BQool Review - Automatic Repricer Tool for Amazon FBA Sellers

BQool Review – Automatic Repricer Tool for Amazon FBA Sellers

An easy way to increase your Amazon profits is to use a repricer program that automatically updates your prices based on your competitive prices. For starters, manually reviewing your inventory can be a good skill as long as your inventory remains at the administrative level. But who wants to keep their stock low? Well, certainly not us! We want to increase our inventory so that we can increase our profit. But once your inventory starts to grow and manual inventory prices become a permanent thing to do, it’s time to move on to automated pricing solutions. This guide is for Amazon sellers who are more than just beginners – looking for the perfect repricing tool out there.

Now we are going to share with you the best repricing solution for amazon FBA sellers that we have ever tried: BQool.

That tool is without a doubt the best tool that we have ever had in our Amazon store in the last 4 years. Only InventoryLab and Keepa (both of these, we started using about 5 years ago) have made BQool seem a bit behind in terms of the impact it has on our Amazon business.

Start using BQool, and your inventory will be refined for the most competitive prices on Amazon. Note that we did not include the “lowest” prices, but the most competitive. BQool helps reduce our cost a bit if needed, but it also helps increase our value when the opportunity presents itself! Our sales and profits have most definitely never looked better for as long as we have been using BQool.

Growing Your Business

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What can the BQool Amazon Repricer do for its Sellers?

Your repricer software can help you improve your seller’s ranking in any Amazon marketplace and help your product win the buying box over your competition. They monitor your offerings around the clock to identify price changes before your competitors so you are always one step ahead. Once Bqool Repricer detects these said changes, the software adjusts the prices of your products automatically after every 5 to 15 minutes to push your sales and profit margins to their absolute maximum.

Functions of BQool software

The BQool Repricer Software comes packed with a plethora of functionalities. All of these functions and features are specially designed to help you get and stay ahead of your competition on Amazon.

Here are some of the ones that Amazon offers to sellers.

Inventory Lab Synchronization

BQool Repricer Software’s latest inventory lab synchronization feature helps sellers avoid duplicate operations on the platform.

You can connect your InverntoryLab account to your BQool account so that this feature can automatically update your cost per unit after every 12 hours. This allows you to automatically distribute the cost per unit amount assigned to MSKUs in the InventoryLab. The number in the “Cost” section is then automatically updated in the BQool Repricer.

5 Minutes Fast Price Adjustment

Accelerated repurchasing enables you to monitor your offerings around the clock to identify price changes in front of your competitors.

Once a price change is detected, BQool increases the frequency of re-evaluations every 5 – 15 minutes to its maximum capacity to ensure that your price is always better to win the buy box. Is.

Embedded Cost and Profit Calculator

The embedded cost and profit calculator updates the data with each new entry to show you the current fee. This allows you to accurately estimate your profit margins and product ROI so that you can always make informed decisions. The calculator also takes into account all your Amazon fees, including product costs, shipping costs, transaction fees, and EU VAT fees.

Insightful Presentation Data

You can monitor your listing rankings, offers, box winning percentage, position, and completion in one central place. You can also look at your competitors’ return time, faster delivery status, and rearrangement status in competitive analysis so you can make strategic pricing decisions.

Scheduled Repricing Feature

BQools’s Schedule Repricing feature gives you full authority over your pricing plans by scheduling your repricing timings. If you assign a rule to a listing with a set schedule, the listing will start automatically or the price adjustment will stop at a certain time of the day.

Big CRM Helpdesk and Feedback Solution

This particular BQool tool is specially made to transform the good customer experiences of Amazon sellers into positive reviews. The Smart Amazon Helpdesk helps you help your customers faster and better, which ultimately leads to more feedback and positive ratings.

Here’s what Big CRM can do:

Buyer-seller messages: The buyer-seller messages feature enables you to center all customer inquiries from multiple seller accounts on an Amazon helpdesk platform. That way, you can improve your customer service capabilities and make them more efficient and hassle-free.

Email Automation: You can automate feedback and request emails from users and increase your chances of getting positive reviews. This will improve the buyer’s shopping experience and ultimately the reputation of your brand.

Feedback Management: Save time on feedback management and improve your Amazon seller ranking. You can get feedback on multiple markets and resolve consumer complaints by responding to negative feedback.

Review Tracking: You can compile and organize your product reviews to stay up to date with what customers are saying. Reviewing alerts can help you improve your response time to customer complaints so you can resolve product issues quickly and easily.


We hence conclude our guide BQool review for Amazon sellers. We hope our reviews for the BQool repricer helped give you a pretty good idea regarding the software. Keep in mind, if things are getting out of your hands, it is always an option to get professional help.

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