Bluetooth Pet Trackers: When and What are they best for?

There are different types of trackers, from Bluetooth /Wi-Fi enabled to GPS trackers.

Bluetooth Trackers

A Bluetooth tracker is a small device that can be attached to something, keys, purse, luggage or your pet collar. It uses wireless service using Bluetooth low energy and it is connected to a mobile phone to transmit the data.

Benefits of a Bluetooth Tracker

Localization is Exact

The localization is good as you can track your pet to the exact location although the area coverage is small, for example 10 meters.

Coverage is Limited

Just as described above the area where you can monitor your dog is very small, be it indoor or outdoor.

Nonetheless if your dog is a chaser and loves wandering far get the GPS tracker. Once the dog or cat leave the coverage area it cannot be tracked.

Bluetooth App

With another user near your dog with a Bluetooth tracker app you might be able to recover your dog if it leaves the coverage area.

The other person Bluetooth app and location service should be on, if not that might be the end of finding your lost pet.

Disadvantages of a Bluetooth Tracker

Limited Options

For the Bluetooth tracker to work effectively all the requirement need to be adhered to. You need to keep your pet in the coverage area.

In case of leaving the limited area you are only sure to recover them if they come near a person with the Bluetooth tracker app and location service is on.

Finally, you need a smartphone where the data will be sent.

If all these are not available, then a Bluetooth tracker might not be ideal for your dog or cat needs.

Importance of a Cat or Dog Tracker

If you have lived in Africa, you will realize that certain assets you own would need to be fitted with a tracker, a GPS one to be specific. For example, for your car to be insured you need to prove to the insurance that you have a car tracker that is monitored by a surveillance team incase its get jacked. This is a story for another day. Like the tracker we have in our cars our kids, old parents, and pets would benefit from this smart gadget in case you need to track their whereabouts if they got lost especially for people with memory loss or dementia. Sometimes we loss things and take so long to find them. Therefore, depending on one’s needs, do your research to see which product meets your needs. For example, I live in England and since I have an outdoor cat and he likes venturing into the unknown I do wat to know his whereabouts since foxes are known to prey on cats. You can google, do foxes eat cats? Leave a comment below if you found the article interesting. Bluetooth trackers are not the best for long range tracking therefore read more about GPS trackers in my other articles published on GPS Dog trackers are often useful for active dogs like beagle dog breed that is one of the favorite family dogs worldwide.


Bluetooth and GPS dog tracker have their own benefits. I would highly recommend them for tracking your dog tracking.

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