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Billed For Business: Making invoice and employee management

Concept of Billed for Business

Did you know that according to a Statista survey, approximately 2.14 billion people shop online today? What’s more, 35% of all leads trace back to online sources. Therefore, if your shop doesn’t have a digital front, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the market. With Billed for Business, you can create your own online store today, and go toe-to-toe for a share of the market even with more established competitors. But there’s more as well. Billed can help businesses out with payment management, as well as employee management, ensuring this app is for the all-around entrepreneur looking to improve his business processes and efficiency

Billed for Business features

Here’s how Billed makes life easier for businesses:

·         Customer-initiated checkout: Do you have to contend with long queues during checkouts? Well, you can ease the strain with Billed’s self-checkout feature

·         Digital bill creation: Shareable in-app and through SMS, users can generate invoices or bills on Billed for transactions.

·         Online order platform: Create an online store and increase your visibility to customers.

·         Hybrid checkout: This enables your employees to perform remote billing anywhere in your store, for better and faster order fulfillment.

·         Loyalty program: Via points or discounts, business owners use Billed to offer enticing incentives and grow their client base.

·         Staff management: You can delegate roles on the app, to ensure everyone plays their part without delays or inefficiencies.

·         Online payments: With Billed your business can now automate its online payment process to include a range of payment modes including UPO, mobile wallets, credit cards, and more.

How Billed Works

Sign up for Billed then navigate between four tabs namely, Home, Sale, Self-checkout, and Online store to access the app’s various business functions. Using the Online Store option, you can set up store products and pricing, and group them into convenient categories for your customers to find them.  You can manage your inventory as well, and assign roles to your workforce on the same platform.

Why Billed is head and shoulders above the rest

Did you know that customer engagement makes your clients want to buy more from your business and promote it to their circles? It does, and can even boost your income by 23%! Billed’s self-checkout is a fascinating customer engagement strategy, which your clients are sure to buzz over, generating hype for your business. This one-of-a-kind feature makes Billed one of the most helpfully unique business apps of 2021!

Has the pandemic meant trimming down your workforce? Do you struggle with invoices because your business has limited accounting resources?

Then download Billed today from the Google PlayStore!

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