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Bonuses, premiums and gifts – attractive offers for new customers



Bonuses, premiums and gifts - attractive offers for new customers

Since the liberalization of the energy market there has been an immense variety of providers. The consumer is free to choose and can change his supplier on a regular basis – not least in order to always benefit from the best conditions. In order to win new customers and keep existing ones, the providers come up with a lot: It is not uncommon for them to lure potential candidates with gifts, bonuses, new customers or instant bonuses. Much more informations about gifts for the energy change you can find on

The new customer bonus

The new customer bonus is exactly what the name suggests: a bonus for a new customer. The amount of the sum can vary from provider to provider. Sometimes it is a fixed amount and sometimes it is based on the annual costs as a percentage. The new customer bonus is only paid out after the end of the initial contract period, which is usually 12 months, or offset against the first end-of-year statement. Even if a consumer cancels at the end of the initial contract period, he is entitled to the new customer bonus.

The instant bonus

As the name suggests, the instant bonus is a cost saving that the new customer receives immediately after signing the contract. Depending on the tariff and consumption, the bonus can be up to 250 euros. As a rule, it is paid out 4 to 12 weeks after the start of delivery. However, if consumers opt for a tariff in which they can enjoy a Stromanbieter mit Geschenk, they should note that this is only available in the first year. So it gets more expensive in the second year of the contract.

The switch bonus

Bonuses and gifts as bait are also no longer uncommon and will often be encountered by a consumer who is looking for a new electricity and gas supplier. Often these are cell phones, tablets, Amazon vouchers, household products and game consoles that new customers receive as a thank you for signing a contract. The “gift” is then paid off by adding a surcharge to the monthly installment for the entire minimum contract period. Some rewards are only available for a special period of time as part of a special campaign. Then it is a question of: don’t wait too long and access it quickly.

Tips to avoid cost traps

Where the competition is fierce, there are also black sheep. Before signing a contract, you should therefore always read the small print – especially if bonuses and rewards are promised. After all, in the end, the consumer only enjoys welcome gifts of this kind if he actually saves something and if he does not have to commit himself to the supplier for an extraordinarily long time.

Consumers who do not feel like dealing with conditions and contract content should opt for a reputable provider. The risk of going bankrupt or luring you with false offers is lower with an established supplier.

Discipline pays off: Those who think of canceling their gas tariff on time at the end of the contract period and switching again will benefit most from the instant or new customer bonus. In the second year of the contract there are no more bonuses and it is not uncommon for the tariffs to increase.

Immediately after signing the contract, note down the notice period and set a reminder so that it is not missed. It is best for the consumer to compare the current offers of the providers at least one month before the deadline and switch again to another supplier or to a cheaper tariff.

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What Should You Expect From Your First Dispensary Visit?



What Should You Expect From Your First Dispensary Visit

Maybe cannabis regulations have suddenly changed in your city, and recreational cannabis consumption is legal. Maybe your doctor recommended cannabis as a medical treatment. Then again, maybe you are taking a trip to a place where weed has long been legal, like Washington, and you want to know what to expect when you step inside Seattle dispensaries.

A visit to a dispensary isn’t terribly different from a visit to any other space with regulated substances, like a liquor store or a pharmacy, but if you want to prepare your expectations for the experience, read on to find out how you can make your first dispensary experience a successful one:

What to Bring With You

In truth, every dispensary visit begins at home. You need to prepare for your dispensary trip, regardless of whether you are visiting a retail cannabis store or a medical cannabis pharmacy. Having the right tools on hand will help you and any budtenders you speak to find the right products and make successful purchases without fuss.

If you are buying recreational weed…

You need to bring a photo ID that proves you are aged 21 or older, just as you would need if you were visiting a liquor store. Some dispensaries will check this ID at the door; others will verify your age while you are checking out.

You also need to bring enough cash to cover your purchases. Though financial services for cannabis dispensaries have improved in some states in recent years, many pot shops still struggle with card-based payments. If you want to avoid steep ATM fees, you should pull out some cash before your visit.

If you are buying medical weed…

You also need photo ID and cash when you are visiting a medical dispensary, but you might want to equip yourself with some additional documents to make your trip go smoothly. For one, you will need to bring your valid medical marijuana card. Some states offer reciprocity for MMJ patients, meaning you can access medical cannabis products as an out-of-town visitor, so having your MMJ card with you could be a boon.

Further, you might want to bring some information on your medical condition — specifically, what compounds within cannabis provide you relief. This will help the budtender you speak to suggest the right kind of products for your medical treatment.

What to Look at in the Store

Most cannabis retail experiences nowadays allow you to wander around the store and examine products, just as you would in a bookshop. If this is the case, you should take the time to peruse the dispensary’s offerings to get a sense of what they specialize in.

Most likely, there will be a counter for flower, where different strains are kept in airtight containers and budtenders can measure out different amounts for customers. If possible, you should take the opportunity to inspect and smell some of the strains on offer; if the strains are pungent and look dense, brightly colored and sparkly, the dispensary puts effort into sourcing fresh and high-quality bud.

Meanwhile, there could be shelves filled with other cannabis products, like topicals, edibles, oils and concentrates. You might take note of some of the brands available from the dispensary you visit; if any catch your eye, you can research them online later to better understand their product philosophies and focuses.

What to Ask the Budtenders

Easily the most important resource inside any dispensary is the staff. Called budtenders, the employees behind the counter and those wandering the shop are passionate about cannabis and trained to answer any and all questions you might have about their store, the products on offer and cannabis consumption in general. You shouldn’t hesitate to talk to budtenders about any concerns you have, especially if you need advice regarding what you should buy during your visit. Some good questions include:

  • What is a good strain to help with [x health concern]?
  • How do you recommend I dose with [x cannabis product]?
  • Can you tell me about where the dispensary sources its products?
  • Are there any specials or sales for certain products this week?

What to Spend Your Money on

It is common for a first dispensary visit to function more as a scouting mission, allowing you to get familiar with the offerings and layout of the shop before you come back to make purchases. However, if you do want to spend some money during your trip — and you aren’t set on a certain type of product or have specific medical needs — then you should almost always go with a gram or two of flower. Cannabis flower is the most basic way to consume cannabis; you can smoke it in rollies or pipes, vape it (with the right vaporizer), cook it into edibles or even eat it raw. You can learn a lot about a dispensary based on the quality of its flower, and its simplicity makes it a good beginner purchase, too.

Visiting a dispensary should be as easy as spending time in any other kind of store. Now that you know what to expect, you have no reason to put off your first dispensary visit any longer.

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Ekaterina Vilkova – Biography



Ekaterina Vilkova

Ekaterina Vilkova was born on July 11, 1984 in Nizhny Novgorod.

Ekaterina Vilkova: “My childhood fell on the era of scarcity. I had to wear clothes for my brother. Although I was not particularly worried about this. At the same time, my friend and I often dreamed of “a beautiful life”: for two or three hours we fantasized. “
The quote is taken from the magazine “Idubbbz girlfriend

During her school years, Ekaterina was professionally engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, but after the 9th grade of school she decided to become an actress, carried away by this art form in the summer camp drama circle. She entered the Nizhny Novgorod Theater School. E.A. Evstigneeva and studied the profession in the workshop of the Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR, a student of G.A.Tovstonogov, theater director Vasily Fedorovich Bogomazov.

As a 17-year-old graduate student, Ekaterina successfully performed on the stage of the Nizhny Novgorod Drama Theater as Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Ekaterina Vilkova: “At that time I was already playing on a professional stage: the elderly artistic director of the Nizhny Novgorod Drama Theater took it into his head to stage Hamlet, and since there was no young artist in the troupe, I, a 17-year-old student of the last year, turned out to be the embodiment of his fantasy in the image of Ophelia. .. “.
The quote is taken from the magazine “Tyler1 Girlfriend

After graduating from the theater school with honors, Ekaterina decided to get a higher education in her profession, and together with her former classmates at the school arrived in Moscow, where she auditioned at all acting universities …

In three of them, she passed the competition, but chose the Moscow Art Theater School, where she was enrolled in the second year. Its masters here were Sergei Ivanovich Zemtsov and Igor Yakovlevich Zolotovitsky.

In 2005, Ekaterina made her film debut, playing Sofya Golitsyna in the film Satisfaction, which brought the actress her first success.

Ekaterina Vilkova: “I was approved for the role of Sophia Golitsyna in the series“ Satisfaction ”. I come to the set, and there are fifty men and only three women: me, the barmaid and the artist’s assistant. I could not even imagine that so much attention is paid to the artists: everyone is just courting you … ”.
The quote is taken from the magazine “María Elvira Murillo

Ekaterina Vilkova played in such popular films as: “Demons” (2006), “Vise” (2007), “Full Breathing” (2007), “Panther” (2007), “The One Who Extinguishes the Light” (2008), Fathers and Sons (2008), Black Lightning (2009), Palm Sunday (2009), Christmas Trees (2010), On the Hook! (2010), “Pyrammmida” (2011), “What else are men talking about” (2011), “White guard” (2012), “Happy New Year, mothers!” (2012), “Kuprin. Duel ”(2012),“ There are only girls in sports ”(2013),“ Kuprin ”(2014),“ Sky of the Fallen ”(2014), etc.

In 2006, Ekaterina Vilkova graduated from the course and played for some time on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov in the play “Do not part with your loved ones” by A. Volodin, where she performed several female roles. But, soon, due to the huge employment in the cinema, Catherine left her theatrical career.

Ekaterina participated in such popular shows and programs as: “Big Difference”, “Projectorperishilton”, “Ice and Fire” (“Channel One”) and “Comedy Club” (“TNT”), etc.

May 1, 2011 Ekaterina Vilkova came out married actor Ilya Lyubimov, whom she met on Easter night during communion. On February 11, 2012, they had a daughter, who was named by the rare name of Paul.

Ekaterina Vilkova: “Ilya is the very wall behind which I feel comfortable and happy. Nothing upsets him. During childbirth, the husband calmly stood by – they say, the wife is giving birth, why panic? And then, just as calmly, he cut the umbilical cord. And he copes well with Pavel – he will feed her, put her to bed. And at the same time, Ilya is a real man, very cool! “
The quote is taken from the magazine “Larry FitzGerald Girlfriend

In October 2013, the stars realized their old dream – they bought their own apartment in a Stalinist building. Katya is fully engaged in the repair of the apartment, and given the religiosity of the spouses, the choice fell on a team of repairmen who had previously restored the temple.

April 6, 2014 Ilya Lyubimov and Ekaterina Vilkova had a son, Peter.

Ekaterina Vilkova: “When Petya was born, I just closed my eyes to many things, and it turned out that nothing terrible happened because of this. You know, sometimes it really seems to me that I’m a bad mother. Because I am scoring on my own son. “

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Royal Palace a South African designer furniture store goes online.




The rumor that the <a href=””>Royal Palace furniture store</a> has been crumbling after a massive attack from the Covid-19 pandemic has been confirmed.

Last year, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Royal Palace a South African designer furniture store had to establish its presence online.

In an interview with a local podcaster, the marketing manager of Royal Palace, Mr. Listin Gumbi stated that the Covid-19 pandemic has disturbed the physical customer traffic to their 2 shops in Sandton. As a result, they had to go online or die.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted their customer-to-staff interaction, Royal Palace has taken a huge step in moving their business online. Royal Palace has established its online presence using Google shopping ads and social media marketing.

However, establishing their presence online is not that easy for them as a previous brick-and-mortar furniture store. Mr. Listin Gumbi went on to say that,’ We are trying to establish our online presence by being active and responding to prospective customers however along the way we are facing challenges as some of their customers are not used to the online world as compared to those in developed nations.’

The marketing manager said that he is aware of the unemployment rates that have risen due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Royal Palace has a target of employing700 sales agents by the end of 2021. These sales agents will work online, as door-to-door visits can spread coronavirus.

Royal Palace is inviting South Africans to register online and sell bedroom furniture, office furniture, dining furniture, lounge furniture for Royal Palace. For those interested in working online as sales agents click here.

Royal Palace offers free delivery. And people can buy on credit, layby, or EFT.

Mr. Listin Gumbi ended by encouraging every small business owner to be patient and stay strong. He said, ‘ Some say that Covid-19 is here to stay, some say Covid-19 is a past, however, it is our duty as leaders of businesses to keep our staff members safe from Covid-19 by embracing new technologies as well as maintaining covid-19 regulations.

To get in touch with Royal Palace furniture store visit their website at

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CBD bath bomb boxes are the best leading tool to grab customer’s attention



Aromatherapy is popular all across the globe and the popularity is increasing over the years. There are many CBD products like hemp oils that are both used for recreational and medicinal purposes both. As the demand from customers is increasing brands have to purchase CBD bath bomb boxes to showcase their products with a lot of styles. The retailers have to manufacture quality bath bombs that are made with essential oils. It will keep your skin soft and hydrated. Brands find it challenging to increase their sales as there are so many brands in the market that are selling bath bombs.

Interesting facts

CBD bath bombs are infused with cannabis and it offers good relaxation to the users. These bath bombs have alluring scents and will make your bathing experience enjoyable and entertaining. It will take off the stress from your mind when you have a relaxing bath after a busy day. As bath bombs are a luxurious item CBD bath bomb packaging is chosen wisely according to the demands of targeted customers. These cannabis bath bombs have a lot to offer and if you suffer from dry skin your body will feel rejuvenated after using them. The top packaging companies offer these boxes in various shapes, sizes, and styles. When the logo is embossed with vibrant color schemes it will act as a free promotional tool.

Present your bath bombs with elegance

When the CBD bath bomb boxes are manufactured with quality materials it will become easy for the brands to represent the bath bombs with style. These boxes are made with card stock and corrugated material that is durable and will keep the bath bombs protected and safe. The attractive packaging designs will make the bath bombs stand out among the crowd and increase sales instantly. Climatic changes are happening around so the packaging companies are conscious when it comes to offering packaging designs. When the products are delivered safely and securely to the doorstep of customers it will enhance the appeal. They won’t think twice before purchasing when brands offer high-quality bath bombs.

Outstanding designs that attract customers

Brand owners have to concentrate on the design of CBD bath bomb packaging or else customers will not be interested. Tuck end box is very popular among customers like the design of the box is very appealing. It comes in three types that include straight end, reverse end, and auto-lock bottom box. Your targeted customers will be happy to have these luxurious designs for this delicate item. Gable box has turned out to be another wonderful design for packing bath bombs safely. If you are interested in giving bath bombs away as a gift it will be one of the best options as the handles on the top make it easy to hold. The two–piece box comes packed with a lid that is easy to carry and your targeted customers will like it. If you are looking for something different sleeves box will be another good option. It grabs the attention of many new customers and will add a lot to the style and representation of your bath bombs.

Business perspective

If you are looking to enhance your business paying attention to the CBD bath bomb boxes is very important. The industry-class coating services offered by the top packaging companies will enhance your sales like never before. The flat and glued boxes will keep the bath bombs protected and safe from all the harsh elements. You can add some shine to the boxes through glass coating along with some other features that will make your product stand out among the crowd. The matte coating may not shine brightly in the sunlight but it will enhance the visual appeal of the boxes like never before. Aqueous coating is a water-based coating type that contains a combination of both matte and glossy surfaces. It will become a suitable choice of packaging that doesn’t fail to impress customers.

Printing options for CBD bath bomb box

Custom CBD bath bomb boxes will allure the audience like never before. You can get the logo of the brand printed on the top of the box while the slogan and brand’s story will keep the customers connected. The artwork and graphics printed on the top of the box will allure all the consumers and they will not think twice before purchase. Digital and offset printing are used to get necessary details printed about the CBD bath bombs. Your consumers will like to know the ingredients and expiry or production date before they can decide to purchase them. Who says extra is a bad idea, At least not when it comes to printing. The additional features will make your bath bombs stand out among the crowd. Flexography printing is highly appealing while the perfect add ons like spot UV, PVC, and die-cut will look best. 

Eco-friendly packaging 

When the CBD bath bomb boxes are made with eco-friendly materials it will give a good impression to health-conscious customers. As bath bombs are delicate and fragile they need a sturdy protective layer to remain safe and secure. When the packaging is highly protective it will keep the bath bombs safe from harsh weather conditions and other harmful elements. It will give a very bad impression about the brand if they sell damaged or defective products. Customers will be happy to receive high-quality bath bombs and give good feedback about them on social media. If the brands want to retain the freshness and aroma of bath bombs eco-friendly packaging designs will be the best choice. It is an affordable box that will keep the brand’s budget in control.

What are the uses of bath bombs?

People are in love with bath bombs as there are many benefits of using them. They have used luxury in a five-star hotel as the aroma is very refreshing. Your bathing experience will be fun and entertaining if you have bath bombs around.

How can you enhance sales with bath bomb boxes?

Custom bath bomb boxes will enhance the sales of bath bombs. The logo printed on the top of the box will help with branding and promotional purposes.

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How to choose gifts for flight attendants




If you are looking for gifts for flight attendants, which is ideal for people who have interesting careers, and flight attendants are absolutely ideal, here is a list of gifts for flight attendants.

For those of you who need a gift for a flight attendant, here are some ideas. I’ll provide more information on each item below, but this list will help you get a better idea of what’s involved. But for this guide, my job today is to gather a list of gifts for flight attendants. I like to research things to purchase for the specific flight attendants in your own life.

Travel Stationery

Also, some of your traveling friends may be interested in writing about their experiences, or sometimes just to write down restaurant recommendations and other interesting items they found during their travels. For this reason, a cute notebook or journal may be a great gift.

The best gift cards for flight attendants

Sometimes you may have a simple idea of what they use in general, but you may not know the specific items to buy. In this case, a gift card is best. When they choose the gift, there is less pressure on you and your gift recipient will have more fun.

Useful Gadgets

Considering all the devices people continue to use today, it’s important to bring cell phone power with you when you travel. For flight attendants, this can mean using a fully charged phone when you land, making it the ideal travel accessory. As for what they’ll need, I offer you three options: a plug adapter, a phone charger, and an ice pack. Depending on the need, consider a budget, such as There are similar gadget gifts available. The first two I’m sure they will need as they will want to use different plug types to control their phone in different countries/regions. Passport wallet, for anyone who travels internationally a lot, using a wallet that can hold a passport can make things much easier. Being able to keep all the contents in 1 place is even better.

All-in-one Global Charger Adapter

Charger adapters are absolutely vital for people who fly internationally. The job works in over 150 countries/regions. There can never be too many flight attendants. It is almost certain that occasionally one will be left behind or a colleague will want to borrow one.

Luxury Gift Ideas for Flight Attendants

If you’re the kind of person who can take on the biggest obligations, especially when celebrating something special, you may want to look for more extravagant gifts. I’m not saying they aren’t expensive, but occasionally, maybe you can spend more on the happiness of the person closest to you.

In this case, I chose four gifts: a special piece of jewelry, a top-of-the-line watch, and my all-time favorite, a special piece of art made from actual airplane parts that most of the population would like to hang on the wall, a coffee table that blends in with all the art on the wall.

Beauty care packages

You can DIY your own makeup kit for your beloved flight attendant. Just buy a gift basket and throw in some sprays, hair care products, lip balm and hand cream, foot care products, bath salts and a few other cool things and you’re good to go. You can mix and match products and she will eventually have the ability to find something she likes. Or, you can purchase an already made, in-flight essentials kit made by a flight attendant or even an advent calendar to make your life easier.

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