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Boult Audio Probass Review: 12 Cool Features to check before purchasing.

Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband is a budget wireless headphone offering real immersive audio experience with deep bass to music lovers. The headphone comes at under 21 USD (1,500 INR) which makes it completely pocket friendly. The Boult Audio Probass headphones also comes with 10-12 hours battery backup which helps you to listen to music without any disturbance for long hours. Also, these Boult earphones are flexible and can be used during workouts as well. Scroll down for more information about Boult Audio Probass headphones.

Boult Audio Probass Wireless Headphones: 9 reasons to buy

The Boult Audio Probass headphone is available at 17.81 USD (1,299 INR) on the company’s official website. At this budget, you can enjoy amazing audio quality without having to keep the mobile phone with you. Here I have mentioned 9 critical points according to me for buying these Boult Audio Probass earphones.

  1. Excellent Build: The Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband is built excellently. It is very light in weight and is flexible. You can carry these earphones inside your pocket as well, it is that flexible. As a result you can carry these headphones anywhere enjoying great music. This Boult Audio Probass can be carried while doing workouts as well. The plastic body is of good quality and is unbreakable. It is of premium quality. The controls on the Boult Audio Probass are also prominent and increase user experience while using these earphones.
  2. IPX5 Water Resistant: These Boult headphones are equipped with inline mic and are also sweatproof. You can use them while sweating out during your gym sessions.  The earphone is waterproof for up to 30 minutes.
  3. Immersive Audio: The Boult Audio Probass offers superb audio which is one of the main reasons to buy it. You can feel deep bass, balanced treble and decent vocals. The noise cancellation is also decent on the Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband. The reason behind such good audio quality are mentioned below:
  4. Neodymium Magnets – These neodymium magnets in the drivers of the Boult Audio Probass enhances the audio quality.
  5. Aerospace Grade AL Drivers – These 50 mm drivers with neodymium magnets which offer superb audio experience. You can listen to anything from heavy metal songs to softer or trance music. One can attend meetings and online classes or even play games like PUBG.
  6. Micro Woofers – You will find the Boult Audio Probass equipped with micro woofers that offer superb beats and decent bass.
  7. Soft & Comfortable Ear Tips: The silicon ear tips of the Boult Audio Probass wireless headphone will offer you all the comfort that you need while wearing them. The ear tips are soft and designed in a way which creates noise isolation. The ear tips slips inside your ear and fits perfectly.
  8. Battery Life: The battery life is one of the major factors that should be considered while buying any wireless headphones. These headphones use bluetooth to connect with a device for listening to songs. Thus it uses a lot of battery on the headphone. Hence, the capacity of the batteries should be good enough to power these bluetooth earphones for long hours. Thanks to the lithium ion batteries present in Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband.
  9. Latest 5.0 Bluetooth: The earphone sports the latest 5.0 bluetooth technology which offers seamless connectivity with your mobile phone, TV, or Laptop without any hiccups.
  10. Magnetic Earbuds: The outer side of the earbuds in Boult Audio Probass have magnets which will help a user to keep the ear buds attached together when not in use.
  11. Boult Audio Probass is compatible with anything: Yes, it is true! You can connect this earphone with your mobile phone or Laptop or Tablet or PC or TV. Thus you will be able to enjoy good music on any platform.
  12. Kevlar Cable: This earphone comes with Kevlar cable which is of highest quality.

Boult Audio Probass Wireless Earphones vs Wired Earphones

Well, the advantage of a wireless earphone is that you can use it without having to carry your device along with you. So often you must have felt slightly uncomfortable while taking out your mobile phones from your pocket while travelling in a bus or train or walking or jogging. A wireless headphone like the Boult Audio Pro Bass reduces that considerably.

People often argue that wired headsets are better in sound quality but I will beg to differ. Even bluetooth headphones like the Boult Audio Probass is as good at this price range of 20 USD. So, if you talk about sound quality wireless headphones are similar or may be little behind thand wired headphones.

But the overall user experience of a wireless headphone is far better than wired ones which makes them more preferred to certain consumers. In case you are looking for wired headphones at 30 USD (2,000 INR), then click on this link – Oneodio Pro 10 Stereo Headphones (Wired).

Final Opinion on Boult Audio Probass

Well, the Boult Audio Probass Curve Neckband is a beast when it comes to wireless earphones under 27 USD (1,500 INR). You will not get a better sound quality and such beautiful build quality at this price range. So, if you are a budget lover, this earphone is one that you must lay hands to soon. Please like and subscribe to Enchantrixto for more such information.

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