Block Shooting Drills

Block Shooting Drills for Youth Basketball Teams

Basketball is currently the most popular sport played in the United States. It is also currently most popular sport played in US sports all around the world. Youth basketball teams are the future of the sport and there are many ways to improve their individual and team performance. One proven way of doing this is through practicing shooting drills.

If you’re a basketball shot trainer and want to in still good habits in your players, consider using block shooting drills. These drills help players develop their mental and physical abilities, improve their body control and focus on improving their shooting skills. By incorporating these drills into your practice routine, you’ll be able to quickly improve your players’ shooting skills.

Block Shooting Drills

1. Ray Allen Shooting Drill

The Ray Allen Shooting Drill is a looping shooting drill that teaches your players to focus on their shooting form and balance. Run the drill in both directions.

To begin, have two players stand on each block at the free-throw line. Place them far enough apart so they can’t dribble the ball between them. When the drill begins, the players must pass the ball back and forth while dribbling around the block.

2. Elbow Shooting Drill

The elbow shooting drill teaches players to elevate and shoot the ball right off their catch. This shot trainer basketball forces players to focus on their timing.

While standing at the elbow, have players catch the ball with their shooting hand, then quickly elevate and shoot. If they’re too slow, they will shoot it short.

3. 555 Shooting Drill

The 555 shooting drill helps players develop a quick release. It is designed to simulate the motion of raising the ball to shoot it.

Get into a triple threat position at the elbow of the free-throw line. Start with the ball in your shooting hand, with your off-hand up as if you were about to pass the ball. When your coach says “go,” quickly raise the ball to shoot it. As soon as the ball hits your hand, make a pass fake.

4. Short-Long Shooting Drill

This shooting drill encourages players to shoot the ball off the bounce.

Have your players get into a triple-threat position at the elbow of the free-throw line. Have them bounce the ball three times and then shoot it.

After completing one shot, have them get ready for the next. Have them make a pass fake, then shoot the ball again. Repeat this process for five to 10 shots.

5. Three Competitive Shooting Drills

When players are shooting competitively, it keeps them involved in the drill as well as motivated.

Shoot with a partner in a three-point shooting drill. When both players have taken their shots, the player who has the most threes or who made the longest shot wins.

Another option is to shoot with a basketball shot trainer in a free throw shooting drill.

6. 2 Ball Shooting Drill

This drill focuses on shooting with two basketballs at once.

Have your players start with both basketballs resting on their fingertips. Have them walk down the court with both balls in the air at all times.

Give your players the command to “pop” and have them shoot the ball.

7. Fastbreak Shooting Drill: 12 Players, 1 Hoop

With this drill, your players will be shooting in a fastbreak style of play. The objective is to have all your players shooting before the defense can get into their defensive sets.

If you have a full team of 12 players, divide your players into groups of three.

For all three groups, have the point guard bring the basketball down the court, and once the point guard passes halfcourt, all three players should be ready to shoot their shots.


Developing a great shot is one of the most essential skills in a basketball return system. If you’re a coach who is really on top of their game, they should spend their off-season focusing on their shot. This leads to a lot of practice and repetition. The only way to truly be great at shooting is to work on it. Get them shooting as soon as possible, and don’t let them stop working on their shots until the season begins!

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