where they will be then moved to a vessel. The unloaded goods are then moved to the side of the ship. They are kept along with other cargo that needs to be lowered into the hold. The dockworkers will then get them packed. After that, the ship would start on its journey and deliver cargo at different ports. This makes the whole process costly and time-consuming.


An English engineer named James Brindley came up with a box boat idea to transport coal in the late 18th century. Here 10 wooden containers were used for transportation between Worsley and Manchester. This single step completely revolutionized the shipping industry. At the later stage of development, it was turned into something that can be transported through rail and wagon. Later in the 19th and 20th centuries came the time of closed container boxes which were used for transportation between rail and road. They were more or less like the containers that we are using today.

Later, intermodal container shipping became much popular in the market in terms of choosing the cargo transportation mode. This was because of the international standards of coding and sizes it was following for identifying containers. 

Bulk shipping is for materials like grain which are loaded loose on the ship. Break bulk on the other hand is about shipping packaged goods. In both cases, you will need the right ships to carry the cargo as well as a terminal where you can get such kind of cargo loaded and unloaded.

What is break bulk cargo?

Break bulk cargo is the kind where the products are held in drums, bags, crates, and bales. Such cargo needs to be loaded individually. Manufactured goods like cars, tools, machinery, etc. are some of the good examples of break bulk cargo. Before container shipping became popular in the 1960s, break bulk ships were common in the market. Today, container ships are used to carry the majority of the non-bulk cargo. The use of containers or containerisation has reduced costs and time of shipping as well as lowered pilfering and cargo damage. Still, it can be said that demand for break bulk ships even exists today.

Shipping companies or charterers can use break bulk ships as intermediary carriers. This way, they can be used to move goods to larger ships that cannot come near the ports that are shallow. Here the cargo may belong to many clients. Here you will find ships in different sizes right from 2000 to 40000 deadweight tonnage.  

Break bulk warehouse

The warehouse at the dock where all the cargoes are loaded is termed as break bulk warehouse. The cargo will be delivered via rail or road for storage at the break bulk warehouse. The goods are then taken from the warehouse when the ship arrives at the dock and loaded abroad using cranes. Some of such vessels for break bulk cargo come with on-board cranes while the rest need the ones on the dock.

Benefits of break bulk cargo

  • Items can be shipped separately as you don’t have to combine the goods into a single container.
  • You can move large-sized cargos that otherwise will not fit into the container.
  • You can have your goods reaching the smaller ports where it is not possible for the larger ships to get in.
  • You can dispatch the items quickly as you will be spending less time on reconstruction and deconstruction.

What is the bulk cargo?

Bulk cargo is different from break bulk cargo and here goods are packaged loose on the ship. Commodities usually loaded and transported through bulk cargo are generally raw materials like coal, grain, iron ore, etc. The cargo loaded on the ship is unloaded at decided cargo terminals. Depending on the quantity of the cargo loaded on the ship freight rates for bulk shipping are charged per metric tonne. Dry bulk cargo that is transported is measured by tonnes of deadweight (DWT) by the shipping industry.

Knowing bulk commodity

The most common raw materials used for manufacturing are terms as dry bulk commodities. They are generally of two types. They are known as minor bulks and major bulks. Major bulk commodities include grains like rice & wheat as well as other things like ore, minerals, etc. Minor bulk commodities include manufactured products like sugar, steel products, and cement. Large dry bulk ships are used to carry such bulk commodities.

So, what are such large bulk ships!

Such ships are also called bulk carriers, ore carriers, and even bulkers. Chinamax is the largest bulk carrier ship and that has the amazing ability to carry 400,000 DWT. It is 360 metres long, draught is 24 metres and width is 65 metres. With such a size it restricts Chinamax from entering only certain deepwater ports. Around the world, some of the ports that can accommodate the Chinamax are China, Brazil, the Middle East, and Europe. The carrier comes with seven big compartments and also the loading doors which make loading and unloading trouble-free. The expense of freight has remained low with the growing size of such ships.

Benefits of bulk cargo

  • The cargo transportation becomes less expensive as more can be moved in a single time.
  • Such cargo can meet the needs of multiple customers on a single voyage. 

To sum up

Here we have seen what bulk cargo and break bulk cargo stands for. Here we also saw how containerisation has developed over centuries and got polished with time to meet the changing transportation needs of businesses to move cargo from one place to another. Understanding the kinds of cargo ships and their role in maritime shipping will help you choose wisely in terms of cost-effectiveness, speed, and reliability.

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we need to know about Rubber stopper




Every invention of science and technology came from a big necessity. The smallest screw and nanoparticle to the most significant construction engines are equally responsible for the technological revolution. But, One thing that completes everything is a stopper. When we talk about plugs, the rubber stoppers are serving for ages, and still today, the demand is on the rise. Rubber stoppers, also known as cookies, are used to lock the open end of tubes, fittings, etc. There are several types of rubber stoppers based on their application and quality.

Sectors Where We Use Rubber Stoppers

Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest fan of the rubber stoppers. For ages, doctors and drug manufacturers use glass bottles with rubber stoppers to keep the medicine safe and long-lasting Because glass is the least reacting material with drugs. Rubber comes from natural sources that are not harmful to the human body. Nowadays, as the demand increased a lot, several companies are producing synthetic rubber. But the food and drug administration strictly maintains the medical grade of rubbers. Sterile canula plugs and transfusion bag plugs are the everyday part of the OPD.

The construction industry uses rubber plugs every day in different sizes and shapes. The water drainage system, water supply channel, electrical wiring, and flanges need a light and durable sealant. Nothing fits better than a rubber stopper here. With the construction industry comes the automobile one too. Everything in your car contains a rubber one way or another. Indeed the chassis and outer body have a lot of metal. But the tires need a rubber sealer. Engines, plugs, hose pipes need rubber stoppers, undoubtedly. You guys have seen plumbers using a rubber suction cup to fix almost all your washroom or kitchen problems. The rubber stopper or gasket prevents water leakage and dripping.

Kids are known as the most excellent food testers. They tend to put everything in the mouth. That is why you need to be very careful before choosing any toy for them. If the material is not safe for health, it can drag your baby to the hospital. Rubber toys are trendy among parents as an in-budget safe toy material for the babies. The same thing goes for the coast guard and life-saving teams. Rubber stoppers are an essential part of any toy or device that inflates. You have to be very careful with the rubber stoppers while buying a life jacket or kayak.

Types of Rubber Stopper

There are several types of rubber stoppers available in the market. The most widely used variety is solid rubber stopper. They are varying from size 000 to 15; it seals the alcohol containers. One hole rubber stoppers are for laboratory use and medicine storage. They are medical grade and comes in customized shapes and sizes. Then comes the two holes, rubber stoppers. These are also biosafety level passed corks used in pharmaceuticals and chemistry labs to prevent any chemical leakage. Depending on the use, there are several materials of rubber stoppers. Natural rubber is not now. Instead, ethylene propylene diene monomer, neoprene, nitrile rubber, and urethane are the most popular and safe materials for making rubber stoppers.


Rubber stoppers might not make any individual statement in the industries. But to ensure safety and efficacy, there is never a better option than the rubber stopper. -Being light, stretchable, and bendable, the rubbers are positively working efficiently. The cost is also very minimal that helps to provide a quality product to the mass. But we should be careful about the reuse and disposal of rubber products.

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Free Classifieds In South Africa




Websites that allow a user to post free ads or provide paying alternatives to access the website. Online advertising, also known as classified ad website. Most of these free websites have loads of categories in which the public can be posted. These categories may be anything from furniture, machinery, automobiles, electronics, etc. Free ads can be an excellent resource for companies without a large advertisement or marketing budget for their business. It may also help transport traffic to your company’s website, which helps your search engine ranking. If you are still on the fence and have no website, look at all the advantages your company can bring from a website. Free online ads work well for low budget advertisements, as many people visit these pages regularly.

1. Gumtree

Naturally, our number is Gumtree! This thing is not surprising because Gumtree is the most commonly used and beloved advertising in SA. You lived under a free classifieds rock if you don’t know about Gumtree. With an estimated 8.6 million visits a month, Gumtree leads the way.

2. OLX

OLX is another of my favorite websites for classified online ads. Much like Gumtree’s, OLX makes it easy to post advertisements on iOS and Android devices using their software. The number of visits OLX receives an average of 2.8 million a month.

3. Junk Mail

Possibly the Junk Mail is one of South Africa’s oldest classified sites free classifieds. Often they are famous for vehicle advertising, but they can post a new ad in over 30 categories. About 1,5 million visits per month receive from Junk Mail.

4. Locanto South Africa

Location is another fantastic free website that can be in use in more than free classifieds 58 countries. Overall I like to use the Locanto South Africa platform. Still, the only drawback is that the users of Locanto publish loads of spam ads that are a little upsetting for tourists looking for quality service providers. Appreciated Locanto SA receives 660,000 visits per month.

5. Ads Africa

If you are searching for an easy-to-use classified ad platform, Ads Africa would be the right choice! Ads Africa! Ads Africa can be found in more than 18 countries, demonstrating the success of its website. The number of visitors to Ads Africa is in estimation at 1.3 million per month.

6. Pubic Ads

Pubic Ads is another excellent advertisement medium to use. They offer a free publicity listing feature that expires after 30 days and has premium features for up to 90 days on the home page. Every month they receive an estimated 60,000 visits.

7. Class Ads

In less than a minute, post your ads! Class Advertising is straightforward to use and provides free premium ads. Unfortunately, for this website, I did not have an average monthly number of visitors. Please leave a message below if anyone knows.

8. Howzit

Howzit is another excellent website for South African publicity. They have free listings, and users can “bump up” their advertisements on the listing pages every day. Unfortunately, for this website, I did not have an average monthly number of visitors. Please leave a message below if anyone knows.

9. Afribaba

Alibaba is the right choice for free advertising. They offer free and paid publicity services that further expose your advertising. Unfortunately, for this website, I did not have an average monthly number of visitors. Please leave a message below if anyone knows.

10. Book South Africa

Book South Africa is another excellent free advertising platform that provides options for listing. But listings on your website tend to be quite spamming, which is not one of the best options. Unfortunately, for this website, I did not have an average monthly number of visitors.

Do you know about any non-listed free online advertising sites?

In the comment section below, please leave your suggestion for any free online advertisement websites you wish to view here and tell us why they should be included in that lis

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What You Need to Know When Looking for Pet Insurance



With an economy that can produce some expensive bills against proper pet care, having reliable insurance for your pets can be a big help. However, before you go about buying insurance for your pet, make sure you know everything there is to know about the process. We are sharing all the crucial things that you need to keep in mind to make sure you get the best deal for your pet and yourself as well.

Application Requirements

Before you can get to discussing different packages and tiers with your insurance company, you need to make sure that your pet qualifies for it as well. Healthy and young pets can easily get any insurance you want, but there are some rules that you need to follow. For example, your puppy or kitten needs to be at least 8-10 weeks old to be eligible. Once that rule is fulfilled, you can run the same package throughout their lifespan at the same cost. However, some companies might revise your premium value as the pet gets older and reaches an age of around 10-14 years.

Other requirements are typically health-related and may require a vet checkup and diagnostic report to determine eligibility.

Incident Coverage

This is something that you can get in a comprehensive plan or buy separately for a cheaper price. It covers any accident that may happen, like getting hit by a car or poisoning in some way like dogs eating chocolate, etc. However, if you only buy this type of insurance, you will have no coverage for when your pet gets sick.

Treatment Coverage

The best route to go is to get a full insurance package that provides coverage for all sorts of treatments. Typically, you can find packages that cover the following things and are usually a combination of a few of these treatments.

1.      Terminal Condition Treatment: If your pet develops a condition that stays on for a long time, the policy will provide limited coverage for it. In cheaper plans, such conditions may get zero coverage, while the expensive ones may even offer lifetime coverage. Some policies may cover the first year but exempt further coverage in the next year unless you pay extra money for it.

2.      Vet Visits: Routine checkups with the vet are usually not covered in insurance plans unless you are undergoing a procedure that is not a part of your routine visit. You would have to buy an expensive plan to get that level of coverage.

3.      General Procedures: Depending on your package, you may or may not be covered for routine procedures, either like neutering, spaying, routine vaccinations, dental, etc. However, there are usually add-on packages that you can get with your insurance to add coverage for that.

Deductibles and Payout Limits

One of the things that you will find commonly in most packages is the deductible condition, which requires you to pay a certain part of the bill before the company reimburses you from your plan. This can be quite tricky if your pet develops multiple problems as you would be required to make payments for each condition yourself.

There are very few companies that do not put a payout limit on your insurance plan. In most cases, you will be provided a yearly maximum limit that you will be able to get from the insurance company as coverage.

Conclusion Each insurance company has its own complicated set of rules. When deciding, be sure to go through the terms and conditions in detail before deciding which one is the best for you. You can easily find some great options like pumpkin pet insurance that provide excellent coverage for great prices. 

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How Custom Boxes Can Get You Organized



Custom boxes – what are they, and do you need them?

You might think you don’t because they’re ‘just boxes anyway.’ It isn’t about the fact that they’re ‘just boxes.’ It’s about the fact that they help you stay organized and on top of things. Nothing can negate the importance of staying organized. You might find it cumbersome having to organize things when you first do it, but you’ll thank yourself for years afterward. 

You can probably cite more than a few examples from your everyday life where staying organized saved you many times and grievances. Whether it was finding the right pair of socks in the morning or getting a good grade in college – it matters. 

However, the question isn’t whether you should or shouldn’t be organized (you definitely should); it’s about how you can stay organized. One way would be to create a system, and for that, you’ll need supplies. This is where BoxGenie comes in. 

As a customizable packaging and boxing manufacturer under Vanguard packaging, BoxGenie has over 45 years worth of experience making its client’s life a lot easier. 

In this guide, we will tell you all about custom boxes, how they will transform your habits and why you need one AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Creating a System

The best way to stay organized is to create a system. For example, they are alphabetically arranging folders, color coordination, and so forth. A system could be anything as long as the person creating it can refer to it at any point in time. 

With a custom box, you get to take that system up a notch and make it easier to understand. You can have boxes dedicated to having certain things, boxes with specific weights, numbers, and so forth. 

It also expands the system in a way that makes it easier to understand. Boxes can be stored and sorted by almost anyone. Take the boxes in your garage, for example; custom boxes per weight, size, and need would alleviate the need to mix and match things falling into one category into a box of another. 

It also takes away the need to stuff boxes. You can have your box custom made for particular items to fit their size. You could even have them altered from their stereotypical square or rectangular design into more shapes for your items. 

Organize Your Brand

Custom boxes can help just about anyone stay on top of things, but they accommodate brands and businesses. Whether it’s a small scale business that caters towards one product niche or a large scale establishment that manufactures many products, you need to have packaging and casing for each type of product to keep them aligned. 

The system applies here too. Your system has to have custom packaging for you and your team to sort your products if and when required. Custom packaging isn’t just for the final product; it could also be for the raw materials that make the products. 

Typical materials are leaky, and typical boxes aren’t leakproof. They’re also not resistant to wear and tear – if anything, they aren’t resistant to much. Custom boxes can be made according to product type and customized even further to incorporate materials that make them resistant to leakage and other harm. 

Businesses such as BoxGenie would also look into creating custom made packaging for your brand in various styles; different shapes, sizes, showcasing your logo, custom-built for shipping, and so on.  All in all, the importance of custom boxes should not go unrecognized. They’re investments rather than purchases that lift anyone’s storage needs.

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Business Skills that are Needed to Run Your Business



Business Skills that are Needed to Run Your Business

Running a business successfully is a passion for many of us. And so, we go ahead and embark on our plan of starting a business. But very often businesses fail as translating our passion or dream into reality thereby making a successful business model is a difficult task.

To develop a small business into a vast successful enterprise requires not only passion but something more too. Unfortunately, more than half of newly started businesses fail. It is mainly due to the reason that you who have started the business is unable to translate your passion into real time business skills. One thing you should keep in mind is that success requires not only hard work but also resilience besides expertise in that field. You can succeed only when you fully understand your business model and thus become proficient in that business skill.

Starting a small business and running it successfully requires much more expertise than you would expect. It demands of you to become a jack-of-all-trades. Here it is vital to know at the starting point as to skills you possess and those extra skills that need to be learnt a little later or delegate to your other team members . As far as skills that you lack are concerned, you can master these skills slowly over a span of time by yourself. On the contrary you can hire some employees who are experts in those specific areas. In addition, you can also opt for getting the help of a professional business advisor.

Let’s look at some few skills to run a business successfully:-

Skills required to run a business successfully.

Delegation Skills

These skills involve assigning tasks or responsibility to your teammates in such a way that the work gets completed easily without much hassle. The ideal position here for you would be to supervise and meanwhile your staff carries out the different tasks assigned to them, i.e., all the routine activities of your business. Your delegation skill requires you to achieve the right balance among effective controls and managing people to complete their job work effectively. The key point is the knowledge of making your business work for you.

Communication Skills

Communication skill is an important and integral part of life, but it is often taken for granted. You may be having great ideas in your mind, but you can make other people understand them only if you communicate effectively. So, we see that effective communication skill is a prerequisite for running a business successfully. Good communication skill will make it easier for your employees to deliver what you exactly want. When you are going to hire a new employee, the communication skills come in handy in selecting the right person. At the time of your meeting with your stakeholders, you can convince them only if you communicate well.  You also need to have clarity in your expectations and to be sensitive while dealing with problems. The vital point is to know as to how to effectively communicate your vision with conviction and passion.

Negotiation Skills

Almost each one of you negotiates daily without even being slightly aware of it. But formal negotiation is what that can be learned only through practice and experience. If you negotiate frequently informally, you are bound to be more skilled in negotiation than people who have not been in any formal or informal negotiation. People who are good at it are more likely to know exactly what to say, when to say or when to make concessions. The key point is to have the knowledge as to how to cultivate a win-win approach in negotiations with all our parties keeping in mind that you also need to achieve simultaneously the most favorable result  possible for yourself.

Strategic Planning

Developing a strategy is the key to running a business successfully. Strategic planning involves the process of building your company’s strategy or direction and making decisions based on the strategy allocation of resources of people and capital. In strategy planning, the key is to project and predict the company’s future performance in a 3-to-5-year framework which must be supported by a well-developed business plan.

Leadership Skills

Leadership is the most important skill. It is the ability of getting things done by the people. As critical management skill, leadership is the ability to motivate people to work towards a common goal and to influence people to assemble, charge, mobilize, and motivate teams. It is also the key to build sustainable long-term relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and investors.

Financial literacy

For running a business successfully, you will be experiencing financial growth at some point. For this, you don’t need to know financial planning skills to start or run any business, but you will need some basic knowledge of financial management.

When the business grows, even if you hire a professional who has a better knowledge on handling finances, you must know about the basic principles about management of finances while handling this aspect of business. The ability to budget and the financial performance of your organization is important. Further, you must be able to figure out the areas which are affecting your business revenue.

Effective marketing skills

Whatever may be the nature of business you have you must be able to market your product or services. Forrunning a business successfully, you must have effective marketing skills so that your customer base keeps growing. The ability to convince someone that they will require your services or products is quite a special skill.

Apart from growing your business, the employer requires marketing skills to hire more employees and growing your team. For those people who have just started with business, marketing your business is quite a challenging task. But if a person employs right marketing business techniques along with a well thought out business plan then they will be able to sell their services or products to anyone.

Having a positive attitude even when things are messy.

In business, you will be going to face tough times where you might feel things are not going the way you want it to be. These situations can be such as when you are not earning many profits or any profits at all or while taking difficult decisions like letting your staff go or cutting down prices. In these difficult times, it is essential to stay calm and have a positive attitude towards it. The ability to stay strong while in pressure is important. You can do the following things to have a positive attitude like:-

  • Meditation
  • Talking it out
  • Ensuring right sleep
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Taking time to think over things and having a business plan

Cash flow Management Skills

Cash flow is one of the most pressing concerns of medium to small businesses when they are starting out. Cash flow, in simple words, is the movement of your money in and out of your business. It is the lifeline to all thriving businesses and is the main indicator of business health. The effect of low cash flow can be devastating to any business. If cash flow is mismanaged it can be totally unforgiving. One of the skills to run a business is to monitor, control, protect and put cash to work.

Different types of technical and working communication skills.

The different types of technical and working communication skills are:-

Technical SkillsWorking communication Skills
Professional SkillsLeadership skills
Industry KnowledgeListening, negotiating
Working ExperienceBeing accountable

A combination of all the above-mentioned skills is quite important if you want your business to bloom in this era. For staying strong in business, it is quite essential to have a strong knowledge of financial management. Also, another important skill to run a business is to have an efficient marketing of the products or services of your business. Utilization of the latest technology is important in running a business successfully. Ensure to have perfect communication skills and the ability to handle high pressure situations. Delegating your employees and guiding their way is another important aspect. Time management is the key to a flourishing business. Lastly, whenever there is a chance to negotiate for the good of your business, you should go for it. Keeping all this in mind and formulating a proper business plan will help you grow your business exponentially.

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