Blue World City

Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad has the most beautiful housing society in Pakistan’s Capital. It boasts some of the best features and amenities. Blue World’s payment plan is affordable and easy for Pakistanis living abroad. This project is a positive sign for Pakistan’s real estate sector. Its location along with the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road gives investors the opportunity to make maximum profit on their investment.

Blue World City Islamabad, one of the most prestigious housing developments under the authority of RDA. It is situated on Chakri Road, near the M2 Motorway. This area is being called an upcoming tourist destination in Islamabad. Blue World City is the least expensive housing society in Islamabad. It is located near the M2 Motorway.

Book your plots in Blue World City Islamabad with an affordable installment plan. Blue World City files contain all details about payment methods and general information regarding the Blue World Payment Plan. The following blocks are part of this society:

  • General block
  • Block for Overseas
  • Awami Residential Block
  • Waterfront Block
  • Serene Villas
  • Country Hills Farm Houses

Blue World City Islamabad Location

Blue World City is a great investment opportunity due to its strategic location. It is located near the M2 Motorway and only a few minutes from the New Islamabad International Airport. It is located near the Chakri Interchange, which links Islamabad to Rawalpindi. The name of the parent region is Moza Sihal. It is easy to reach this society from major points such as M2 Motorway or Adiala.

This mesmerizing society is only a few steps away.

  • M2 Islamabad Lahore Motorway
  • Srinagar Highway
  • Chakri Interchange
  • Adiala Road
  • New Islamabad International Airport

Developers and Owners of Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is a housing project that is considered to be the best in the real estate industry. Blue World City, which is one of the most prominent real estate developers in Pakistan, is perhaps one reason why.

The Blue World City Islamabad’s owners have also partnered with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, a Chinese company that is responsible for the development and construction of the residential project. Many believe that the recruitment of Blue World City developers from our ally is a step towards strengthening relations between the two countries. This is why the project was dubbed “Pak-China Friendly City”.

Blue World City Features

It will offer its residents many amenities, including roads and infrastructure that is well-designed, 5-star restaurants and hotels, and other recreational areas. The three areas in which plots are available will be classified as residential, commercial, and farmhouse. It is the most luxurious housing society.

  • Shopping malls
  • Golf Course
  • Blue Mosque
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Theme Park
  • Lavish Restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Sports Complex
  • Polo Arena
  • Zoo
  • Walking tracks
  • Water Filtration

Blue World City NOC update

Saad Nazir was the chairperson of the project and stated that the project had received a no-objection certificate from other departments like Revenue NOC, Regulation NOC and Water and Sanitation NOC. Saad Nazir, the chairperson of the project, stated that their land verification documents pertaining to approximately 1534 kanals of land had been approved by the RDA.

According to the latest Blue World City Islamabad NOC news the Rawalpindi Development Authority has yet to issue a no-objection certificate. The RDA reports that the NOC process is still in progress.

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan

Blue World City Islamabad payment plan is the most striking aspect. Blue World City Payment has been designed to make it easy for potential customers. This project is focused on customer satisfaction and ease of use. The project offers flexible and fascinating payment options. Blue World City has thoughtfully created a payment plan that is important to investors.

The payment plan is gradually changing. The Blue World City Islamabad’s old payment plan was replaced by the current one. The Blue World City Islamabad payment plan 2022 offers investors more flexibility. The Blue world City New Payment Plan allows plot booking with a 10% initial deposit. The new Blue World City Installment Play has a duration of four years. The project has a variety of plots at very affordable prices. It aims to address the issue of providing plots for people with lower incomes. Customers can easily and conveniently invest in the General Block, Awami Residential Complex, and commercial Block.

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan Overseas Block is designed so that overseas Pakistanis can reap maximum profits. The 4 year installment plan is i.e. The 4 year installment plan is a four-year plan. These incentives are rare in society. Blue World City payment plan allows you book your plot for only 10% down payment. Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plans have been designed to be more profitable and to the customer’s benefit.

Blue World City Overseas Block

The Blue World City Islamabad overseas blockmap shows that the block is located in the southern portion of the entire project. The block will have its own entrance from Chakri road, which will make it easy for residents to access. This block’s Blue World City payment plan is designed in a way that makes it easy to invest. This unique block has a minimum of Blue World City Overseas Block 7, Marla.

One of the most distinguished blocks in the project’s portfolio is the Overseas Block. It is believed to have been built in the most beautiful and scenic areas of the society. Because most infrastructure and facilities are designed to meet the high standards of Pakistani expatriates, it is intended for them.

This block is divided into seven-, 10-, and two-kanal plots. Below is the Blue World City Islamabad payment scheme for an overseas block.

  • 7 Marla plots cost PKR 1,36,000/$
  • 10 Marla plots cost PKR 1,90,000.
  • 1 Kanal plots cost PKR 350,000/-.
  • 2 Kanal plots cost PKR 5,60,000/.

Blue city Islamabad map

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is developing a promising project called Blue World City Islamabad. According to reports, the project is located near the Rawalpindi Ring Road. It is located near the Rawalpindi Ring Road, according to the Blue World City Google Map search.

The Blue World City Islamabad map PDF will show you that there are many access points to the project. The building project can be accessed via two routes due to its location. If you’re coming from Islamabad, then the M2 to Chakri Road is the first. Once construction is complete, the Rawalpindi Ring Road will be the second point of access. People who are traveling from far areas like DHA or Bahria Town will find the Ring Road route very helpful.

The Overseas Block is perhaps the most prominent block in this housing scheme. This block has been the crown jewel of the project for many years. The block is designed to provide the highest standard of living for Pakistanis overseas. This block is highly sought-after because it offers a variety of high-end amenities.

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 The Blue World City Overseas Block Map shows that development authorities have allocated large areas of land to the construction of parks and other foliage. The gated community features state-of-the-art schools, hospitals, and restaurants, as well as an Overseas Lagoon Club.

Blue World City Islamabad Masterplan

This futuristic housing project is located between the Twin Cities and uses Chinese building techniques. This massive housing project is believed to be an expression the growing friendship between Pakistan and China.

Blue World City Islamabad masterplan states that the housing project will be constructed over 51,000 Kanal. The housing project’s moza is “Sehal”, which is a village. Blue World City masterplan reveals how prime this project’s location is–on Chakri Road, near the M2 Motorway and the Islamabad Airport.

Society’s development is based on foreign construction methods. It’s undisputed that Blue World City’s master plan exudes modernity. The infrastructure and roads are state-of-the-art. Blue World City Islamabad’s proposed road plan is one of its most appealing features. Developers have created a complex web of carpeted roads. The Main Boulevard, main roads, and streets are 120 ft wide, 80 ft long, and 40 ft respectively.

Are you curious about the future of Blue Word City Islamabad? These Reasons to Invest In Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Waterfront Block

The project is unique because it combines advanced technology with international standards housing features. It offers all basic needs such as water, gas, and electricity. It also offers all the amenities such as:

  • A gated community
  • strong surveillance
  • Dance foundations
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Independent electricity grids
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Walking tracks that are eco-friendly
  • Gyms and Spa
  • Outdoor cinema
  • A chain of roads that are well-constructed

There are many opportunities to invest in commercial and residential plots, including 6-12 and 18 Marla plots. There are many options to invest in Blue World City Waterfront block. 6 Marla 12 Marla and 18 Marla commercial plots. Each one offers an easy down payment. For instance, a 6 Marla plot can be booked starting at PKR 17,50,000. The investor can choose to pay 40 installments or half-yearly installments depending on his preference. The booking price for a 12 Marla plot is PKR 3,150,000. It can be paid either in 40-month installments or half-yearly installments. Booking for an 18 marla plot begins at PKR 4,200,000 and includes a four-year payment plan with eight installments.

Blue World City Islamabad Farmhouses

Blue World City Islamabad Farms may be the right place for you if you are looking for cheap farmhouses in Islamabad. These farmhouses are the ideal retreat for you and your family to get away from the daily grind.

These farmhouses can be used for weekend getaways or as venues to host family gatherings, birthdays, and engagement parties. You heard it right, a growing number of people are using farmhouses in Islamabad for their events!

There are two types of farmhouses available in the housing project: 4-kanal and eight-kanal. Prices for the total plots are PKR 7,200,00 & PKR 12,150,000. Both plots require a 10% down payment. The investor is allowed to make this payment over a period of 40 months.

The view will allow you to relax and take in the beautiful views. These Chakshahzad farmhouses are for sale.

Blue Hills Country Farms

Blue Hills farmhouses Islamabad is a prestigious class of farmhouses that Blue World City Islamabad offers. These farms are ideal for anyone looking to start an agro farm. The Blue Hills estate can be found in Chakri Road The land is extremely fertile – everything you need to fulfill all your gardening goals!

These farms can be found at various plot cuttings and offer extremely flexible payment options:

  • 2-kanal plots at a total cost of PKR 3,000,000/-
  • 4kanal plots at a total cost of PKR 6,200,000/+
  • 8-kanal plots at a total cost of PKR 11,200,000/+
  • 16-kanal plots at a total cost of PKR 20,000,000/ –

Bookings begin with a 15% downpayment. The remainder can be paid in 40 monthly installments.

Blue Hills Map reveals many amenities that will be available to owners of these farmhouses. These amenities include horse riding, cattle farming, and the Blue Hills hiking trail.


These country farmhouses are highly sought-after due to their attractive features and ideal Blue Hills location.

Blue World City Awami Complex

The Blue World City Awami Complex has the most affordable plots available in Islamabad. This section of the project was specifically created for those who can’t afford to purchase plots in Islamabad. The project offered a great opportunity for the low-income group to book their own plot in Islamabad, and live the life that they always wanted.

Blue World City Awami Complex payment plans are unique because they reveal the most affordable plots in this block. This payment plan shows that the Awami complex, 3.5 Marla residential plot measures 675 sq. This is a d.

A 4-year payment plan allows investors to book their plot with a 10% downpayment and a confirmation price of 5%. Blue world Awami Complex residential plot 3.5 Marla is priced at PKR 5,94,000/. Investors have two options with this installment plan. They can choose to pay either 40 monthly installments or 8 semi-annual installments. Due to their unique features, the Awami Complex plots available for sale are extremely limited. Investors from across the country have been attracted to this block.

Blue World City Awami Complex Apartments

Blue World City Islamabad Awami Complex offers residential apartments for rent. The block includes all plots, but investors have the option to also purchase residential apartments. This block is home to one of the most desirable apartments in Islamabad. It is highly valued and is the best place to invest for investors because of its affordable price.

These apartments are among the most affordable in Islamabad.

Blue World City Islamabad apartments have seen a huge increase in their prices. Blue World City apartment prices prove that it is worth investing in this destination.

Blue World City, 3.5 Marla Plots

If we talk about residential plots, there are not many societies that offer plots with 3.5 Marla in Islamabad. Investors have found it difficult to find low-cost plots of land in Islamabad. The Naya Pakistan Housing Project, which has a subsidy amounting to PKR 30 billion, was created to address the issue of housing low-income people so they can continue their growth.

Blue World City Islamabad’s CEO is contributing to the Naya Pakistan Housing Project, which provides 5000 apartments for the public. The Blue World City 3.5 Marla residential lots are a great investment opportunity.

Blue World City Awami Villas

Awami Villas are another unique feature of the Awami Complex. The Duplex Villas in Awami Complex are one of the most well-known. This type of residential structure is essentially built on two floors. People from all over the world love this lavishly constructed construction. This semi-detached style of living is available at Blue World Awami Complex at very affordable rates. These constructions are attractive to potential investors.

Blue World City Islamabad Awami Block offers all three of these incentives as an opportunity for the lowest-income people in the country. The Blue World City Islamabad Awami Complex Block has made the project extremely valuable and provides huge returns. Blue World City Awami verification can be obtained from the experts in real estate Islamabad, i.e. Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Blue World City Neighboring projects

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the most prestigious housing societies along Chakri Road. It is located approximately 11 minutes drive from Chakri Interchange. This huge project is surrounded with one of the most prestigious real estate projects in Islamabad. Blue World City is located near the first smart city in Pakistan, Capital Smart City. This project is designed to promote sustainable development in Pakistan. Top City is another well-respected neighboring society. This remarkable society shares the vision to be a landmark in the most luxurious destination for investors.

Other nearby societies include Al-Haram City, which was established to offer plots at the lowest rates, University Town, which incorporates state-of-the-art technology and a serene environment so its residents can lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. Mumtaz City aims to offer an international standard of living for its residents. Blue World City Islamabad also has Smart Agro Farms. This society covers thousands of acres and offers farms for the future development of farming enterprises. Abdullah is also included in the Blue World City list.

It can be difficult to choose where to invest when you see all the Blue World City Islamabad neighboring projects. Blue World City is superior to its neighboring projects in every aspect, whether it be land, rates, returns, or the future. This society is the one with the most mature land. Its land is very productive and hardy in construction. The land isn’t as up-to-the-mark as Capital Smart City. This can make it dangerous for construction.

Blue World City Islamabad History:

These ground-breaking developments aside, Blue World City announced that plot balloting will be taking place as of September 2020. According to reports, the status of plots that were general-balloted has been confirmed. Investors will be granted ownership of their plots by December 2020.

Blue World City Islamabad, as one can see from its rapid development and urbanization, is a force that must be taken seriously. These are just a few reasons to invest in Blue World City Islamabad. Sky Marketing can help you find real estate agents in Islamabad who will offer guidance.

Blue World City Islamabad Reservation Process:

It is very easy to invest in Blue World City Islamabad. Sky Marketing outlines the most straightforward steps to making an investment in Blue World City Islamabad. These are the most important points to remember when making an investment in this area.

  • Fill out the form on Makeen Marketing’s site.
  • All required documents should be uploaded
  • Please provide your contact information and an email address.

We are happy to provide more information on the booking process for Blue World City Islamabad. Reach out to one of our highly qualified agents to learn more about the booking process. Our representatives will take care of all details.


Possession is the transfer of ownership from the housing society or previous owner to the new owner. A possession letter is often issued to confirm the transfer of property. A possession letter is not enough to prove legal possession. You must also obtain an Occupancy certificate.

The following blocks of the highly regarded housing project are up for grabs:

General Block and Overseas Block

After the General Block balloting is complete, General Block possession will then be granted. All plots eligible for balloting must have been purchased before the 2019 pricing update. Also, plots that were paid in cash will be eligible for balloting. The Overseas Block possession process will be similar to the General Block possession process. It will occur after the Overseas Block voting process is completed. Are you looking for plots that have been balloted? For all your real estate questions, get in touch with Makeen Advertising in Islamabad.

Why Blue World City has a better reputation?

Blue world city has a better rate of return than neighboring projects and is more likely to grow in the future. This society is the largest landowner. Its land is very productive and hardy in construction. Blue World City Islamabad has the lowest prices and is the most cost-efficient society. Blue World City offers investors such attractive returns. Blue World City Islamabad promises a lavish future for its investors. As it promises international standards construction, the society has a bright future.

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