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There is a crypto craze that has taken over the world. The blockchain has a demand and supply that has hit the global markets. For some, theirs is to buy and sell while for others, they want to mine crypto.

Kindly note that not every digital currency can be mined. It is also important to know that one mining process can vary from another. So the first step you should take before investing in mining merch is to, first of all, find out more information on cryptocurrencies that can be mined. If you are looking into Bitcoin then this is one such of several cryptos that can be mined.

Bitcoin Merch is an online store that helps you to explore the advantages of creating wealth via mining. This is a site that states that they source mining equipment, hardware wallets plus other necessary merch that helps miners build a custom cryptocurrency rig. They also boast of getting top-of-the-line products delivered straight to your doorstep.

According to their site, Bitcoin Merch does not just sell products to customers who are just starting out in the world of crypto. The Bitcoin Merch team helps its customers take solid steps into the growing world of cryptocurrencies. They have helped thousands of customers establish themselves and build new income sources via cryptocurrency investments. lists a four-member executive team made up of Idan, Roy, Ethen and Ori. They pride themselves on having the expertise plus personal touch that customers enjoy. Now if you are a candy lover who also loves crypto stuff then you are in for a treat because includes free candy with your order. Yes, they just don’t want to be your number one source for all things crypto. They also want to give you some sweet nothings.

Who owns was founded by Idan Abada. According to the site, Idan Adada started his passionate venture in a garage before growing into a multimillion-dollar online retail business. The site adds that Abada has always been a tech fan and this is what drove him. He initially was managing an online drone-selling eCommerce site. His eyes spotted the potential of cryptocurrency and just as this was becoming an important hobby, he decided to start mining crypto in 2015. It seems that he did not want to succeed alone, he wanted to introduce more to the crypto mining opportunities. Abada decided to share his crypto industry knowledge and sell mining equipment via social media, especially on YouTube.

Two years down the line after he started mining, Abada launched Bitcoin Merch in 2017. The business has grown to become one of the main online sellers of cryptocurrency equipment.

According to their website,, their mission is to supply customers with all physical cryptocurrency products, exceptional customer service and fast shipping. They also ask you to start your crypto journey with them. You can book a custom assembly or consult them for more information.

Final thoughts

Bitcoin merch is a legit company that has come to the doorstep of the pros. It is therefore not a surprise when many of them are the ones claiming it is illegitimate. A company that started three years ago now has over 20,000 customers. The sky is definitely the limit.

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