Boob tape myths debunked + important facts you should know

Picking the right kind of dress for an occasional not be the easiest of things, especially for a lady. A whole lot of things are considered to make the perfect fashion for the occasion. One of the things considered while picking a dress by a lady is comfort. No lady wants to wear something she’s not comfortable with. However, many ladies find underwear-like bras uncomfortable because of the tension it comes with the strap and cups. 

Many ladies would rather bear with the discomfort just to avoid the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction as having nipples poking out of her dress at an event.  Such embarrassment and discomfort can be avoided with boob tapes.

Boob tapes – an emerging trend

Boob tapes give more freedom to ladies in their dressing. As the name suggests, boob tapes are tapes with adhesives, friendly with the skin, and used to hold the breasts in place. It performs the function of a bra and more and more convenient ways. With boob tapes, you can achieve a more perfect boobhold without the stress that accompanies bras.

With the increase in the demand and use of boob tapes, certain myths are also circulating about boon tapes. Below are some of the myths spreading around!

Some Myths and the Important Facts about Boob tapes

  1. Boob tapes work only on small boobs:

 It is believed by some that boob tapes are for small boobs alone and bigger sizes of boobs cannot use a boob tape. However, the fact is that boob tapes can be used by various sizes of the breast.

  1. Boob tapes do not provide support;

Boob tapes come with strong adhesives that stick well to the skin which gives the breasts the perfect lift and support.

  1. Boob tapes are inappropriate for the skin.

Boob tapes are designed to be skin-friendly. It causes no skin problems as it is a hypoallergenic product. However, it is advised to do a patch test before fully applying the take to the skin. This is to see how individual skin reacts to the tape.

  1. Boob tapes are hard and stiff.

Unlike regular tapes which are crinkly and stiff, boob tapes are stretchable to properly mould to the body shape and as well as providing necessary coverage and support.

  1. Boob tapes come off when it comes in contact with sweat and water.

With the premium adhesive used in crafting boob tapes, sweat or water find it hard to get it peeled off the skin. More so, boob tapes are made to be sweat and waterproof, making sure it stays in place and give a perfect boob hold.

  1. Boob tapes are uncomfortable as they cause ‘itching’ your skin.

Boob tapes are made of 100% cotton. This makes it very comfortable and breathable on the skin. This is unlike utility tapes.

  1. Boob tape can be used all day long.

Boob tapes are not designed to be used all day long. It has its limitations despite being hypoallergenic and safe to use. Ideally, boob tapes should be worn for no more than 6-8 hours. It is also advised that it should not be worn for 2 days stretch.

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