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Best Wholesale Flowers for Any Wedding

Fresh wholesale roses are an invariable symbol of any holiday. This also applies to the wedding day: the selection of floral accompaniment is an important part of preparing for the wedding ceremony, and the more thoughtful this preparation is, the more beautiful and brighter the wedding will be. At Fifty Flowers, you will find the most popular plants that are loved by both newlyweds and wedding florists, giving preference to them when choosing decor for a celebration.

Bulk roses are the most popular wedding flowers

The type of plants decorating the wedding banquet depends on the wishes of the newlyweds, the budget laid down for the preparation of the holiday, and the style in which the wedding is held. But most often, wedding florists work with bulk roses. Roses are the immortal classic of any holiday. Newlyweds make roses bulk order to decorate weddings and choose hybrid tea varieties and sprigs of spray roses.

Flower decoration of the hall for the wedding

The direct choice of colors depends on the purpose for which they are going to be used. So, for the presidium, the brightest and most expressive roses, tinted with neutral background ones, are usually selected. Guest tables are decorated more modestly, giving preference to roses with medium-sized buds for this, and chairs, dishes, tablets, and other not-very-large items are decorated with very tiny inflorescences or buds.

Arch of flowers for a wedding

A flower arch is an important part of wedding decor, especially for outdoor ceremonies. It can be realized entirely from roses and greenery or have only a few floral accents located on the corners or curves of the figure. The choice of the arch is subject to the same rules as the selection of other decorations: the decor must be combined in style and shades with the general theme of the celebration and the clothes of the bride and groom and also be in harmony with the environment.

When ordering a rose arch for a wedding, remember not only the aesthetics but also the practical component: the decor should easily transfer the delivery to the ceremony venue and the ceremony itself. Before making a final choice, consult with wedding florists at FiftyFlowers: they will help you choose the most resistant plants for the desired date and buy roses in bulk so that the decor retains its attractiveness throughout the wedding day.

Why is it profitable to buy roses in bulk?

In addition to cost, bulk purchases in FiftyFlowers are beneficial for other reasons:

  • FiftyFlowers carefully monitor the quality of its products. For this store, all the goods that it provides are its face and its reputation. FiftyFlowers value the trust of their customers and do not intend to let them down. Therefore, you can be sure that you get the freshest, well-groomed plants.
  • FiftyFlowers are ready to provide the best prices. Of course, if you study the market and look at the surrounding suppliers, you can get confused, especially if you are new to this business.
  • The production facilities of FiftyFlowers allow you to implement a variety of tasks. This means that you can buy both single-piece flowers and ready-made flower arrangements, the architecture of which is thought out to the smallest detail and has already received well-deserved positive reviews from thousands of satisfied recipients.
  • Availability of related products. Flowers, of course, need gifts. However, some bouquets can be completely independent gifts. But if you need something additional, you can find anything here: from candy bouquets to huge soft toys and impression gifts.

Decorating a wedding with roses is an opportunity to set the tone for the entire celebration

FiftyFlowers approaches the process of flower decoration with all responsibility and inspiration. Therefore, after meeting with the newlyweds and clarifying all the nuances, they offer a choice of several decoration options that will suit the style of the wedding and will correspond to the inner world of the newlyweds. FiftyFlowers is ready to fulfill for you any dreams and desires regarding the floral decoration of your wedding with roses. We will bring any flowers to order at any time of the year to help make your holiday completely unforgettable.

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